Ox has another video.

Here ya go.



  1. umustbekidding says:

    So the question is “who can beat Barnes?” not “who is the best choice?” Alrighty then.

    That was much better than the cartoon and I believe I saw True Grit in there. 🙂

    • IW says:

      That’s what I’ve been wondering for the past few weeks now. All the sudden his campaign is all about “who can beat Barnes”. Apparently he doesn’t believe that he can win as the “most qualified” candidate. 🙂

      • Fawkes says:

        Ox is probably the #1 candidate who CANNOT beat Barnes. If he wins the primary, I only see his “cult following” supporting him, not the majority of the GAGOP.

        • ksuowls81 says:

          Count me as one of those GAGOP who will vote for Barnes in a heartbeat over John Oxendine. I have NEVER voted for anyone but Republican, but if Ox gets out of the primary I will be first in line to sign up to help the Barnes/Dubose/Baker/Poythress campaigns.

          Ox truly does make me sick to my stomach.

          • B Balz says:

            I have never felt such a visceral dislike for a candidate as I do Mr. Oxendine. I will be in the ksuwls81 canoe, as well, paddling feverishly against the Ox river.

      • During the general election you talk about how you’re the most qualified, but primary voters have in essence already decided who’s most qualified – their Party’s ideas are superior thus their nominee is “most qualified.”

        Grift is right. In a primary, convincing the primary voters that you’re the one who can beat the Democrat is a, maybe the, key issue.

        • umustbekidding says:

          If Sonny could beat Barnes back then, I’d say any of the GOP candidates could beat him now. 😉

          • You might be right. It’s dangerous for the Ox to try and pick his opponent. If I were him I would have said “I can beat anyone the Dems put forward” but he ain’t been calling me for advice. 🙂

  2. Jeff says:

    Remember during Constable-gate how the GA Teen Republicans put out that press release condemning Kyle for daring to get involved in opposing Ox and supporting Deal?

    Wonder what they will do now that their Political Director, James Carroll, is in this video actively supporting Ox saying “I am the Contract with Georgia”?

    Also note here that Ox is actively ripping off another entity with world domination aspirations – Microsoft.

  3. Fawkes says:

    This video is actually well done. I wonder if the Ox heeded some of the advice given on Peach Pundit. Of course, that would mean he is pandering to us now. 😉

  4. chamblee54 says:

    Does that guy live in Forsyth County?
    Defending Georgia’s borders? From people in Alabama swimming across the Chattahoochee?
    What does the Governor have to do with a Federal Fair Tax?
    How will a reservoir in Augusta help Atlanta?

  5. slyram says:

    Chamblee: you when there at 1:15, so I will follow you at 1:50pm. I did my homework to see if the brother was standing in front of a rebel solider statute and it is actually Colonel William Cumming….colonel from the War of 1812, I think. I thought about writing something cute like the supporter should have said, “I am the Contract with Georgia and I am the hell out of here before dark….call Oprah” but that drama from our college years is history. Cunning only had 0.3% African Americans in the 2000 Census but peace to the place. I hear it’s pretty up there.

    About the video, wow Georgia did look good and we have some great architecture—that Valdosta State is great looking campus. While I don’t play much attention to the race for governor, the outline was detailed.

  6. HollyJ says:

    I was trying to find the video of the credits of the movie Malcolm X where all the kids are saying “I am Malcolm X” but could not find it so this video will have to do.

  7. Jeff says:

    Look at it this way:

    John Oxendine winning the GAGOP nomination will be GREAT news for John… Monds.

    If Ox wins the nomination, Monds will get the minimum 20% he needs to get LP-Ga full equal standing with the Ds and Rs. The only thing that MIGHT derail that would be if Barnes was NOT the DPG nominee.

  8. Sleepy Tom says:

    “Monds will get the minimum 20% he needs to get LP-Ga full equal standing with the Ds and Rs”

    20%? That’s sooooo funny, I think I’ll be awake for awhile.

  9. Technocrat says:

    “I want stuff I can actually use.”
    Political Signs, banners, and accutrements.
    Over the years after elections I’ve helped remove signs and collected quite a number. The large high quality ones with brass eyelets and a rope can make a sleigh or handy device for transporting leaves. Insulation inside sheds, etc.
    The metal posts are handy around the farm and home.

  10. I have several issues with this video:

    First of all, it is framed horribly. I get the point of trying to show the person and the location, but the camera work is horrible. It’s a long video so you need more than just a “talking head” on the screen to keep viewers engaged. Or burn down houses. . .

    Secondly, the last line – We need someone who can take on Barnes, and that is why the Contract is important. A Contract based on the 94 Republican Contract with America – that had multiple signatures . . . For those of you with ESPN, you see my argument already – what is stopping someone like Deal or Johnson from agreeing to this Contract? This platform is not an automatic win against Barnes – nor is it exclusive to just Oxendine. That makes it a weak and ineffective argument.

    I’m sorry, I just do not find the video persuasive at all. I hope if Ox is the nominee that whatever arm of the campaign that is overseeing these things does a better job – because I’m afraid King Roy, if he gets the nod, can cut a better commercial.

  11. BuckheadConservative says:

    Holy crap. Oxendine is endorsed by Chris Brown (#3)? Can’t wait until he starts working a little of this into his videos:

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