• umustbekidding says:

        The state is finally realizing it can’t afford everything and it can’t pay someone forever. So what will they do?
        Probably raise taxes on those evil businesses and by years end we will have even more people out of work.

        Yes I am in a bad mood today. 😉

          • umustbekidding says:

            I am thinking I should dig a hole and hide what little I have left before they decide to tax 100% of savings. After all, not everyone can save and that’s just not FAIR. waaaaaaaaaa

  1. Ken Stepp says:

    I read the report this morning. Ken Shigley had it posted. Hey the state government needs to do what we have too. Spend what you have and not a penny more. Its hard everywhere. In Gwinnett they want to vote in more taxes. I can’t vote in more income at my home. Yet they feel its ok to vote more outgo at my home. Unemployment ,and pay cuts are a way of life for all of us. We can only spend what comes in. Our government should do the same. Yes it will hurt ,yes we will do without services we like, and yes the politicians will complain. Its sad . There are many families that cut home phones ,cable tv, internet,insurance, etc. They shouldn’t have to pay more to their government. Not in times like this.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    I saw the title and thought this was another blog about Erick tooting his own horn but then I saw that the comments were left open and new that couldnt be the case

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