Johnson Hosts ATL Young Professionals Event

I attended a “Young Professionals” event held for Gubernatorial candidate Eric Johnson last night at the Twisted Taco in Midtown Atlanta. Johnson’s campaign reserved the upstairs and hosted a capacity crowd for a little mixing and mingling of the well dressed and upwardly mobile with a little political discussion thrown in.

Johnson was introduced by his daughter, and then made very brief remarks. Most of his time was spent working the crowd one-on-one.

His them was simple and direct. He’s from Savannah, but understands the issues of Metro Atlanta. He noted that Savannah has the second largest population in Georgia, and faces many of the same growth related issues that Atlantans deal with on a regular basis regarding traffic and infrastructure. He noted his region’s experience in land/water disputes with South Carolina over the Savannah River & Hutcheson Island as experience in being able to deal with Alabama and Florida (and Tennessee?). He discussed Savannah’s reliance on a large and growing international port, and compared it to the air transportation hub of Hartsfield-Jackson. There were a couple of others, but he did a quick and concise job of relating his understanding to issues specific to Atlanta area residents.

I was able to speak to him a bit at the beginning of the event, but had an even longer conversation with him a couple months back at the last Peach Pundit gathering. While I’ve met Johnson many times over the years, most of my opinions of him were formed by others. One of the benefits of writing here at Peach Pundit is the ability to get to know many of the candidates first hand, and thus, re-form some opinions made with direct contact.

I would have to say that in the past, I probably did not give Senator Johnson much credit for intellectual curiousity, but have found that he asks some pretty interesting questions, and seeks to genuinely drill down to find some specific information. He seems to be interested in finding new solutions to the issues he cares about.

And to those issues, he has a legislative record to back them up. Johnson has been the leader on school choice issues in the legislature for some time, and his support of this and other “red meat” conservative issues is why I continue to believe that current Ox supporters will eventually find their way into Johnson’s camp. Ox talks a lot about what he is for; Johnson has a voting record that shows where he stands.


  1. Sleepy Tom says:

    And in other news, Icarus, The Pundit, unofficially gave notice to the Handel Campaign that he was no longer going to be her guard dog on

    • Fawkes says:

      I was unaware that he ever was. I guess it’s one of those assumptions on here. Everyone has assumed that Peach Pundit is a Handel blog. What does “assume” spell?

      • Sleepy Tom says:

        Fawkes, you’re obviously a newbie here, so now you know: Icarus was/is Karen Handel’s guard dog.

        So is, for the record, Erick Erickson. Go ahead. Make a crack about Karen and witness Erick &/or Icarus either sniping at you or banning your IP address.

        No assumptions. Facts.

        • Fawkes says:

          I have been around here a while. I know Erick is bias to Handel (Redstate endorsed her). But find me an Icarus post that states he is for Handel. I believe it’s one of those scenarios where people claim something so much that it sticks. Much like Ox’s supporters telling him he is all powerful and invincible and him believing it.

        • GG says:

          Don’t be so sure that you know where Johnson stands based on his voting record. He is carrying around a lot of baggage and IOUs. He hasn’t been able to close the deal even in South Georgia. Came in 3rd in straw poll in his own backyard. Jack Kingston is the only reason he is still in this race. Kingston supporters publicly feel compelled to support Johnson but the privacy of the voting booth may tell a different story.

          • Sleepy Tom says:

            Those who rely on straw polls for anything beyond what they are are doomed to reside forever in the state of mind of knowing absolutely nothing about everything.

    • Icarus says:

      I’m still waiting too, Fawkes. And since Tom, who is also new, appears to know so much and can make accusations that he can’t back up, I’d strongly suggest he get back over here and either back up his claims.

      Splain yourself Tom. Let’s hear it. I’ve got the time, and you need to make time.

      • Sleepy Tom says:


        Do you wish to deny that you have been (up to this point at minimum) a guard dog of the Karen Handel campaign?

        • Icarus says:

          Not only do I deny it, I would like you to explain your charge above that I not only act as Handel’s guard dog, I have a habit of banning IP addresses of those who attack her.

          Be thorough and specific in your response. Your future posting rights may depend on it. Because, Tom, we have a little history repeating itself here, and we both know it has nothing to do with Karen Handel.

          Or a simple “I was wrong” or “I was out of line” will suffice. Not that saying that would ever be in your nature, “Tom”.

          • ByteMe says:

            You gonna “out” him, Ic? He seems to be stalking me with his invective, some I’m starting to wonder at his true identity and where I’ve been stalked before in the same way…..

          • Sleepy Tom says:

            Gosh, “Ic”, I’m not sure what to apologize for. The exact statement I wrote was: Make a crack about Karen and witness Erick &/or Icarus either sniping at you or banning your IP address.

            There was an “or” in there, “Ic.” As in the implied interpretation should have been “if you make a crack about Karen, you may experience sniping from Erick or Icarus, (OR) you may get your IP address banned.”

  2. oompaloompa says:

    Johnson with alot of baggage? Who gives a rip. If you don’t have baggage, you’re not doing your job. Wear it loud, wear it proud. Show me any other candidate in this race that doesn’t have “baggage.” And yes, GG, the voting booth will prove something. You might just be suprised about South Georgia voters.

  3. Game Fan says:

    “Young professionals”? Frankly I’ve had it with young professionals. I’d rather hang out with engineers and mechanics and sexy women in bikinis, and beer and…

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