GA-8: Valerie Meyers for Congress

Valerie Meyers, a self-described “Ron Paul Republican,” sent out a press release yesterday afternoon announcing her intention to seek the Republican nominate for Congress in GA-8:

Valerie Meyers, a mother of two who lives in Houston County, announced today that she will seek the Republican nomination for the 8th Congressional District. The GOP candidate will be chosen in the primary election July 20, 2010. Meyers is a Republican activist who is seeking public office for the first time.

She immediately took aim at Democrat Rep. Jim Marshall and his support of the Obama administration.
“Jim Marshall has voted to hand over $200 billion to the failed mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Jim Marshall voted $700 billion of taxpayer money to failed Wall Street banks. Jim Marshall voted in favor of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package – that cost taxpayers $600 billion.”

“Quite simply, we cannot afford Jim Marshall as a representative.”

“I am a concerned Georgian who is deeply troubled about legislators like Jim Marshall who vote to recklessly spend our country’s future into a hole. The actions of these legislators effectively make our children indentured servants to the federal government, selling away any real ‘hope’ for their future.”

Twelve of Georgia’s 13 Congressmen have supported legislation in the House of Representatives for a full audit of the Federal Reserve to find out exactly where the trillions have gone, Meyers noted. The only member who has declined to co-sponsor HR 1207 is Marshall.

Meyers says is running because she is outraged at Washington, DC and believes Rep. Jim Marshall is not working in the best interest of taxpayers and is voting to expand government.

You can read the full press release here.

Meyers will kickoff her bid for to unseat Rep. Jim Marshall on Saturday, November 7th at Sonny’s BBQ in Warner Robins. Details are available here.


  1. All of these people running against Marshall best be trying to raise money – they are going to need a hefty sum to unseat him.

    I wonder who else is going to get into this race? We’ve got a Paulite, a preacherman, and a small business owner thus far – we get a few more and we will have a rather diverse slate.

  2. slyram says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier and more logical for Linder, Kingston, Saxby and Iskason to pull Marshall to the side and have switcher Deal walk in for dramatic effect, then tell him, “Jim, we have been colleagues and friends for years and you know that Pelosi’s agenda goes against your personal views and the views of half of your district. You and those Blue Dogs can only go against the White House so many times….they can only give you a pass so many times…you have had more passes than A.J. Green. Come on over where you would be more at home…as long as you continue to deliver on regional issues, the voters will be with you….you won’t miss any funding for district projects because you are going to lose that with the “no” vote on healthcare reform this weekend and the same can be said about campaign funds from traditional democrat sources…talk about your labor pains. Heck, with your vast military knowledge, President Pawlenty could put you in the cabinet in 2013. How about it?”

    (I really have too much free time on my hands.)

      • steelfist says:

        Marshall won’t switch parties. He is a Democrat. He knows after he was handily defeated in 2000 by Saxby when he ran as liberal Democrat that he needs to vote conservatively to win re-election. He served4 years in the minority. If he was going to switch, he would have switched then.

  3. jbf100 says:

    There’s a long way to go until the election, but I think Jim is safe in 2010. Folks in the 8th will vote for him as long as he continues his conservative voting record (I’m pretty sure he votes as the most conservative Dem in the House). And contrary to Valerie Myers’ statement, I think the 8th wants to see Jim Marshall back in office. The only dangerous competition he could have would be from Austin Scott, whose father said was not running for Congress in 2010.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Yeah, that’s the myth, but take one of the most conservative members of Congress Lynn Westmoreland and one of the most liberal Barney Frank, and you will find that on all roll call votes (this includes important procedural votes) he votes with Westmoreland about 47% of the time and Barney Frank 85% of the time.

      There is a huge difference between what you get with a D and what you get with an R. The biggest is that with a this D, you get a coward is who is afraid to stand up to Nancy Pelosi.

      • Raymond McKinney says:

        I don’t care for so called “blue dogs”, RINO’s, and actually not too much about D or R anymore. If you can’t stand for something then get off the pot. Why one would support one party and then vote against the agenda of that party is a major part of the problem in that politicians are more about staying in office versus actual representation. Both parties are filled with people that should not be in office. If your district believes in X, you vote for X, and your party supports Y, isn’t it dishonest to your voters to support the Y party and keep them in power?

        On another note, assuming that Doug’s figures are accurate 😉 Since 47% and 85% are greater than 100% it seems that Lynn and Barney must vote the same some of the time. The simple math is Lynn, Barney, and Jim vote the same 47% of the time, Barney/Jim agree an additional 38% of the time, and Lynn/Barney agree 15% of the time but disagree with Marshal. Therefore, Lynn and Barney agree 62% of the time. Does that 1) make Barney a conservative 2) Lynn a liberal or 3) just politics? Nothing personal Doug, I actually agree with you on the subject, just curious about the data.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Some votes go 400+ to 0+, so all reps would pretty much vote together on certain bills. I got all my figures from Open Congress and they are based on every recorded vote.

          The truth is D’s vote like D’s and R’s vote like R’s. People obsess over individual bills, but no blue dog is really all that conservative and no liberal Republican is really all that liberal.

  4. tinsandwich says:

    I am out raged at Washington D.C. thus I want to go there??

    She sounds like she is just anti D.C. This plays well in the primary but she will never make it to Washington.

    • ByteMe says:

      “This latest example of cognitive dissonance is brought to you by… the minority party! When you say ‘no’, just think of us!”

  5. Game Fan says:

    “I am out raged at Washington D.C. thus I want to go there??

    She sounds like she is just anti D.C. This plays well in the primary but she will never make it to Washington.”

    Yeah, uh, that’s because DC won’t let you in if you don’t like it? So it just allows “friends of DC” inside the beltway? And I’m the one with the tinfoil hat?

  6. Some Other Valerie says:

    We had a great turnout on Saturday. It was a crowd of about 60 people with roughly half the crowd being newcomers. Folks from all over the state came to hear me speak and we raised about $100 for every minute I spoke. Pretty good for a newcomer and a first timer.

    Icarus has suggested I get a sockpuppet despite how much he hates them for everyone else. I think I will probably just speak for myself if it’s all the same to everyone else. Much love.

    • Doug Deal says:

      I’ve heard that Icarus really enjoys his sock puppet. He likes to add a little perfume and lipstick though to make it a little more realistic.

      • Some Other Valerie says:

        Thanks, David_g, Lawful Money, and Game Fan (I think). I gave you all positive votes. I also gave Doug Deal a couple of thumbs up despite his support of my competitor because he’s quite witty…and I’m generous like that.

  7. Game Fan says:

    Sure Val, Outsiders all the way! And don’t confuse my sentiment against “politicians” with being some time of “disgrundled outcast” or an “angry recluse” or… (you get the picture-I think.)

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