When two incompetents tangle in Fulton Superior Court

Today’s title card is between Fulton DA Paul Howard and Judge Marvin Arrington, after Howard ordered an Assistant District Attorney not to pay a contempt fine levied by Arrington:

Arrington wrote Howard “walked up to me, within ¼ inch of my face, and shouted that I was making a mockery of the judiciary, and I responded by saying that he was making a mockery of the judiciary by ordering an assistant district attorney not to follow the court’s order. Mr. Howard further stood out in the hallway and challenged the Fulton County deputies to release Ms. Dunikoski into his custody. I informed the deputies that she was not to be released.”

Moments later, Arrington wrote, Howard came into the judge’s office.

“Mr. Howard barged into my office and demanded to see me,” Arrington wrote. “I asked the deputies to escort him out of my office until the hearing could be held at 2:00 p.m. on today’s [Thursday] date. Frankly, Mr. Howard’s behavior and subsequent tirade made me fearful of my safety.”


      • Ken Stepp says:

        I have to agree. I actually like Mr Arrington. I have known him for years. I helped him a few years back. He loves Atlanta. May not be perfect but I’ll side with him on this one. I’ll bet Mr Howard told her “NOT” to pay the fine. As a DA he may have felt above the law. It does happen.

  1. I remember a couple years ago, Pete (“Rouge109” at that time) mentioned that he was a lawyer (criminal prosecutor if I recall correctly). He warned me that if I wanted to find a job after law school, it was a bad idea to be politically opinionated online under my real name.

    Since then, “Rogue” has outed his real name… and gone on a metro-wide tour of criticism and insults for the D.A.’s and/or judges in Gwinnett, Fulton, Clayton, and DeKalb. I wonder what happened?

  2. ByteMe says:

    So I’m thinking that if this is the “title card”, I can show up late to the fights, because the undercard fights have gotta just suck rocks.

  3. Rick Day says:

    These are the adults, who consider life altering decisions, sometimes life ENDING decisions, and wield the ultimate power within our System of Justice™


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