What exactly does he mean by that?

Should we be worried?

Georgia has a new director for the state’s Environmental Protection Division.

F. Allen Barnes was unanimously approved by the Board of Natural Resources to become the new head of the state department.

He is a former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official and a law partner at King & Spalding. He says he’s a man of few words who is proud to head a department that “has the potential to touch more people’s lives than any other agency in the state.”

Emphasis mine.


  1. Erick just covered this a day or two ago, and said Sonny made a terrific choice. I interpreted that endorsement as meaning that the new director would be utterly ineffective and not care about the environment, so don’t worry.

  2. Game Fan says:

    “I’ve met him before but he doesn’t know from when or where.”

    Did you yank that from a comic book or something? I would say it’s reminiscent of the “Dark Man” but Pete probably would get the wrong idea.

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