A Tenth For The Ninth; I Need Another Fifth

Bert Loftman has joined 9 others (Mike Cowan, Tom Dooley, Mike Evans, Tom Graves, Lee Hawkins, Jeremy Jones, Bobby Reese, Bill Stephens, and Steve Tarvin) in the race for Georgia’s Ninth District Congressional Seat.

His press release indicates his platform is to Institute a FairTax, Abolish the Fed, and Honor the Constitution.

Despite his claim that all the other candidates are running on a business as usual platform (Seriously, have you met Tom Dooley or Jeremy Jones?), I’m starting to think you can buy this platform off of a late night Sally Struthers infomercial.

So, welcome to the race Mr. Loftman. I apologize that you decided to announce on a day where all I see is rain and sarcasm. But I am looking forward to driving two hours in this mess so that you can yell at me in person at the Walker County GOP dinner this evening. I’m sure the time driving thru Atlanta at rush hour in the rain will do wonders for my current dispostion.

Full press release after the jump:




Contact: Committee to elect Bert Loftman to Congress
[email protected]

Web site: bloftman.net/ga9

BERT LOFTMAN announces his Republican candidacy for the US Congress, GA-9.

He enters this crucial race because the Washington Politicians are
leading us by the nose to a disaster. When he looks at the platforms
of the other candidates, he sees politics as usual.

Our original Constitution produced the most prosperous and free
country that the world had ever seen. Our original Constitution had
no income tax or inflation tax. These taxes weaken the American
people and strengthen the government. The result is a bloated,
arrogant, meddling government that is taking the shirt off our backs.

Bert has studied these things and concluded that to change course, we
must focus on doing these three things:

Replace the federal income tax with the FairTax

End The Federal Reserve Bank and its inflation tax

Honor our Constitution

When Conservative Republicans send Bert to Washington, he will join
like minded Congressmen such as John Linder, Tom Price, and Ron Paul
in the fight to reclaim America.

Dr. Loftman moved to Pickens County ten years ago and retired from
medical practice in 2005. He and his wife of forty-six years have
three children and five grandchildren. He served his country as a US
Army physician in Vietnam. He continues to serve his community as a
volunteer in medical clinics, as a leader, worker, and instructor on
the environment, and as a major supporter of the arts and his church.


    • umustbekidding says:

      You know that would require about 25,000 signatures. The 2 parties have a strong hold on that and they won’t be loosening the rules anytime soon.

  1. Jeff says:


    Again, ballot access. Remove that tyrannical hurdle, and LP-Ga will run candidates in every congressional district we possibly can – at least as far as THIS member is concerned.

    But wait, that means we would eventually win some and remove power from those who care more about their own power than they do about serving the People.


    • Joshua Morris says:

      I get your point, Jeff, but are you not essentially conceding the fight when you run under another party’s moniker?

      Also, if Dr. Loftman can get those 25,000 signatures and run as a libertarian, he’s most likely in the race until November rather than going away unnoticed at the primary.

  2. Jeff says:


    I said *eventually*.
    All 5 of us LP candidates this year decided to run 60 days before the election, and I’ve had various elected officials (3 that I can name but choose not to, for those wondering) admit to me that this really isn’t enough time when going up against a well known incumbent in an odd year election.

    Which is why my current campaign began the moment I learned the results last week.

    • Fawkes says:

      It’s true that you should not expect a win when you “get in the game” late. However, I’m not convinced the LP candidates would have won given enough time to effectively campaign. Historically, the LP has taken votes away from the GOP. I wonder why many of them don’t get involved in the GOP given our current times. Could it be because the LP cares more about Party purity than victories in elections?

  3. Ramblinwreck says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to announce that although I live in the 9th District I will not be seeking the 9th District Congressional Seat. I think that make 4 of us who are not running now.

    If you’re coming to the Walker County event tonight you might bring a sleeping bag. If 10 people get to speak it’s going to be a long night.

  4. Truthteller says:

    Bert Loftman is the first candidate who is running around as an open supporter of Ron Paul. That might get him 4% to 5% as a base if he has the money to carry through.

    More importantly, Loftman seems to be the first FAIR TRADER in the race. That definitely sets him apart from the free traders like Hawkins, Graves and Evans.

    From a search in Reason Magazine (google)

    “Blocked Track
    In “Fast-Track Impasse” (February), Brink Lindsey says, “In reality, globalphobia rests on economic illiteracy.” Perhaps the free-traders should examine their own logic before accusing others. With free trade and an income tax, there is no tax on imports at the border and no tax at the point of sale. Imports get a free ride. Because the income tax increases the price of domestic products, we are currently pricing our domestic products out of the marketplace.

    Before the 16th Amendment of 1913 gave us the income tax, imports did not get a free ride. Then imports and domestic products both were taxed. It is folly and economic illiteracy to discuss free trade without taking into account the changes in our tax system that occurred after 1913.

    Bert Loftman
    Atlanta, GA
    [email protected]

  5. Jeff says:


    I can’t speak for the entire LP, but I know that for me, I finally became convinced that the GOP absolutely refused to return to the values they still give lip service to. Because of that, I left them and joined the Party that walks its talk and that I actually agree with its talk. (Like them or not, at least the Democrats are honest about what they intend to do and how they intend to do it.)

    • Uh. Are you looking at the same Democratic Party that everyone one else is? Their titular head, being Obama, said he was going to bring “Change” to Washington. No more lobbyists, etc etc etc. Or how they care about the little people.

      You’ve gone into moonbat territory there Jeff, come back into the light.

      • Jeff says:

        The Democratic Party has LONG held that they want government to do everything for everyone – particularly the little people, and that they would use any means necessary to see it done.

        IIRC, Obama said from the beginning that he would continue to press the Afghan war while getting us out of Iraq.

        “Change” can be measured in many ways, and he HAS changed key personnel and points of emphasis. In many ways changed them for either no better or most definitely worse, but change them he has done. The GOP is mad because he flipped the coin. The rest of us are mad because he’s still using the same coin.

        There are no more GOP lobbyists in the White House, so maybe he skipped a word in that speech.

        • But what about the past twenty years? If we are going to look at one central issue, that being larger government – then sure. But on average both parties are just as guilty about not pushing forth what they claim they will do. Partially because the bureaucratic system bogs them down.

    • GOPGeorgia says:


      To be one hundred percent honest, they only talk the talk. They have not got enough votes together to get anyone elected as a Libertarian. They haven’t had a chance to walk the walk, with one exception. And he switched over to the GOP.

      • Jeff says:


        Again, Karen Richardson, Johns Creek City Council. I know she’s outside the 9th and therefore probably off your radar (heck, I do GOOD when I keep 2 counties in the 2nd on my radar, not really blaming you there), but she is an elected Libertarian in GA.

        In PA, LP-Pa picked up 14 municipal seats across the State last week.

        But even the candidates we run stick to LP principles. Candidates the GOP runs endorse Democrats.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          Johns Creek municipal elections are nonpartisan and are held without primaries. My comment said “as a Libertarian.”
          I don’t really care a lot about what’s going on in PA, but if I looked them up, would they be nonpartisan races as well?

          Dede would be kicked out of the GOP if she were from Georgia. I expect Hoffman will run as GOP, win the nomination and win in Novemeber of 2010. Any Republicans in Georgia endorsing Dems? If so, they are probably less than 1%.

          • Jeff says:


            Again, ballot access. We can’t run Libertarians “as Libertarians” in races other than statewide races without having to jump through hoops specifically designed to keep everyone other than Ds and Rs OUT!

            Level the playing field, and you’ll see quite a bit of Libertarians running and winning.

            Of course, it all comes back to the GOP (and Dems) caring more about their own power than doing the right thing, as always.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I will ask the question for the 95th time. Why should the playing field be leveled without a 3rd party earning it? Field candidates, do the work, get the signatures, win something as a libertarian, not in a non partisan race, get respect, get ballot access. I believe with effort and results comes reward. You haven’t earned ballot access, and when you get it statewide, you are a 5% party that costs the taxpayers money for run offs.

          • Jeff says:


            Why should we be put at a competitive disadvantage when the whole philosophy of our system is a level playing field for all?

            But hey, I am talking to a man who represents a Party who believes the “free market” means giving special tax breaks to your friends.

          • Jeff says:

            one last quick point about ballot access:

            You could achieve equal ballot access and leave the 5% requirement in place. Simply require ALL candidates of ALL parties to get 5% of the registered voters in their districts to sign a petition allowing them to run.

            It wouldn’t be a problem at all for Republicans in some districts, Democrats in others, or some combination of Democrats and Republicans in still others.

            It may still be extremely tough for the LP to compete in such environments – but at least it would be equal. That’s all I’m asking for.

            A level playing field for all.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            The law states that you don’t have to get signatures if you get 20% in the last Gov. or Presidential election. The R’s and the D’s do that.

            However, if I were a state legislator, I would be OK with requiring all parties to have copies of their rules on file with the county, along with a list of party officers, signatures of 5% of the active registered voters, and registration by party. No cross voting in the primary. That also means that voters would have to pick between R’s, D’s, and L’s on signature petitions. Now you’d have to sell it to the Gov and a majority of the legislators in both houses. Good luck with that.

            However, if you think about it, it is a level playing field. You get the signatures to get statewide access, but you fail to get 20% as the R’s and D’s do. The failure to achieve 20% is yours. Enjoy your 5% next fall. See you then.

            BTW, I’m not a fan of tax breaks. I like the fair tax even though John Konop can’t stand it.

      • Ramblinwreck says:

        Only his party changed when he switched back to the GOP, not his principles. I am as devoutly libertarian today as I was when I was elected. I just figured it was easier changing something from the insided than from the outside. You know, like Ron Paul.

        • Chris says:

          You are a highly competent individual who ran for a reasonable office (not some pie-in-the-sky office) who was well known and respected in your community. You’d have won regardless of the letter after your name on the ballot.

          The LP’s problem is they run losers who can’t raise money, blame ballot access laws rather than the crappy campaigns and candidates they run. They are only slightly more politically engaged than the person who doesn’t even bother to register to vote. But they can engage in the mutual-masterbation of believing they are pure and would fix everything if only they could get elected.

        • I don’t have time this morning to give an extended comment/reply. But, due to the rarity, I’ll say this. I agree with GOP GA in that the LP needs to get better organized… which btw was what I ran on when I ran for chair. How can we expect the voters to allow us to run the state if we can’t fully organize a state party. We are currently making great strides in this area.

          Also, I agree with Chris, in that the Libertarian Party needs to run viable, electable and qualified candidates. That is also one of my pet peeves.

          That said, ballot access is a huge problem in this state. especially compared to other states. The requirement for intrastate partisan offices is too burdensome and the barrier should be lowered. We know this to be true by all the non-challenges we see… way too many elections are unopposed and that is not good for Georgia or our citizens. I would gladly trade our state wide ballot access for access to these lower offices. The D and R leadership knows that if they did this, they take the chance of allowing the Libertarian Party to get a grass root foothold and only the more principled members of these parties would ever willingly “give” Georgians this option. Got to run… more later… stay tuned.

  6. Tricia says:

    “Like them or not, at least the Democrats are honest about what they intend to do and how they intend to do it”

    hahahaha – I actually snorted a little diet coke out my nose when I read this.

    They lie through both sides of their mouth – we only know what they intend to do and how they intend to do it because we’re wise to them.

  7. GOPGeorgia says:

    I had a great time at the event tonight. Expect straw poll results up soon. I will let Icarus start a new thread rather than be a spoiler. At least one race surprised me.

  8. GOPGeorgia says:

    The results of the straw poll cast on the day he announced were: 80 for Graves, 35 for Evans, 25 for Jones, 16 for Tarvin, 13 for Dooley, 9 for Hawkins, and 2 for Loftman. It was good to meet D. Loftman. I’m not sure if he brought his wife or not. He did place ahead of Reece and Stephens.

    I might have abstained just to keep everyone guessing.

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