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Congrats to Rep. Scott.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Rep. Austin Scott announced that he now holds the record for the longest walk by an American politician, taking the record previously held by former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Lawton Chiles since 1970.

But will it get him the votes? These constituents appear a bit angry:



      • ksuowls81 says:

        Yeah especially since he has been a life long member of the NRA and, if you actually look at these things, he has a great legislative track record when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

        With that being said,Ga Carry is a little out there. As an avid hunter and as a person who went to a small enough country school that I could actually keep my deer rifle hanging in the rack in my truck, Ga Carry is what I like to call the fringe. I have many guns, but I am actually a common sense conservative who believes that there are some places where guns do not belong, and one of those places is in the hallway of a public school. Ga Carry believes that they should be allowed there from everything that I have heard and seen. I believe in 2nd amendment rights, but I also believe that all kids deserve a safe learning environment, gun right supporters or not.

        • First, let me state that I agree with one of my colleges that has said what he likes about Scott is he is a straight shooter (no pun intended… well maybe a little) and he’ll tell you what he really believes… I admire that as well, but I do disagree with a lot of his positions as I understand them.

          The NRA of late has been more about “the NRA” than the Second Amendment, which has lead to Gun Owners of America, Georgia Carry and others. I continue to support all 3, but the right of someone (any and all free sane adults) to defend themselves should not have government barriers.

          …the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

          Pretty straight forward. However, your last sentence shows you don’t understand a critical point as to why this should be: …but I also believe that all kids deserve a safe learning environment, … . Allowing law abiding teachers and other faculty and staff to carry, if they choose, provides the environment you seek… disarming them does just the opposite. Columbine, Virginia Tech, University of TX, Northern Illinois University,…. Predators are usually pretty cowardly in their choosing of potential victims; therefore they usually target “the defenseless.” …And if they do target the well defended, the damage they may try to cause will be greatly limited. Even these kids gets this fact.

          • Grift,

            That was the part I was explaining: In order to remain free and “secure”, we have the right to be armed. The part I quoted was direct instructions to the government that they are not to infringe on that right.

          • That’s right. “Regulate” appears twice. “Regulated” appears once… and on some of the watches I own. A wordsmith like youself is not the person I expected to go here. Unless you wanted to give me the opportunity to give a history lesson on the use of the word 😉

          • griftdrift says:

            No. As I’ve pointed out in the past “regulated” appears once in the bill of rights and it’s right there. We accept regulation on every other amendment including the sacred first, yet there are some that want to be absolutists about no regulation on the very amendment that contains the actual word.

            And now for pointing this out, I will face another indeterminate time being labeled as a gun grabber. The price to pay I suppose.

          • Sorry, Grift. Don’t include me in your “We accept…”, unless you are referring to accepting the consequences of improperly/stupidly exercising your rights.

            Yell “fire!” in a crowded theater that’s on fire… I’ll thank you if I survive. Yell “fire!” in a crowded theater that’s not on fire… I’ll sue you for my injuries if I survive. I really don’t see the need to “regulate” rights at all.

            Government would do better to spend it’s time “regulating” itself and the things it does (which, you’ll notice was how the word “regulate” was used in its two uses in the Constitution… setting standards and commerce between sovereign government entities). Then the rest of it’s time could be used in “protecting” our rights.

        • Mad Dog says:


          I’m with you. But we used to carry our guns to school. Little 22 auto’s in our pockets along with a straight razor and a switch blade.

          I still remember the last time I took a fist to a knife fight. And that was just a pep rally for the basketball team.

          Ah, the good old days, eh?

          • Admit it, MD, you just get off on “BANNING” stuff.

            I was is my share of altercations when I was in school, my worse injury came from the improper use of another “tool”, not on your BAN list… a sharpened pencil…. unless you want to include law abiding middle linebackers in this discussion… got a broken arm from one of them.

  1. Joshua Morris says:

    That’s just a funny pic–I don’t care who you are. Having faced similar on the rural road where I jog, I’d like to know what was going through Scott’s mind at that moment.

    • Jeff says:

      Considering that I was with him on two separate similar occasions, I can’t speak for the Rep, but my own thought was “Oh Sh*t!”

      We just kept right on walking though. Eventually you get far enough away that the mad dogs don’t care anymore – though the friendly ones will stick around so long that it gets dangerous for them and you have to shoo them away.

      Considering that we had 2 dog encounters on the ONE day I walked with him, I’m not sure I WANT to know how many he actually had in the total Walk.

  2. gatormathis says:

    …9-1-1 hello…yes, this is Representive Scott, … yes….the one running for governor…….the problem…..well…uh…you’ve got a couple dogs out here on rural road so and so ….that I don’t think know that……

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