Deal Doubles Down Outreach to Birthers; Ox Finally Finds An Issue Where He Can Be Out-Pandered

Friday, November 6, 2009, The year of our Lord.

Write this day down.

It is a day we finally found the limits to which The Ox will stretch to pander to every last voter. And the person to be credited with forcing Ox’s hand: Nathan Deal

In an interview with the AJC today, Deal confirmed that he wants the White House to just show us Obama’s papers:

Deal says he has “no reason to think” that President Barack Obama is not a legal U.S. citizen but enough questions have been raised that he plans to write a letter to the president asking him to produce a birth certificate showing he was born in the United States.

“I have looked at the documentation that is publicly available and it leaves many things to be desired,” Deal said in an interview Friday.

Deal’s statement came a day after he noted in an online chat that he would join other U.S. House members in writing the president and asking that he release a copy of his birth certificate.

As we covered this yesterday, it only reinforces that this is in fact Deal’s positon, and some unfortunate staffer will not be asked to walk the plank for typing this pretending he was Deal.

The real news here is that Deal has done what no other candidate in this race has been able to do thus far: He has taken a position so “out there” that Ox has been able to take a stance that makes him seem sensible and sane.

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine said he believes Obama is a legal U.S. citizen.

“Any serious adult running for governor of Georgia needs to understand that we have a responsibility to do business with the president of United States,” Oxendine said. ” Questioning his citizenship after he has been elected to the highest office in our land is disrespectful.”

Eric Johson and Karen Handel also were allowed the opportunity for a free shot.

Ben Fry, a spokesman for Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Johnson said, “We take the government of Hawaii at its word when they say the president is eligible to serve.”

Said Republican candidate Karen Handel’s spokesman Dan McLagan, “I think its pretty kooky and probably not very helpful for our water negotiations and other issues with the administration.”

In all seriousness (too late?), I am pleased to see most of the candidates – and yes, Oxendine too – stand up and call crazy “crazy”. We’ve got serious issues on the table. I have no interest in watching top tier candidates allow themselves to be drawn in to discussions of birthers, secession, or other fringe causes of the day.

Taxes. Spending. Transportation. Trauma Care. Education. Water. Jobs.

These are issues that general election voters care about. Spend our primary talking about Obama’s long form super secret birth certificate after 8 years of Go Fish, and November voters may be talking about how they’re not going to miss having Republicans in charge much.

It’s time for all the candidates to get Real.


    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Like Reagan said “Trust, but verify”. Thank you Nathan Deal for having the guts to stand up and ask for what every sane American would like to see. Fry trusts the govt of Hawaii, seriously, a bunch of corrupt democrats. Heck, I do not even trust Georgia’s government. After all, this first came up in the democratic primary; I think it is only wise to ask for verification. Should we take people at their word when they say that they are American citizens when they show up to register to vote? Of course not, why shouldn’t the same standard apply here?

      • Let me get this straight. Comments from Birthers routinely get set to -5 or so on Peach Pundit… but this one name-dropped Ronald Reagan, and even has Reagan in their nickname (!), so *this* Birther babble gets set to +6.

        The man was a good President overall, you guys shut off your brains too much when his name’s invoked.

    • Lawful Money says:

      One must remember that seeking & then publishing the thoughts of a statesman, is most assuredly NOT on the agenda of the AJC or any other identifiable establishment media outlet playing the role of “journalist”.

      Their stock in trade is deception, diversion, camouflage, propaganda, omission, manipulation, and the maintenance of slumber while the subject is fleeced in every sense: monetary, intellectual, and emotional.

      While some would have us debate the nuances of “who said what when?” or “how can we ride this diversionary spectacle for another 8 months and pretend there is ANY difference at all between 6 interchangeable hacks?” – the one exception to the gang of six has a plan to hit the ground running and restore life & liberty to Georgia:

      You’re just not allowed to know that….

      Respect Yourself In The Morning
      Ray McBerry For Governor

  1. Game Fan says:

    And for the casual reader: IMHO Barack Obama was probably born in Mumbassa Kenya. Not that that’s on my top ten list of issues or anything. But I do think it’s a great way to expose the phonies. Again, whether a politician meets the Constitutional requirements for office doesn’t even matter for some. So the casual reader would hopefully take this into account when reading the insulting comments.

  2. Silent Outrage says:

    Seriously? What is up with Nathan Deal? I mean, 17 years in Congress with nothing much to show for it and now this mess of a campaign for Governor?

    I mean, first he basically got rich off of the state of Georgia through an inside no compete deal with the state. Not to mention all the other land he owns with state agencies as tenants. Then we get the “ghetto grandmother” comment. Now the birth certificate…

    We are facing 10+% unemploymet, a declining dollar, runaway budget deficits, a crisis in education and we have US Representatives chasing rumors down like this crap? Georgia’s own, Judge Clay Land has ruled on this as have numerous other jurists across this country.

    I’m sorry, but it’s just a little much to take this guy serious anymore as a candidate for Governor.

  3. Joshua Morris says:

    ” Questioning his citizenship after he has been elected to the highest office in our land is disrespectful.”

    That’s just a funny statement.

  4. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    It is important that in 2010 after the election , it wont matter if Obama is from another planet.

  5. Ramblinwreck says:

    This week in DC they passed a bill to continue the $8K per home subsidy for the real estate industry and to extend unemployment benefits. Neither of these things are permitted by the Constitution. Senate was 98-0 which of course means both Georgia Senators voted AYE. Only 12 members of the house voted NO. Good news is that one-quarter of those voting NO were from Georgia. Nathan Deal was NOT one of them. He says national healthcare is unconstitutional but then votes YES on two more issues that are equally unconstitutional.

    Is this the kind of consistency we can expect if he becomes Governor?

    • ByteMe says:

      Is this the kind of consistency we can expect

      If you mean “pandering”, I think the answer is pretty obvious at this point, don’t you?

  6. macho says:

    First, it seems there might be some hope for the Ox. I thought he was going to try and out-pander Deal on this issue, but he pleasantly surprised me.

    I feel like I’m a little in the twilight zone, Deal seems to have morphed into Oxendine and Oxending has turned into a statesman.

    Georgia is unique in that we have runoffs. So our general primary elections are unique, when there are multiple strong candidates on the ballot, in that all the candidates are competing for two spots; no big strategic secret there. Candidates will be evaluating whose the weaker of the top two candidates to try and knock off, etc… What does seem to be a strategic surprise is the Deal campaign’s targeting of Ray McBerry. I don’t think trying to split the McBerry vote up is the best use of the campaign’s time and energy, but maybe they have access to some polling I haven’t seen.

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    “Taxes. Spending. Transportation. Trauma Care. Education. Water. Jobs.”

    Given your sensible positions on taxes and spending, what’s it like being on the GOP fringe, Ic?

  8. fishtail says:

    Meanwhile, Deal’s GOP pal Sonny Perdue is also managing to make a fool of himself, according to this story in the Macon Telegraph:

    Saturday, Nov. 07, 2009
    Governor’s dredging in Lake Jackson questioned by some
    By S. Heather Duncan – [email protected] Sign up for daily e-mail news alerts


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    Gov. Sonny Perdue recently dredged soil from Lake Jackson without a permit, dumping it into the lake and angering some neighbors and environmental advocates.

    Georgia Power officials said the activity at Perdue’s vacation home was not a violation, although a Georgia Power permit should have been obtained first. They said Perdue stopped digging as soon as he was informed that a permit was needed.

    Special to The Telegraph A man dredges soil from Lake Jackson on the property of Gov. Sonny Perdue, left. State and federal environmental regulations generally forbid property owners from dumping silt in a waterway or even allowing erosion off their property. The Ocmulgee River flows out of Lake Jackson and through Macon.

    Perdue’s communications director, Bert Brantley, said Perdue will obtain a proper permit in the future if he needs to do work at the lake, but he has no immediate plans to do so. Perdue’s boat slip, like many at the lake after heavy rains this fall, had become clogged with mud.

    “The amount (dredged) was so small I don’t think there was any thought that there would be any environmental damage,” Brantley said. “With the investment he’s made there, he loves the lake and only wants what’s best for it.”

    Neighbor Fonnette Harris, who lives directly across from Perdue on the lake, reported the dredging to Georgia Power when she saw it happening Oct. 3. She said she and her husband rode to Perdue’s dock in their pontoon boat to take pictures of a trackhoe sitting in the lake and scooping dirt out of Perdue’s boat slip, then dumping it further into the lake.

    According to Harris, she and her husband asked a man standing on the dock if he had a permit and whether he knew there were environmental regulations about dredging, and he said no.

    “We asked, ‘Does the governor know you’re doing this on his property?’ and he said, ‘I am the governor,’” Harris said.

    All lake residents are provided the Georgia Power Shoreline Management Guidelines, which list activities that require a permit, said Harris, whose husband’s family has leased their lakefront land for more than 60 years.

    After seeing pictures of the dredging, Altamaha Riverkeeper James Holland said they appear to depict a Clean Water Act violation. Holland’s environmental advocacy group keeps tabs on the health of the watershed that drains to the Altamaha, including Lake Jackson.

    But the amount of dredging may have been small enough that no laws were broken. Lynn Wallace, a Georgia Power spokeswoman, said the company estimates that Perdue dredged about 5 cubic yards of dirt.

    Such activity could fall under a nationwide permit that allows dredging of less than 10 cubic yards without notifying anyone first, said David Crosby, deputy regulatory division chief for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Savannah district. Otherwise, he said the circumstances described would constitute a Clean Water Act violation.

    Georgia Power has a permit from the corps that gives it the authority to permit dredging within certain limits. Among them: No more than 500 cubic yards can be moved, and the silt dug out must be deposited in a confined upland area, Crosby said. He said the corps generally doesn’t want to see heavy equipment in a waterway, either, although that’s not explicitly forbidden.

    But Wallace said Georgia Power prefers to see dredging equipment in the lake rather than in the shoreline buffer zone.

    Crosby said Georgia Power has the authority to make someone remove silt dumped in the lake, but there is no agreement requiring Georgia Power to report a violation to the corps.

    Holland said Perdue’s actions, in his opinion, were an abuse of power and bad for the environment. “There are two different enforcements in Georgia, one for some and one for others,” Holland said, noting that Perdue appoints the chief of the state Environmental Protection Division.

    Kevin Chambers, the EPD communications director, said no complaints seem to have been filed or investigations conducted into the dredging at Perdue’s property.

    Wallace said Georgia Power handled the situation as it would for any property owner, adding that dredging permits are almost always approved.

    Perdue has not applied for a permit since the incident, Wallace said, “but of course if he wants to dredge, we’ll issue him a permit,” she said.

    However, Harris contended that this treatment is different from what her family has received.

    “Just a few months ago, Georgia Power told us under no circumstances can you put equipment within 25 feet” of the shoreline, she said.

    Harris said when she recently erected a temporary cover over her boat slip without written permission, Georgia Power sent her a letter threatening to revoke her family’s lease and destroy the structures.

    Butts County tax assessment records show Perdue bought his house and an adjacent lot at 196 Andrea Circle, assessed at almost $465,000 altogether, in 2007.

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    • Icarus says:

      Spacey’s comments aside about not knowing how to post a link, you’ve also been around here long enough to understand that this is a threadjack. Take it to an open thread.

  9. SpaceyG says:

    I see the drooling morons of Peach Pundit have yet to figure out how to paste a hyperlink in… to that Macon Telegraph article about Sonny “I Am the Governor” Perdue and his abiding love of all things aquatic.

    How many years has Georgia had Internet access now?At least 15, if not more if you count those acoustic coupler years. With our utter lack of techno evolution we deserve to stay at the bottom of Sonny’s ponds and grow no limbs.

    • You know, your comments about intelligence and how to craft a blog comment would all sound more credible if you could actually collect your own thoughts into a single coherent comment… instead of absently releasing them every 5 minutes like bird droppings as GOPeach used to do. This isn’t your your Twitter feed.

  10. BuckheadConservative says:

    Can we start a Peach Pundit “Gaffe Board”? Start keeping score of each got the Gov campaign’s gaffes. There starting to stack up. I’m sure the Ox is still in the lead, but I can’t figure out how close Deal is to catching him.

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