The Open Wall Open Thread

pic520 years ago today, the beginning of the end of Communism was marked with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It had been 2 1/2 since Ronald Reagan stood in front of that Wall and challenged Soviet President Gorbachev to, “Tear down this wall!”

It has special significance to me as my wife was born and raised in a town about 90 miles southeast of Berlin and, but for that Wall falling, we would have never been able to meet.

No one ever believed the Wall would fall in our life time and even in the days before the border opened, East Germans were still plotting, trying, succeeding, failing, and dying to get over, under or through that Wall.

Please share your memories of that day or the significance since or how it seems today we are now facing new walls of regulation, high taxes, and government mandates that seem to erode our freedoms today.


  1. Maybe we should build the wall back and chunk all our socialist elected SOB’s over it.

    I was there when it came down and I have always considered it one of my top experiences knowing I was a part of it (stationed in Germany in a Pershing II missile battery).

    However, today we have Russian presidents giving the US advice on Freedom… and on the day the house passes legislation to honor this event is the same day the house passes legislation on the biggest power grab of a free enterprise system, government controlled health care. What a sad turn of events… makes one wonder who in fact won the cold war?

  2. Man from Atlanta says:

    I spent 4 years in West Berlin as a child. Looking over toward East Berlin during the 1970s, there was a “no man’s land” filled with razorwire, soldiers and dogs. Closer to the “free” edge were often crosses to mark where Berliners had been murdered trying to cross. Beyond “the Wall” there was a grasping authoritarian regime that held its people in a deathgrip, afraid to admit failure and afraid to let go. These people with hopes and dreams, cut off from both family and opportunity. The Eastern Bloc wasn’t a failure of a system, it was a failure of humanity. The older I get, the better I understand what it represented, the enormity of the that awful symbol that surrounded free West Berlin.

  3. GOPGeorgia says:

    This is for MD from the Norwood flyer thread; comments were closed a little earliy. Let me make Andre’s case for him.

    BL6.1.1 The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of the State Committee between State Committee meetings.”

    C1.1 The name of this organization shall be the Democratic Party of Georgia, which may hereafter be referred to as the “State Party.” All members, officers, and subdivisions of the State Party, and those seeking to participate in State Party affairs, are subject to this Charter and the State Party Bylaws.
    C1.2.1 The State Party, through the State Committee, shall assist in the election of Democratic candidates, adopt and promote statements of policy, provide voter education, and raise and disburse moneys needed for State Party operation. The State Committee shall also promote fair adjudication of disputes, fair campaign practices, encourage and support codes of political ethics that embody substantive rules of ethical guidance for all public officials and Party members, and assure that public officials shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credibility upon the offices they serve.”

    C2.1 The State Committee shall be the highest authority of the State Party. The State Committee shall have general responsibility for the affairs of the State Party.”

    C.2.3.1 The State Committee may adopt Party policy, legislative platforms, amend the Charter and Bylaws, nominate and elect State Party Officers and Congressional District Chairs, and act upon other matters it deems necessary.”

    C4.2.1 The Chair shall carry out the programs and policies of the State Committee, preside over the meetings of the State Committee and Executive Committee, provide general administrative direction to the Executive Director, and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees of the State Party.”


    Reading the provisions of the DPG Bylaws and Charter, it seems to me that the authority of the DGP rests within the state committee. I think the duties of the Chair, as outlined in the charter, is to enforce is to carry out the programs and policies of the State Committee, not to make it up as he or she goes along. Would you agree after reading this?

    • benevolus says:

      Well since “assist in the election of Democratic candidates” is a basic duty specified in the charter, it’s not exactly “making it up”.

    • Sleepy Tom says:

      “it seems to me that the authority of the DGP rests within the state committee. I think the duties of the Chair, as outlined in the charter, is to enforce is to carry out the programs and policies of the State Committee, not to make it up as he or she goes along.”

      Sounds remarkably like how the USSR operated. Fancy that.

  4. drjay says:

    i’m not even sure why, but thinking about the berlin wall coming down, makes me think of mtv–i have much clearer memories of the stuff in china that summer…

  5. Rick Day says:

    Let us bust a few myth cherries here, since I’ve lived most of this era.

    Reagan had as much to do with the fall of the “Great Empire” as Carter, Ford/Nixon, Kennedy/LBJ, Eisenhower, Truman did.

    The strategy of the cold war was simple, outspend your opponent with weapons. The one that bankrupts first is the loser.

    Now, we are bankrupt and that USSR is cleverly playing (two decades of) ‘rope-a-dope’, knowing the IMF cabal currently favor the “West”.

    For now.

    So don’t wrap the ‘win’ around Ronnie’s Mantle. That’s all revisionist history. He didn’t even write the damn words, he just mouthed them.

  6. Game Fan says:

    When Reagan said the Soviet Union would wind up on the ash heap of history, not many people believed him. And his anti-communist stance was seen as naive and a bit sophomoric to many. How could such a simple guy be so right? Where were all the experts and the elitists then? This was a historic moment. Reagan stood there with a bunch of protesters yelling about putting missiles in W. Germany and with a few words he had the whole crowd in the palm of his hand. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many looked to Buchanan who correctly said that this anti-communist coalition was history too. And, like Buchanan, many felt that NATO should be dissolved and we had absolutely no business in Eastern Europe, ever.

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