What a coincidence, the “case of the delayed prosecution” has movement in Gwinnett

On October 28, I noted that more than 16 months had passed since the arraignment of Gwinnett County attorney Christopher T. Adams on 17 counts each of making false statements and theft by taking after Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter alleged that Adams, appointed by the county to defend poor clients who could not afford their own counsel, billed the county for meeting with his clients or their families despite not doing so to the tune of more than $40,000.00. After an inquiry into the tip line, I couldn’t find any reason for the tremendous delay (admittedly only based on a review of records online) in prosecuting this case where the government was allegedly defrauded a considerable sum on money.

One supposes that simply asking the question shook something loose because within hours of the posting here, Adams’ attorney Walt Britt filed four motions with regard to the case. These matters are now scheduled to be heard on January 07, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. before Judge Warren Davis in Gwinnett County Superior Court.

What an amazing coincidence that, after 16 months sitting dormant, this matter is now back on track only hours after a posting here.


  1. Through law school and talking with various classmates about their internships, I’ve learned that a violent criminal case can easily take 10 months to resolve if the defendant DEMANDS a speedy trial. For non-violent cases where the defendant wants to drag it out instead, a year to a year-and-a-half is nothing unusual.

    Shortly after your post, the DEFENSE filed more motions to drag this out further… and the case won’t even reach the motions calendar until next year (which means it might go to actual trial in the Spring). I think it’s hilarious that you’re bragging about that as evidence of the “pressure” you’ve applied to Danny Porter, who has apparently hasn’t responded publicly or privately and probably doesn’t even know/care who the hell you are.

  2. Ken Stepp says:

    If the land deals the BOC approved were worth what the independent appraisers seem to be saying then this story of misappropriation of funds pales in comparison. The real money leaking out of Gwinnett or at least some of it would have been the millions over paid for the useless land we purchased and could’ve done without. Now they want to raise taxes in Gwinnett to pay for the years of mismanagement by Bannister, Hill and crew. If taxes are raised it will devastate Gwinnett’s economic growth. We do not want to live in Fulton or we’d have moved there. Businesses will just go elsewhere. “IF” the commissioners paid millions more than these properties are worth & they knew it then they need to be investigated & prosecuted just like Mr Adams here. Get some of this money back for Gwinnett and do not raise taxes. People will set up businesses and do their buying elsewhere if taxes go up. That’s just a fact.

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