Deal. Real. Birther?

Earlier today, frequent contributor “ByteMe” gave us a tip in an open thread to this story, which indicated that Congressman Nathan Deal, in his first online chat on his new website, indicated that he now wants the President to show his papers.

So as to not take the Congressman out of context – we’re not part of that lib’ral media that would do that, you know – here is the transcript from this morning’s chat with the question before and after:

9:11 [Comment From Heather ] Are you guys going to be able to block the Obamacare nonsense, or at least change it?

9:14 Nathan Deal – I have attempted to change and stop it at the committee level and will continue to do it when it reaches the House floor. However, Democrats have more than enough votes to pass it, if they can get their members to vote for it. That is why your input into members of Congress is so important. We must persuade enough Democrat members to kill it or substantially alter it. There is an air of excitement in Washington as people from all over the country are coming for the “House Call” event at noon today on the Capitol steps.
There are citizens on almost every corner speaking on microphones against the bill. There are vehicles bearing signs in opposition. I believe America has awakened to the serious challenge this poses to our country.

9:15 [Comment From Tom Crawford ] Do you believe that Barack Obama is a native-born American citizen who is eligible to serve as president? I am asking because your comments on this issue have been a little ambiguous. I would appreciate your clearing this up.

9:17 Nathan Deal – I am joining several of my colleagues in the House in writing a letter to the President asking that he release a copy of his birth certificate so we can have an answer to this question.
9:17 [Comment From Jeff ] Do you support zero based budgeting?

9:17 Nathan Deal – I do. However, it will take time to go through the entire state budget and must be done in an incremental fashion. But now is the time to start that process.

So there it is. We need the President to release his birth certificate so we can clear up “this question”. The only way I can give Rep. Deal the benefit of the doubt on this one is to presume he’s not a birther, but instead, has an ID fetish.

You may remember that is was the issue of ID’s that caused Deal to get all flustered at the Cherokee GOP meeting last month and invent the term “Ghetto Grandmother”, only to then have it so rudely used out of context by the lib’ral media.

This same lib’ral media jumped on this story as well today, with Jim Galloway daring to suggest that Deal’s birther talk was in direct contradiction to an earlier stance on the issue, and Thomas Wheatley beating me to the punch by suggesting that Deal is poaching in the Ox’s woods.

But if Deal is not in fact a birther, there is only one other explanation for why he wants all ghetto grandmothers and our possibly foreign born President to be documented. And his campaign slogan may have a hint buried in it:


For every conspiracy theory laden birther out there who thinks you found a friend today, I suggest you may want to consider that that’s what he wants you to think.

Be prepared to show us your papers. You’ll need them to drive on the NAFTA Superhighway.


  1. Harry says:

    It would be nice to see a “real” Certificate of Live Birth that shows in what hospital Obama was born and what physician attended the birth.

      • Sleepy Tom says:

        Deal saw how well pandering helped The Ox, so why not pander?

        Next, Deal will get those 9-11 Was An Inside Job planned by J-E-W-S followers on his side.

        • benevolus says:

          He’s going to need them, to replace the “I think he’s probably a redneck but I kinda like what he’s saying anyway” people who will be moving to Handel (who, I predict, will have a meltdown moment at some point before the election).

  2. GOPGeorgia says:

    If it’s no big deal (pun intended) why doesn’t BHO just pony it up? I think he likes people questioning his status. He knows he will have detractors and this question will make them look like they are on the fringe.

    I have no idea on what he’s trying to hide, but I don’t think it’s about where he was born. No other President has been asked this question, but have we had another President where it was questioned? Did anyone ask to see where GHWB was born? I doubt it, and as far as I know, it was never questioned. Had any other President been asked this question whow would they react? Would they pony it up, or let it drag on? It’s not hard to do, so the real question is not where was he born, but why not show and tell?

    • Jeff says:


      Would you have asked similar questions of John McCain, who was born in Panama and thus is not a “natural born” citizen of the United States?

      • macho says:

        The Panama issue is not analogies to Obama. Nobody is disputing where McCain is born, and to my knowledge, McCain has no problem producing a birth certificate. McCain’s issue is more of a legal / Constitutional problem, which years of precedent and statute, for children born on foreign military bases, are in his favor.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        McCain has no problems telling people where he was born and if he were asked for hid COLB I think he would fork it over. McCain was not my first choice in the GOP primary.

        I’m not sure if it’s real or not. I found it on the internet that Al Gore made.

        The question you didn’t ask, but implied, was “Do I think John McCain is eligible to be president?” There are tons of arguments pro and con. The reality is that he is not President, nor will he ever be. I don’t agree with you that he doesn’t meet the qualifications of being a “natural born” citizen of the US. His parents were both citizens and the panama canal was under a lease by the US. I haven’t checked to see if the hospital was in the canal zone, but the point is currently irrelevant. If your definition of “natural born” mean that one must be born in one of the 50 states, does that mean to you that anyone born in Washington DC, could not run for President?

      • Game Fan says:

        Some “Obama Birthers” (myself included) are also “McCain Birthers”. The Constitution is the Constitution. It’s really that simple. Really. No kidding. In fact I’m really disappointed in how so many “Libertarians” seem to view an issue from a partisan perspective while at the same time calling others partisan hacks. Well, guess who just drank the Kool-Aid?

    • Loren says:

      “Had any other President been asked this question whow would they react? Would they pony it up, or let it drag on?”

      Putting aside that when Obama initially produced a Hawaiian birth certificate all that did was encourage conspiracists to ask for a SECOND birth certificate from him, there’s a hint of a valid hypothetical here. How would another executive office-holder respond?

      How, for instance, would Vice President Joe Biden respond to demands that he release a “long-form” birth certificate to prove that he was, in fact, born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I, for one, have seen a lot more evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii than I have proving that Biden was born in Scranton. And Scranton’s a lot closer to Canada than Hawaii is to Kenya.

      Yet strangely, of all the Birthers who want President Obama to publish documentation proving, to their satisfaction, that he is eligible for his office , precisely ZERO have any curiosity about Vice President Biden’s birthplace or eligibility. Maybe there’s some subtle difference between Obama and Biden that results in this incongruity.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I don’t know the answer to every question I ask. Chester A Arther? Who would have thought of that? I tease a bit, but as I said, it’s really not that big a deal to me. I consider this site a forum, not just a blog. Discussions can be fun, and I don’t want to have to look up info on EVERY topic we discuss.

        However, MD, in that other thread, I think I blew up your idea that parties can stop people from running. O.C.G.A. is fun to read…lol.

        • Mad Dog says:

          Loving the exchanges, GOP. You’re so much more fun than Andre.

          I was starting to look up your license number with the Bar, you cite so much. Goes along with my thinking you don’t ask any questions unless you already know the answer.

          Sadly, I view this blog as more of the Last Comic Posting forum…


      • Mad Dog says:

        It says something about this Blog … especially since wiltle eric closed the other discussion out early.

        Since you went there first, when people are talking about raising or lowering the bar … is that from the point of view of standing or reclining upon the floor?

  3. griftdrift says:

    ‘It’s not hard to do, so the real question is not where was he born, but why not show and tell?’

    There’s enough circles in that logic to make a dervish dizzy

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      I am a little dizzy and I asked the question. Instead of asking why (would he show it) I am just saying “why not?” Candidates release their tax records (sometimes.) There’s a small group out there that wants to see it. Why is he not showing it to them?

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          I don’t know who asked the question first or even when. I suppose Hillary did. So how long will it be out there? Until the end of his Presidency? I seriously doubt he will ever be impeached (for this reason anyway.) To answer your question, I suppose it’s because more and more people are asking the question. I would guess it now because somewhere between 7% to 11% have questions about where he was born. It seems that number is rising. It is enough to make him defeated in 2012, so I am fine with no answer.

          • Loren says:

            “I don’t know who asked the question first or even when.”

            I do. It was an anti-Muslim blogger, posting on a right-wing message board in March 2008. That became a blog post, which later was turned into a chain e-mail, and so on.

          • Mad Dog says:

            I think you give Hilliary too much credit when she does something you like … and too much blame …when she doesn’t do something you want done.

            Hmmm…. starting with NOT Killing her cheating husband.

        • macho says:

          I know, it’s such a violation of his rights for Obama to produce a birth certificate, how unfair, oh the humanity. Obama is taking a stand for the rights of all Americans by not showing us this extremely private and sacred document.

          Children of America take note, while you’ll be smothered with massive debt for the rest of your lives, so we can get rid of our clunkers and buy overpriced homes, and the IRS will hunt your down with your medical records; be assured that you will never have to produce a birth certificate.

          • Fawkes says:

            Children of America take note, while you’ll be smothered with massive debt for the rest of your lives, so we can get rid of our clunkers and buy overpriced homes, and the IRS will hunt your down with your medical records; be assured that you will never have to produce a birth certificate.

            macho, take a minute to absorb what you wrote. Wouldn’t America be better served if its citizens stood up to all of these other issues, rather than demanding a birth certificate? Even if Obama was found to be a “foreigner”, would Biden change policy?

      • Ramblinwreck says:

        Probably the same reason many GOP elected officials don’t answer when I ask them where they get the authority to vote in favor of some of the legislation they approve. You know, like the Isakson bill today to give $8K per homeowner to buy a house. They’re arrogant enough to know they don’t have to and you can’t make them and the party will let them pass on it.

          • Fawkes says:

            I’d wager he isn’t releasing it so the Birthers will continue demanding the certificate and continue looking like fools.

            One way of maintaining power is to make sure your opposition has no credibility.

          • macho says:

            I do agree that this has become a ridiculous issue for the GOP and they just need to walk away from it. Unfortunately, what will play well in the Primary might not go so well in the General.

            That being said, I expect Ox, at this very moment, is on his way to Washington, to stand at the gates of the White House and demand Obama produce a birth certificate.

          • Game Fan says:

            As far as I’m concerned “Fawkes” has no “Fawkiness” whatsoever. Apologizing to Erick was my first clue. Dissing the birthers was the final straw. I’m calling him out in fact. I doubt he’s really done anything revolutionary in his entire life. Probably more of a “poll watcher” or “blogger who would like to someday be a politician” or whatever. What a sick joke.

      • Uh. Let’s go through this – and keep in mind I’m about as far away from BHO as you can get in terms of ideology.

        You have a very small minority of people fanatically pursuing an issue that most consider already settled.

        Do you acknowledge them and give them your time, or do you ignore them?

        Really, if I could get elected President of the United States – I am fairly certain I would have the resources to fake any such information anyway.

        Really what I am getting at is – what is the point. He shows it, birthers say it’s a fake yadda yadda yadda. He doesn’t show it, they claim he isn’t President. I’d rather him not waste the time – and I would assume a member of the GOP would hold that same view. Do you really want to hear the claim that BHO couldn’t handle the war because we kept piling on trivial issues like this in 2012?

        • Harry says:

          Obama avoided the constitutional issue. Maybe only a few of us are concerned about the constitutional requirements, but we’ll continue to attempt to highlight his refusal to address this matter.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          Is that the reason President Obama can’t decide if he’s going to listen to his commanders on the ground and not send in 40,000 more troops? He is up at night thinking about his CLB, instead of if he wants to win the war?

          • You know good and well that is exactly how MSM will turn it around on Republicans, when they try to tag BHO with malaise.

            “Well maybe he could have done something had it not been for being called a liar and having to defend himself from fringe nuts demanding birth certificates.”

            Look it’s a valid question – I get that. But it is one that will never have closure for those who truly believe Obama is a faker. If anyone reading this really believes that Obama would come out and say he isn’t a citizen, then God help you. Otherwise be content that if his hand was forced, he would produce some sort of document – and if you deemed it to be fake, then where would we be?

            Oh . . . right here where we are now.

  4. AubieTurtle says:

    Q: Why is ‘The Blair Witch Project’ the favorite movie of the birthers?

    A: Because they love being stuck in the wilderness.

  5. John Konop says:

    We have real issues facing our country like a Medicare system that will bankrupt our country in less than 10 years unless we do something, two wars with no end it sight, healthcare cost out of control, jobs…….

    Issue like this only purpose is to spew hate and avoid real issues. Agree or disagree with Obama we need rational adults working on problems from both sides.

    Hawaii: Obama birth certificate is real

    In an attempt to quash persistent rumors that President Obama was not born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961, Hawaii’s health director reiterated Monday afternoon that she has personally seen Obama’s birth certificate in the Health Department’s archives:

    • Harry says:

      John, that’s one political appointee quoted in that article as vouching for the document. Since it’s a constitutional requirement being questioned, let’s see the actual original certificate!

      • ByteMe says:

        You know that Hawaii went digital a few years back and destroyed all the originals, right? Of course you did.

        • Harry says:

          They went digital but didn’t destroy the originals, according to the article John posted. The lady said she looked at the original certificate, but that doesn’t really prove anything because we still don’t know if the document was issued post-birth.

      • John Konop says:


        I do not have my original birth certificate. I lost it a few time and than got a copy certified from Ohio after showing identification, I would guess many on this blog also have copies from whatever the State provides. Are you saying that all of us are not U.S, citizens if we do not have original documents and the State went digital with their records? Are you saying unless I have the original documents I should have all my rights taken away as a U.S. citizen?

    • Fawkes says:

      I thought the “Constitution” crowd was all for State Sovereignty and the sanctity of what States have to say. Hawaii says the birth certificate is real. It’s the States job to keep records of this sort. So now Hawaii is a lier in the debate? Come on.

      • Harry says:

        I’m not saying they’re outright lying, but it’s entirely possible that the document the lady is referring to is not the actual original, contemporaneously signed COLB. I have read that hospitals in Hawaii and other states were issuing ex-post-facto certs when a baby was born at home or somewhere else and then brought in subsequently, even weeks later.

        • Fawkes says:

          I go back to my point: You are saying that you do not trust Hawaii when they say the President’s birth certificate is real.

          Understand that arguing this point is meaningless. Many claim that our government has been ignoring the Constitution. Why then would they obey the part dealing with birthplace of Presidents?

          • Harry says:

            Oh, it’s likely a “real” document, but it doesn’t prove Obama was born in the US. As I said, it was possible in many states including Hawaii to bring a baby born at home or elsewhere weeks later to the hospital for an exam, and obtain a birth certificate. We need to know the name of the attending physician at the birth, and whether the birth actually occurred at the hospital.

          • griftdrift says:

            And Harry continues to prove the point that there will be no satisfaction. And some in the Republican establishment (including on this very page) continue to hitch themselves to this wagon. It boggles the mind.

          • Game Fan says:

            This whole debate really isn’t that difficult to fathom once you address this and many other subjects from the “average Joe” perspective and the “politicians-as-crooks-and-liars” angle. This concept is actually very “reality based”, and applies to both Democrats and Republicans, black, white, yellow, orange, whatever. It’s actually very “Libertarian” too. It’s also one of many issues that gets some of the “status quo” to throw a hissy fit. That’s reason alone for many to keep the issue alive. The entertainment value alone is priceless. 🙂 And I don’t believe anyone has suggested that this become part of the Republican Party political platform.

    • benevolus says:

      Can I assume he has been through FBI, Secret Service, and State Department background checks? Don’t they do that for all nominees? Has anyone in any of those agencies raised any objections?

      • Harry says:

        Do you really think a government employee would jeopardize their career like that? Whistleblowers are few and far between in government, and will be even rarer if the Obama administration succeeds in implementing their new policy requiring reporters to surrender source info in case of federal “criminal investigations”.

        • benevolus says:

          I don’t know, but I am pretty sure those checks are done when Parties elect their nominees- or even sooner, so that would be before someone like Obama has any real clout about the issue. If they had found something, they would just go to the person and encourage them to withdraw and that would be the end of it.

          But I can see now that you are going to be completely obtuse about it and nothing logical will alter your view, so have fun, and may I recommend Lexapro.

          • ByteMe says:

            They might, but pretty sure I read somewhere that they do not. Elections are governed by the states. It’s up to the states to ensure that the candidates on the ballot meet the requirements to be on the ballot. So this conspiracy would have to extend to all 50 states. No hurdle to large for the Birthers to jump over, yes?

    • Sleepy Tom says:


      I’m fairly certain that those “big issues” to which you speak of will (or have already) promote divisiveness and racial hatred whenever they come up.

      The race card is a permanent playing card in the left-wing’s arsenal of distracting voters from the real issues.

  6. ready2rumble says:

    Deal, Real is a RINO, stuffed his pockets while in office, and now he’s pandering like the Ox.

    We have real issues facing Georgia, like water, which he punted on. He is a do nothing congressman. I bet he has had more news conferences since he announced for Governor, than the entire time he was in congress.

  7. Romegaguy says:

    The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the President from showing his “birth certificate”

  8. Joshua Morris says:

    According to, the short form certificate on record at the Obama HQ in Chicago is real. The long form certificate has not been made available to anyone, but there is evidence of a birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser 9 days after his birth date.

    The way I look at this is similar to an official review in college football. There is no indisputable evidence at this point to overturn his birth records or citizenship status. However, the interesting thing to me is that the topic is treated like a hot potato and not just dealt with head-on. The President has never seemed willing to be open about this issue and settle it with complete transparency. This naturally causes questions in the minds of many people. So what is he hiding?

    Why won’t the highest public officeholder in the Land release his birth records, college transcripts, etc., to put this issue to rest? I believe that there are some things about him that he doesn’t want the People to know. It’s disconcerting, and it will continue to leave a cloud of doubt around his presidency.

    • ByteMe says:

      Psst. (Stage whisper) You know that is funded by the same powerful Annenbergs who also funded that board that Bill Ayers and Obama worked on, so they’re part of the group that are trying to keep this fake president in office, right?

  9. If Ron Paul came out and disclosed that he delivered baby Barrack in Texas, it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the people who are convinced BHO isn’t a citizen. That is why this is pointless.

    I mean we all know he isn’t. It goes back to JFK being killed by the Illuminati, who happened to sabotage Ross Perot’s campaign, replaced Reagan with an actor, cooked up NAFTA, stole the election in Florida, rewrote history so that the holocaust never happened, and worked up 9/11.

    The great thing about these conspiracy theories is the trap door; you see if you prove them wrong, there is always the counter – “But they are powerful enough to falsify it!”

    BHO hands over a CLB – and it will be called faked. I guarantee you.

    • Game Fan says:

      What I find amusing is those who feel threatened by conspiracy theories. That’s why it’s just a theory. Get it? But to say that there’s no conspiracies would be to suggest that we have complete transparency in Government, with no secret e-mails, no “wide stances” no offshore accounts, no closed-door sessions, and that no whistleblower has ever been fired for anything ever. Proposing the opposite, (that there’s no conspiracies) would be laughable if not impossible, as would the counter argument. But again, why the hand-wringing over those who raise the questions? What’s the big deal and where’s the harm? And why the coordinated attack on birthers from both Democrats and Republicans? And why should Republicans even listen to Democrats over the issue? Why should “Republicans” break out in a cold sweat over some free-thinkers out in the real world who have a problem with a Democrat?

  10. macho says:

    It’s going to be interesting, now that Deal has been hit by some ethical setbacks, to watch him and the Ox try to “out pander” each other to the hard right.

    We’ve got the birther thing going, I’m sure declaring the income tax unconstitutional isn’t very far away.

  11. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Ok, I really haven’t been following this issue as closely as i should because it all seems so silly. So, in order to show how ignorant I am let me ask you this. Even though obama’s mother was an American citizen, that doesn’t matter, because he may have been born in Africa to an African father? Soooo, if, 40 years ago, my American parents were studying abroad in London, and I was conceived and born in London, I would not be allowed to become a US president because I was born in London, even though at least one of my parents was/is an American citizen?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is who cares if he was born in Kenya, his mother was an American citizen at the time. And obviously the Constittution needs to be amended to reflect modern times and the ability to easily travel to other nations.

      • ByteMe says:

        So do I, obviously. I also trust the State of Hawaii and the bureaucrats who have done a yeoman’s job responding to all the kooks out there calling them from all over the world about this.

        A good conspiracy is built on ignoring Occam’s Razor.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          BM, please apply Occam’s Razor.

          The political action committee ‘Obama for America’ paid $1,066,691.90 to the Perkins Coie law firm between Oct. 16, 2008 and March 30, 2009, to fight every request to release Obama’s original birth records.

          Would it not have been easier to just produce the COLB and be done with it?

          • rugby says:

            Similar question: Why didn’t the Pentagon do whatever the 9/11 truthers were asking?


          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Did the pentagon spend over a million dollars instead of providing one document? YOU CAN YELL IN CAPS ALL YOU LIKE. But I am still asking you to apply Occam’s Razor.

            Would it not have been easier to just produce the COLB and be done with it?

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Public opinion will show that you have the mind of a third grader and don’t know how to debate an issue without name calling. You don’t have to go on. I’d rather debate someone who will deal in facts, or at least intelligent theories with some widely accepted points, and not name calling.

          • rugby says:

            You are the one who somehow doubts the POTUS is American born and can’t figure out why you don’t acknowledge conspiracy theorists.

            I’m more than happy if you ignore me.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I am not sure if you have trouble reading, but I have stated (in this thread) I don’t doubt that President Obama is born in Hawaii, but I think that he should be answerable to the people. This whole thing that voters don’t have standing in court to challenge on this issue kinda irks me. He is supposed to be the “transparency President,” so why is he hiding something to the tune of spending over a million dollars to hide it?

          • griftdrift says:

            “6 Vote -1 Vote +1Harry November 6, 2009 at 9:15 am

            (click to show comment)

            Oh, it’s likely a “real” document, but it doesn’t prove Obama was born in the US. As I said, it was possible in many states including Hawaii to bring a baby born at home or elsewhere weeks later to the hospital for an exam, and obtain a birth certificate. We need to know the name of the attending physician at the birth, and whether the birth actually occurred at the hospital.”

            There’s this great song by Steve Earle -“I Ain’t Ever Satisfied”

          • ByteMe says:

            The political action committee ‘Obama for America’ paid $1,066,691.90 to the Perkins Coie law firm between Oct. 16, 2008 and March 30, 2009, to fight every request to release Obama’s original birth records.

            You really need to stop getting your info from blogs that have no credibility.

            A blogger filed a FOIA request and found that Obama For America paid a little over $1M to the law firm for legal services during the campaign and also as the President’s personal lawyer. From there, the blogger decided to invent a reason out of thin air for the expenses — fighting birth certificate requests. And you — a birther trying to be in disguise — bought it.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            OK Byte,

            If you want me to bow to your superior knowledge, I’ll ask you. How much money has President Obama spent avoiding producing a COLB in court? You will agree that he has spent something, wouldn’t you? I think I have read that there were 42 cases questioning President Obama’s eligliblity. How many hours does it take to get each case kicked? What’s the hourly rate?

            If that total number is more than $100 dollars, why not just release the COLB? It costs more to avoid the question than to answer it.

          • ByteMe says:

            Ok, Birther Doug, here’s the real deal: I don’t care!

            Only Birthers care about this. The rest of us are laughing at you both behind your back and to your face.

            He already produced his copy a while back, but of course that’s never enough for the crazy birthers. The State of Hawaii has officially stated that he was born there. But that’s not enough for the crazy birthers.

            As for how much he’s spent? Don’t know, don’t care. I’ll let you apply your own logic to that question. Just try to use your own logic this time instead of trying to crib notes from some wackjob blogger who is making up answers to fit his agenda.

          • Soulja Boy says:


            Remember your own saying: Never get in an argument with someone who thinks the earth is only 7000 years old. That’s exactly what you’re doing.


            Loren nailed it earlier, the only reason this is an issue is because (1) Barack Obama is black (2) He has a “Muslim-Sounding” middle name. Period. End of discussion. For either of you to parade the U.S. Constitution around to hide your ridiculous racist motives, is laughable. Actually, it’s shameful. And it’s keeping your Holy Republican Party in the minority. So drop the “I care about the Constitution”. No you don’t. You didn’t care when George W. Bush was p!ssing and sh!tting all over it. The only reason you claim to care now is because Obama is black and his name sound Muslim.

            Everyone else,

            If I were Barack Obama, and I had a political action committe willing to pony up millions of dollars to fight an issue like this, I’d do it too. It continues to keep morons like Harry and GOP Georgia in the spotlight, taking the attention away from people who actually disagree with Obama because of the merits of his arguments, rather than the color of his skin or his “muslim” name.

          • GOPGeorgia says:


            Your transparency President is so transparent. Sarcasm implied. You can’t have it both ways. You either disagree on the dollar figure I stated that he has used to avoid producing a COLB or you don’t care. It can’t be both. You are just stark raving mad that I have a point and you don’t know how to reply in a way that takes away my truth that he is spending more money to hide something than is would take to provide it. I’ve already conceded that he was born in Hawaii. I am just pointing out how much of a hypocrite he is on being transparent and you can’t deal with it.

            BTW it was not a FOIA report but an FEC report that produced that dollar figure. You don’t like that it was implied that it was all applied towards legal fees on covering up his COLB, fine. You tell us how much he spent. Or you don’t care. Make up your mind. If you don’t care, then you have no problems with others saying he spent more than a million dollars on this subject.

            Soulja, You haven’t ever heard me say anything about his skin color other than perhaps you care more about it than I do. I have never accused President Obama of being a Muslim nor do I care what his name sounds like.

            We all know that he spent 20 years in Rev. Wright’s church, but never heard anything that Rev. Wright said. Ha ha. This is me, laughing at both of you.

          • ByteMe says:

            Enjoy your paranoia, Birther Doug.

            Here’s a secret the rest of us know: Obama really got dropped here from an alien planet and there are over 350 people who are in on the conspiracy to keep the GOP from enshrining the righteous Queen Palin on the throne.


            Occam’s Razor: the explanation is simpler than conspiracy theorists can handle.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Occam’s Razor: simplest explanation tends to be the best one.

            choice one: President Obama will spend millions (or at least lots of money as not offend Byte) to keep from producing a COLB to irritate birthers.

            choice two: President Obama will spend millions (or at least lots of money as not offend Byte) to keep from producing a COLB because he has something to hide.

            Other theories are welcome. I freely accept that he may spend lots of money to have a fringe group out there so you don’t pay attention to what he is really trying to do. Much like a stage magician trying to get you to focus on one hand while you don’t see what he does with the other.

            Regardless, he’s a hypocrite on being transparent.

          • ByteMe says:

            So let’s test your theory on this, Birther Doug: Let’s say someone out of nowhere sues you claiming you have information about something important that they want even though you’ve never heard of them before.

            Do you:

            (1) Hire a lawyer to help defend you from a baseless suit?

            (2) Have the lawyer file a motion in court that the person filing suit against you has no standing and to get the lawsuit dismissed?

            (3) Actually answer the moron filing suit with whatever information he wants even though that won’t satisfy them at all anyway?

            Now add in the political ramifications of letting this story continue on and on an on so that your political enemies look like deranged fools to a large portion of the voting public.

            Now what would you do?

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            To be accurate, this is not just anyone being sued, it’s the President and some people want to see for themselves and not take the state of Hawaii’s word for it.

            However, if I were sued, I’d give the COLB. From a financial stand point, it costs less to produce the COLB then it does to hide it. Then again, I have nothing to hide. Letting the story drag on would hurt me just as much as it would make them look like the fringe. It’s the most cost effective way to attempt to make the problem go away and clear the air.

            If I continued to get sued, then I’d start counter suing, not just trying to seal records, cover up, and get cases kicked for lack of standing, but that’s what I would do.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I suspect the reason they are not counter-suing is because they don’t want this case in a courtroom where discovery could be filed for.

          • benevolus says:

            “I suspect the reason they are not counter-suing is because they don’t want this case in a courtroom where discovery could be filed for.”

            I’m sure that part’s true. We know how this works. Keep suing until you can get the President under oath and try to catch him in a technicality that has nothing to do with the actual case.

        • griftdrift says:

          Lots of people also want the President to reveal who killed Kennedy, what’s at Area 51, where the Illumnati are keeping their plans for world domination, etc. etc. etc.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Giving a COLB is not the same as revealing that stealth fighters and bombers were developed at area 51. (That’s my guess.) You can create as many strawmen as you like, but the issue is still there.

            Your transparent President has no clothes!

          • griftdrift says:

            I was speaking about the little gray aliens they hide out there.

            But hey Mr. Chair, if you really think supporting the windmill tilts of a few people who insist on throwing a rolling on the floor tantrum furthers your party’s goals, have at it!

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I’m just saying that the transparency President spends a lot of money not to be transparent. And yes, I think that message does reach the independents.

          • ByteMe says:

            But at least I don’t represent a party trying desperately to regain power through wackjob conspiracy theories, Birther Doug.

          • Fawkes says:

            I’m going to go ahead and guess that Doug isn’t denying being a birther because he does not wish to confirm the allegation. This is much like when Thomas Jefferson refused to comment on having a “second” family. Of course, I could be wrong.

          • GOPGeorgia says:


            “I am not sure if you have trouble reading, but I have stated (in this thread) I don’t doubt that President Obama is born in Hawaii, but I think that he should be answerable to the people. This whole thing that voters don’t have standing in court to challenge on this issue kinda irks me. He is supposed to be the “transparency President,” so why is he hiding something to the tune of spending over a million dollars to hide it?”

            If someone can’t make their point or defend their position, and then tries to label their opponent; that makes them a classic Democrat. Truth not working? Attack the source. I’m not worried about being called a birther or worse. I have position that Byte or others haven’t been able to shake. The President is a hypocrite on transparency.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            BTW, the GOP lost power because they strayed from the platform and principals of the GOP. They deserved to get booted out. They were trying to be Democrats and spend money recklessly and with poor planning. The bailouts and the first stimulus package were horrible.

            The Democrats took over and they EVEN WORSE and about spending. It’s sort of like they felt the GOP tried to beat their record on bad spending and now they are out to prove a point.

            When the GOP take back over it will have very little to do with President Obama’s birth certificate. I hope they campaign on being a party of fiscal control, and when elected, I hope that they are. I hope they campaign on providing individuals the power to buy health insurance across state lines, and when elected, I hope that they are. I hope that they campaign for tort reform, sticking to the constitution, creating an economic environment that will allow for growth of jobs and the economy and I hope that they do. I hope they campaign on keeping us safe from terrorist attacks, securing stable troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq without our troops being attacked and those governments becoming stable enough to deal with their own matters and I hope that they do. I hope they campaign against Cap and Trade and for drilling in ANWAR and off the US coast, and I hope that they do. There are many issues much more important than if we get to see the COLB that will be the reason that the GOP takes back control.

            However, while we are talking about it, the President is a hypocrite on transparency.

  12. macho says:

    “Soooo, if, 40 years ago, my American parents were studying abroad in London, and I was conceived and born in London, I would not be allowed to become a US president because I was born in London, even though at least one of my parents was/is an American citizen?”

    It’s not a matter of who cares or who doesn’t care, there is this weird document called the Constitution. You should start the Amendment process.

  13. macho says:

    A word of advice to Nathan Deal: there is only room for one neutered bull in the Governor’s race; you can’t out Ox the Ox.

    • ready2rumble says:

      Deal and the Ox are both corrupt, both RINO’s and now both panderers. Looks like he and Ox are joined at the hip.

  14. South Fulton Guy says:

    Michael Medved recently referred to the Birthers as “the worst enemy of the conservative movement.” He added, “It makes us look weird. It makes us look crazy. It makes us look demented. It makes us look sick, troubled, and not suitable for civilized company.”

    That, apparently, doesn’t deter them.

    • Game Fan says:

      Medved is a neocon (corporatist/globalist) and hardly the spokesman for real conservatism, which in many people’s view is rooted in the U.S. Constitution. So when he says “us” or “we” it reminds me of an old story:

      Lone Ranger: “Tonto, it looks like we’re surrounded by Indians.”

      Tonto: ” “We” Kemo Sabe?”

  15. Loren says:

    I just read on another website that Nathan Deal’s parents were German Nazis who escaped from Berlin, and he was born in Bolivia before they moved to the U.S. when he was an infant.

    Now I’m obviously not saying this is true, but it’s at least as credible as the early online claims that Obama was born in Kenya. And I’ve certainly never seen any evidence that Deal was born where his biography claims. So to put this matter to rest, Nathan Deal ought to release his own birth certificate to prove that he was not, as rumored, born to Nazi refugees in South America. That way we can at least have an answer to the question.

    • macho says:

      I think if there were a chunk of people disputing Nathan’s birth certificate, he’d have no problem producing one. It’s really not that big of a deal to release a copy. When you run for President, or Congress, you’ve got to produce far more personal documentation than a birth certificate.

  16. Mad Dog says:

    What proof do we have that it wasn’t little green men from the GOP wearing tin hats?

    Why don’t the little green men come forward and deny this?

    Do we have any proof that little green men run the GOP? Well, bring it out!!!!!!!!

    • Sleepy Tom says:

      Are you anti-Little Green Men, Mad Dog?

      And here we thought Demmies were SOOOOoooooo “open-minded” and loved all colors of people.

      • Mad Dog says:


        I’m open to having the Little Green Men accepted as valid witnesses in the public domains known as PeachPundit blog posts.

        I’m even open to letting you be equal to them.

        BTW, how is Sneezy?


    • B Balz says:

      That was supposed to be Eyes Only Alpha Red level security. Icarus did you spill the beans on the little green men and tin hat thing?

  17. Mad Dog says:


    Yeah, those rude liberal, mainstream, stupid, lazy media types just don’t have a clue as to how many people call themselves Ghetto Grandmothers. And don’t have birth certificates.


  18. seenbetrdayz says:

    I’ve never understood why this issue took center stage when there are so many other blatantly unconstitutional acts which politicians should be criticized for. Go for the infractions that stick out like sore thumbs, like Cash-4-Clunkers or banker-bailouts.

  19. Game Fan says:

    I really have no problem with Democrat loyalists who can’t see that their party has just been hijacked just like the Republican party, or those who are still stuck in the party loyalty trap. In fact, Reagan even issued the 11th commandment which thankfully many ignored. But this is the reason why there’s so many self-identified independents out there. Too many shills toeing the party line and not enough real deal Americans keeping it real.

        • Where was Barrack Hussein Obama born?

          I’m more interested in if and when did he re-apply for US citizenship after his dad denounced it in order to get him in a foreign citizen only school. The birth place/certificate is a diversion… and as long as people concentrate on it the more difficult questions are never asked…. which is typical of statist politics… If the left hand is in plain site, you better be looking at what the right hand is doing.

          I don’t have the answer to this and really don’t have an opinion… but I am curious.

          • Just doing my part. 😉

            But, I will say as with most conspiracy stuff, there usually is some there, there… but I do hate the time and energy that is wasted “there”, when it could be utilized in much better potentially productive areas… like maybe defending liberty and solving temporary problems so the state doesn’t think it necessary to take our freedoms for ever in order to fix a problem that if we just maintained with minimal intervention, long term solutions will present themselves.

          • benevolus says:

            I suspect the only “there” there is that someone once thought that maybe he was born in Hawaii before it became an actual state, but it turned out Hawaii had been a state for two years already, but then they thought that maybe the state didn’t have all their forms and filing organized too well yet, so there might be some flaw that could be exploited.

            The only thing I know for sure about all this is that someone over at the United States Justice Foundation is getting rich off of you suckas.

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