Tommy Hunter enters Gwinnett Commission Race.

Tommy Hunter has thrown his in his hat to replace retiring Gwinnett Commissioner Kevin Kenerly. Hunter joins John Heard as the only announced candidate. Here’s a press release Hunter’s folks sent me.

TH and PJ 11-3-09LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – On Tuesday, November 3, 2009, as some citizens went to the polls to vote in the local city elections, others gathered to hear Tommy Hunter, a Buford Republican, announce his candidacy for the Gwinnett County District 4 Commission seat. The seat will be decided in 2010. Mr. Hunter made his announcement to a gathering of some 40 friends and supporters.

With all the recent reporting of tax increases, water supply and transportation issues, possible safety cutbacks, library closings, and budgetary woes, those in attendance were very interested in hearing Mr. Hunter’s platform. “I’m running to return the government to the governed. I plan to use my experience of actually working within a government agency, and serving as an appointed official to find solutions to our water supply and transportation issues. I will use common sense and logic in making budgetary decisions always aware of the Law of Unintended Consequences, and promise to make the protection of the citizens of Gwinnett County, with necessary public safety assets, a priority. Most importantly, I will work tirelessly to regain the publics’ trust in its elected representatives,” Mr. Hunter told the crowd. Mr. Hunter, a Civil Engineer, worked for Gwinnett County serving as a Senior Construction Manager coordinating projects between Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources and the Gwinnett County and Georgia Departments of Transportation. He currently serves as Project Manager for a local road and pipeline construction company. Mr. Hunter served over four years as a member of the Gwinnett County Water and Sewerage Authority, serving as Secretary of the Authority in 2008.