Tea Party Express coming through Atlanta today

Today, Atlanta will become the 33th stop on the Tea Party Express national bus tour. The bus will be making its stop  at 5:30 pm at the  State Capitol.


    • Doug Deal says:

      I do not think that the people who do such signs are really part of the mainstream on either side. But you two perpetuate the problems they cause by pretending they do for the other side, and only the other side.

      It is more likely either the ignorant and stupid or “agent provocateurs” than a real representation of bulk of either side’s members.

      • I guess what rugby wants to see is that at every tea party, crowds go around and beat the crap out of every idiot holding any sign that might be deemed offensive, followed by numerous and profuse public apologies issued by anyone connected with the event to those who might have been offended. Even then the tea party protests would still be considered offensive because the very fact the right wing exists is offensive.

        • rugby says:

          No but you can keep trying.

          I guess what I’d like is some realization from the Republican leadership that they ought to resemble thoughtful, principled opposition, and distance themselves from an organization that in addition to routinely having prominent signs with terrible messages also has a “Best Breasts” competition (at least at the first one in Atlanta there was), rather than coddling up to it and refusing to take a stand against them. But hey, you’re just as bad as the liberals so its OK!

    • That’s not what I said and it’s not what the writer at the link I provided said either.

      I wish idiots would not show up at protests with their stupid offensive signs but I also wish the folks at places like the Huffington Post were as outraged then at the legion of “kill Bush” signs as they are now at the anti-Obama signs.

      • Doug Deal says:


        How often are bomb throwing sites like Redstate.com outraged when trueconservatives(tm) do the same to left? I can tell you that it is not very often. I believe one of their editors in fact called a justice of the Supreme Court a name that implied he had carnal knowledge of goats and children. It was met with thunderous applause from the chorus of that site.

        Neither side likes to police their own, and THAT is the problem. It is like yelling at other families children for being poorly behaved while your children are running around screaming at everyone else, just not at you or your friends.

        • Rick Day says:

          Doug: for the proper code to print a ™ type the following symbols and letters right after the word you want to mark with no space, and then type the following with no spaces:
          & trade ;

          again, take out the spaces and you have a bona fide Smartass Retort™!

  1. tinsandwich says:

    I hope they have a big turn out. Nothing screams “out side” money like the GOP leaders claiming this is a grassroots movement.

  2. umustbekidding says:

    I will not attend another Tea Party as long as they continue to have politicians there. They are part of the problem yet they show up and spew bs.
    It’s like we are stupid. “Don’t look at me, sure I over spent, over taxed and over stayed my welcome but I’m here now and Obama is bad!”
    Give me a break!

      • umustbekidding says:

        If they believe in it then they should prove it through their actions. They should not be speakers at these events.
        They saw this train coming and decided to jump on to hitch a ride when they should have been run over by it! 😉

  3. ByteMe says:

    A tea party spokesperson just announced the estimated crowd size for this afternoon’s gathering: 422,000.

  4. Ron2008 says:

    How many of these tea parties are they going to have? You can’t have one every week and think it’s going to be effective

    • Game Fan says:

      Well that’s not surprising. But I like umustbekidding’s comment the best:

      “I will not attend another Tea Party as long as they continue to have politicians there. They are part of the problem yet they show up and spew bs.”

      Frankly, I really think it’s true as someone who used to be in sales can attest. It’s so simple. Just throw on your TV voice and SELL!!! (or someone else will)

      • umustbekidding says:

        Some of the current politicians can just stand up and yell
        “Fair Tax, Go Dawgs!” and people will forget everything they have done to contribute to the mess we are in. Think people, Think!

  5. debbie0040 says:

    With all the paid advertising on Fox News that Tea Party Express had, they only had around 500 people in Atlanta when they rolled in. I looked at the photos and it looked more like 300-400. Someone even sent out emails saying Hannity would be there in order to bump up attendance but Hannity had no plans to attend and was not there.

    Most of the local tea party organizers stayed away from Tea Party Express and did not encourage their activists to attend..

    Some of the politicians are part of the problem, but some politicians are also part of the solution. Throwing them all out of office is like throwing out the baby with the bath water…You keep the ones that have towed the fiscal conservative line that understand that government governs best when it governs less.

    • umustbekidding says:

      Yes there are some good ones but are they really that good? Did they vote straight party lines when told? Or were they willing to go against their party when needed? Did they vote their beliefs or did they compromise for political expediency.

      The problem with hand picking who should stay and who should go is everyone thinks their congress person is ok but all the rest stink. I feel that if they have been there 8+ years with nothing to show for it, it’s time to step aside.

      Too many get into power and their only goal is to stay in power.

      • Doug Deal says:

        If they have been their 8 years and have nothing to show for it, wouldn’t you actually want to keep them?

        Do we hate Congress for what it failed to pass or for what it “accomplished”?

        • umustbekidding says:

          Stopping bad ideas is something to show. Towing the party line when it is not in the best interest of our country is just bad.
          BTW – I hate congress for many reasons. 😉

          Like I said, if you pick and choose everyone will choose their own to stay and want to throw everyone else out. It’s time we had a clean slate.

      • Sleepy Tom says:

        UMust, you would like Bobby Franklin. He toes no line and sticks to conservative principles.

        Glenn Richardson hates him for his inability to pressure or force Franklin to do his bidding.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Lynn Westmoreland comes to mind. He lost his leadership position in the Bush Adminstration because he went against the party line. Look how many Congressmen bucked the party line on immigration when the amnesty bill was presented and was pushed by the RNC and Bush..

  7. Mad Dog says:

    Ya know … the first Tea Party was original. Costumes were mandatory and kind of fun, I’d guess. The penalty for getting caught without an invite was death by hanging.

    I guess I’m trying to say that one of these parties is a PR event soon forgotten. The other was at least symbolic act of rebellion, worth remembering. If only remembered as a part of a much larger struggle. A struggle with the goal of Freedom.

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