The legacy of Walking Small lives on in Clayton County

The carnage left by altitude deprived former Clayton County Sheriff Victor “Walking Small” Hill continues to develop. As the investigation continues, it appears that he handed out Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputy badges and law enforcement credentials like candy to garner support. Yes, you read that correctly.

Anthony J. McMichael, senior pastor at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, was arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer – a felony. He was released on bond on Saturday, but is facing more charges, police said.

A Georgia State Patrol trooper stopped McMichael in Douglas County on Oct. 21 after spotting him speeding on I-20. McMichael pulled out his license, a Clayton sheriff’s badge and sheriff’s identification card signed by Hill, State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright said.

The trooper later called the sheriff’s department to verify McMichael was a deputy. That’s when he learned that McMichael was not a law enforcement officer and was in illegal possession of the badge, Clayton Sheriff Kem Kimbrough said. Deputies took out a warrant and arrested McMichael last week at his Douglasville home. They searched his home and seized the badge and ID, Kimbrough said.

McMichael, 58, later told investigators that Hill gave him the badge.

Hill purchased dozens of additional badges, which are the same as the badges deputies carry, and distributed them to his friends, Kimbrough said. They went to preachers, campaign contributors, neighbors and other associates.

One would hope at some point Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Lawson will feel she has enough evidence to finally pursue Hill for shenanigans like this as well as fraudulent use of taxpayers dollars in other ways which have been reported elsewhere.


  1. Mid Georgia Retiree says:

    This happens much more often than people realize. More than one sheriff has done the same thing for political friends and supporters. There should be a law passed that prohibits any law enforcement official from issuing a badge to any person who is not a paid employee of the respective agency.

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