Aggressive Twittering

[Hahaha. Icarus and I posted at the same time. Nice.]

Saying stuff on Twitter you probably shouldn’t is something I know about all too well.

A few months ago, we dinged Austin Scott for a rather graceless tweet about Eric Johnson resigning from the Senate.

Well, today Austin is getting aggressive with Karen Handel:

Just signed qtrly wage and tax returns. That is something Karen Handel has never done. Of course Karen wasn’t Deputy Chief of Staff either.

I wish they’d do this somewhere more observable by the voters than Twitter. It’s fun to see a candidate willing to throw punches out there and, whether I or you like the comment or not, it’s refreshing to see a candidate speaking his mind without the veneer of campaign diplomacy.


    • macho says:

      Maybe he views her as coming in second. Georgia is unique in that all the candidates are really just competing for 2 slots.

  1. Icarus shouldn’t even be here anymore. I thought official make-it-up-as-we-go Peach Pundit policy was to ban front-page posters who repeat other people’s shamefully low-class tweets.

  2. Lee Benedict says:

    What Austin Scott said/wrote is the truth. I just wish that he spoke about Handel’s resume enhancement…what is she claiming to have been? Deputy something or other for the Bush/Quayle White House? She was an intern, not someone who sits in on UN Security Council meetings.
    I would not say that Scott considers Handel the frontrunner, or Oxendine for that matter. I would say that if Handel or Oxendine, or Deal for that matter, is the GOP nominee, then many Christian conservatives will not cast a vote for governor. From all I have seen thus far, Scott is by far the best choice.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      Oh please.

      I’m not saying that Scott is or is not the best choice. I am making a little fun that if this person or that person doesn’t win the primary, Christain conservatives will stay home. Give us a break. BTW, I have read somewhere that there at least 5 families in Georgia who consider themselves Christain conservatives who vote Dem. I think that they are confused.

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