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School systems need the state to put significant money toward school security, Bibb County schools Superintendent Sharon Patterson and two members of the school board told midstate legislators Tuesday.

Twice in recent months students have brought guns to school, and an elementary school principal was assaulted last week.

The system doesn’t have the resources it needs to deal with problem students who they find are getting into trouble at a younger age, they said.

The school system’s police force has about 25 officers spread through the high and middle schools, but there’s no money to put officers in elementary schools, Patterson said. Significant funding for safety upgrades is included in the school sales tax voters approved last week, but the state needs to do its part, she said. The system has an alternative middle school for problem children, but the state doesn’t help fund it, she said.

We really have every intention of sending Evelyn to the public school just down the street from us, but we have more and more reservations about it. We talk about moving out of Macon more and more.

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