Well done.

Gwinnett County police have busted the Great Health Spa in Norcross, saying it was a front for a prostitution house.

I’ll have legislation soon in Macon to start making it tougher for these Asian themed spas to do business here in town. Given all the evidence pointing to human trafficking at these places, they are a nuisance.

In fact, just this week a man in Atlanta pled guilty to human trafficking of Mexican women into the United States who were then used as prostitutes against their will. Sadly, it’s a growing trend.


  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I need to learn how the police find these places.

    I have been looking for a good brothel with no success for to long now. Everytime I find a little Asian spa or massage parlor I stop by, but they are always legitimate businesses (brothels are legitimate business…this is the Bible belt though).

    As long as the women willfully engage in prostitution what is the harm it poses to society? Regulate it to prevent the spread of STDs, tax it to make some money for the state and let the whores write-off abortions as business expenditures.

    • DTK says:

      These spas you’re visiting ARE brothels. If the girls aren’t sending signals that they’re ready to put out, you either

      (a) look like you’re a cop, or

      (b) have bad hygiene.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      “Willfully engage in prostitution” is one hell of a qualifier. There is evidence that many of these women are not choosing this business, but are trapped, coerced or strung out. If society decides to leaglize prostitution and the degradation of women, it is a sad day. And btw GC, “writing off abortions as a business expense” is gratuitously offensive to most everyone.

  2. Erick – so is it better to have these places in town where your community receives income through taxation, or is it better to have empty commercial real estate sitting there?

    • B Balz says:

      Adverse secondary use laws are a clear indication that ‘blue uses’ are a blight to any community. Few legitimate businesses will locate next to a Spa, unless it is Sydell or the like.

      I keep saying the worst part of these little jack shacks is the harm done to the women that work there. No bleedin’ heart here, but stories of women being imported to the US, held in terrible conditions, and made to work against their morality abound.

      Illegal spas have a terrible moral price and an adverse effect on surrounding properties..

  3. USA1 says:

    Oh boy! This “War on Sex” is about as good as the “War on Drugs.”

    A few years ago Gwinnett made a big push to close all the spas in the county. A Peachtree Corners church lady had a big hand in it. Most, if not all, of the spas were shut down. Then a year or so later they started opening up again. Now there’s at least a dozen in the county, and the one that was busted this week was very close to the area the Peachtree Corners church lady focused on years ago.

  4. umustbekidding says:

    I don’t know where y’all are seeing these places. You act like every spa is a ho-house. Come on. I get my nails done every week at a “spa” and I’ve been to many different spas. Most are good businesses.
    BTW –
    Men think every women is “hitting” on them so how do they know when it’s real?

  5. benevolus says:

    So only Asian-themed spas will be targeted? I have the ACLU on speed-dial.

    Why not just make human trafficking illegal in Macon? Or prostitution? They already are? Then your problem isn’t legislation, it’s enforcement money. Tax hike!

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