Who Cares. Let’s Sue Them.

To hell with Charter Schools.

Georgia’s newest charter schools authorizer has received a national award for growing campuses focused on excellence.

Who cares about them actually working and doing a good job. Charter schools are taking money local school systems want for things like Deputy Assistant Superintendent In Charge of School System Toilet Paper Supplies and Senior Assistant to Junior Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Third Floor Office Supplies.


  1. griftdrift says:

    So this is the latest coordinated attack. Interesting. Given the political make up of some of these school boards, the next phase should involve some variation of “eating their own”.

  2. So a national organization dedicated to promoting the charter school movement presents a “national award” to a state organization that creates charter schools.

    That’s really impressive.

    It sure is going to be tragic in 20 years when all the new charter schools cost the same money, deliver the same “education” and face the same problems that the regular public schools do today. Once all the charter teachers start unionizing, the “reformers” will then embark on a “consolidation” plan to eliminate waste from having too many charter school bureaucracies.

    It is just more fun in this country to pick a side and engage in boosterism than it is to identify causes of problems and come up with real solutions for them.

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