1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Oh, so the Washington Times is considered legitimate reporting now.

    At last…I can finally start using The Onion as a source for political news.

  2. kolt473 says:

    Allege DNC dirty tricks for KASIM REED. That is not him talking in his ad against MARY NORWOOD. Thats interference from the national DNC HQ talking points. I’ve seen enough of these points, that have gone back to them. I’ve seen allege interference from CHUCK SCHUMER, HARRY REID, that gave ALASKA MARK BEGICH now they’re giving ATLANTA VOTERS the shaft again, by dictating to whom to vote KASIM REED not own man just a puppet on string, DNC with botched health care sees potential loss loss 2010. they’re so afraid of real change trying desperate tact’s like these. DNC QUIT LYING TO VOTERS AND CALLING THEM IDIOTS, THEY HAVE MORE ON THE BALL THAN YOU. you elect kasim reed, more crime more police layoffs, fire station closings peoples services taking away, same with lisa borders. ITS ALL ABOUT DNC NATIONAL KEEPING ITS VOTING BLOCK IN TACKED FOR 2010 give mary norwood victory tommorrow with no runoff avoid the tricks of the dnc including kasim reed ad, not his voice, or lisa borders. IF YOU WISH PUPPETS ON STRING THEN VOTE LISA BORDERS KASIM REED. chances are JAMES CARVILLE WILL BE THE ALLEGE MARIONETTE FOR BOTH. WERE ANY OF YOU AROUND DURING THE 1980’s when the message was VOTE THE BLACK SLATE? I SURE REMEMBER IT. SEND PUPPET MASTER JAMES CARVILLE A MESSAGE TOMMORROW, NO MORE PUPPETS….

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