Nick Ayers: Winner

Nick Ayers left Sonny Perdue’s office to run the Republican Governors Association. They win huge tonight in New Jersey and Virginia.

In New Jersey, because Christie took public financing he could not run ads during the summer. The RGA filled the void to define Christie and attack Corzine.

It paid off hugely tonight. Likewise in Virginia.

A Georgia boy has done good.


  1. GeorgiaValues says:

    Don’t forget Paul Bennecke, Sonny’s Political Director and original Grassroots Champion.

    While Paul has not sought the lime-light, he has consistently delivered, consistently served the conservative cause, and consistently made us proud.

  2. USA1 says:

    A Georgia boy has done good.

    Unlike another Georgia boy who managed to lead the charge into New York and help the Republicans lose a congressional seat they’ve held for nearly 120 years.

  3. ChuckEaton says:

    Nick and Paul deserve major kudos. They did an outstanding job on those races for Governor.

    In my opinion, the GOP will take NY-23 when there is a real election in 2010. The whole thing was a comdey of errors. You had a fake Republian, who proved her Democrat stripes by endorsing the Democrat in the race, dilluting the vote from another Republican who didn’t live in the district.

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