Anti-Norwood GOP Action Alert

Someone who is no longer a resident of Atlanta just informed me he got a robo call billed as a “Republican Action Alert” informing them not to vote for Mary Norwood because “she doesn’t represent our Republican Values” and went on to play audio of Norwood stating she voted for Obama, Kerry and Clinton and the went to a GOP convention once and hated it.

Ok – as I was typing this I got the call too – I’ve never been a resident of Atlanta with this number.

The Caller ID was 206-426-6486. Only political reference I saw to that number in a quick google hunt was for “Rev. Al Sharpton”.

No one claimed responsibility for the ad. Nor does it make sense that the GOP would attack Norwood from the right. AFAIK there are no Republicans in this non-partisan race. Sounds like a voter-suppression tactic to me. A pretty lame one at that.

Update by Buzz: Here’s the audio of the call. I received it about 12:44 PM today. No I don’t live in Atlanta. I agree with Chris, it’s an attempt to discourage Republicans from voting for her. I suspect one of the other campaigns in behind it, either Reed or Norwood.


    • Harry says:

      One thing, the Atlanta developers hate her guts. But whoever is paying for the robocalls, they’re not getting a good bang for their buck.

  1. Angry Taxpayer says:

    I do live in the City, but all of my neighbors have indicated they no longer listen to these because of the volume of calls they are receiving. Because of the level of super-saturation, I do not believe this will have much impact.

    This is the information I have:

    12:37 PM

    White Female Voice – Somewhat Southern 20’s and 30’s

    Republican Voters this is a Republican Action Alert: Mayoral Candidate Mary Norwood has viciously attacked Republicans and reaffirmed her support of Barak Obama, just listen to Mary Norwood in her own words.


    Remember on November 3rd what Mary Norwood has to say about you and your family.


    • USA1 says:


      Mary Norwood has an old black lady narrate her TV ad, while her opposition has a young white female voice criticisms of her.

  2. JDP says:

    This smells like the work of Mark Rountree. When he got involved with Borders’ campaign it was just a matter of time when mud slinging like this would result.
    He will go to any extreme to earn his extreme retainer. What a fraud this guy is. Nothing will surprise me coming from him

    • GeorgiaValues says:


      While today’s calls are clearly an attempt to suppress the vote for Norwood, why do you think Mark Rountree is behind them?

      As far as I know he is working for Lee Hawkins up in the 9th District. I haven’t seen anything linking him to the GA Equality endorsed mayoral candidate. I would be suprised if Lee Hawkins would be comfortable having the same guy run both of these races given the conservative nature of the district.

  3. McDaniel0214 says:

    I received this call earlier this afternoon as well. I live southeast of Macon, have a Dublin cell phone number, and have NEVER lived in the City of Atlanta. Did they blast the entire state with this thing?

  4. JDP says:

    This will just piss people off. Borders is just trying to supress Norwood’s vote so she can eek her way into a runoff.

  5. macho says:

    I don’t know if Borders is trying to “supress” Norwood’s vote, think she might be trying to flip it over to her camp.

  6. Nathan says:

    I think they did blast the entire state. I live in the northwestern part of the state and they called my cell which has a Chattanooga area code (since I live so close to the border). Did they decide not to filter out the folks who don’t live in Atlanta?

  7. Angry Taxpayer says:

    I just talked with Sue Everhart, Chair of the Republican Party of Georgia, and she explained that the Republican Party has no knowledge of this phone call. Further, after talking with Fulton County Chair Shawn Hanley, local Republicans have no idea who is putting this out. Sue expressed outrage that someone would attempt to suppress Republican vote and that under no circumstance would a call like this in the Atlanta Mayor’s race be supported by the Party.

    You got clear vote suppression campaign going on. Not sure who, but I suspect we will learn more on which candidate is putting out bogus phone calls identifying themselves as Republican in an attempt to supress Republican votes.

  8. AubieTurtle says:

    Given the number of spam calls I get on my cell phone for extended car warranties, free cruises, lottery winnings and heaven knows what ads that aren’t even in English, it wouldn’t surprise me to see these types of calls increase. There doesn’t appear to be the will in the government or telecommunications industries to crack down on them. You can bet if those behind the calls go undetected and they have some actual effect, that they will become very common. The untraceable nature of them also means that there will all kinds of naughtiness like calling at 3 AM with an ad for one’s opponent to annoy potential voters.

  9. JayHanley says:

    I’m in Watkinsville and lived here all my life. I got the call on my cell phone at 12:25 p.m. today from the number referenced. It’s seems as though whoever is behind it must have the GOP delegate lists.

  10. GOPGeorgia says:

    I just got this same call on a landline and on my cell. I have never lived in Atlanta.
    Heidi Chain was listed as a candidate who used this number.
    That was reported to the “who calls me” website on September 14, 2009

    I looked through her expenditures and come up with a company called “get out the vote.” I did not see any other robo calls in her expenditures.

    Get Out the Vote New York, NY 10279
    Chain, Heidi H (NP)
    City Council (2009) 09/11/2009 $2,128.06 Other: explntion
    GOTV Phone Expenditure Payments
    St#: 12 ID: R0001133

    So it could be this company:

  11. I would except if it were Rountree, the list would not have included every Republican in the State. I would expect much better targeting. Therefore, I would be very surprised if he had anything to do with it.

    Of course the bad targeting may be a ploy to throw us off!

    And yes, I got the call too.

  12. gatormathis says:

    I also got that call and remember seething and thinking I will never vote for this Norwood who was professing her love for so many democrats while supposedly running a non-partisan race……

    …….then I read on here how it is probabaly a plant phone call to suppress the vote and hurt the affalable Norwood, and that makes me even madder…….

    … I am so steamed, that I must find a way to get my vote in to Atlanta, where I have never lived, had a phone, and actually have only visited a few times, yet feel compelled to somehow help this dark-horse Norwood in her endeavor to become Mayor of Atlanta, the city to busy to hate, Host city to the 1996 Olympics, and home to the Braves, Falcons, Elton John and all sorts of other folks…….

    …….so, anyone got any extra voter id’s, driver’s liscense, social security numbers they ain’t using that might help me out….. can I just computer vote….or should I just visit my voter registar here in beautiful downtown Cordele, GA and see if she can possibly get me a ballot on that race, using my last stay’s hotel bill in Atlanta as proof of having been in Atlanta sometime or another and that I might actually be interested in the Mayor’s race……….

    ……..oh the horror of the “Decision ’09” election……………

  13. B Balz says:

    Observations from the Poor Ol’ Taxpayer:

    Much like the Wizard of Oz, the people behind the curtain in the bloodsport of politics are ‘political operators’ [polyps]. Since many here can say “I was/am” a polyp, please take this at face value and not too personally. Some are political consultants, others, not so much – polyps.

    I subscribe the the Vince Lombardi school of success in my work ethic, “Winning is the only thing” within the boundaries imposed by State regulators and business law. It is neither necessary nor fruitful for me to approach any gray areas to win.

    Therein lies the difference between the largely unregulated world of polyps and pretty much any other service industry. Oh sure, polyps have somewhat specious financial disclosures and even looser ethics enforcement to govern them. However, polyps are not licensed, and as such, have no real impetus to stay out of trouble – Moral, legal, or otherwise.

    The work product of polyps is similar to illegal spas. One could easily argue power and sex are virtually the same drug.

    Both polyps and spa’s actually have a ton in common:

    They overcharge their customers, who could achieve better results for less investment,

    They use subtle charm to seduce, but forsake any shred of propriety,

    In the end, they may do more social harm than good.

    We enter our Governor’s race, and I know my rants won’t change a durn thing. This poor ol’ taxpayer is disgusted to realize the political campaigns of our Leaders are in the hands of clever pollsters and gamesmen.

    And we all know where else those hands may have been.

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