It’s like crack

Can’t get enough of it.

Rather than send back more than $30 million in unspent federal aid, Atlanta officials have pushed through more than 50 last-minute deals with service agencies who hope to spend like crazy before the program expires Dec. 31.

How much of the money is going to be wasted because they rushed through projects? Likewise, next year when the money doesn’t come back, how hard will the budget be hit as recurring expenses they’ve been able to gloss over become insurmountable budgetary obstacles?


  1. Bill Greene says:

    Seriously, this story makes me sick to my stomach. Every politician who voted for this “federal aid” should be forced to write the Constitution out verbatim 100 times, and then banned from ever holding office again. Sheesh.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    Erick, you should stop blogging about it and start coming up for ideas and apply for grants.

    Seriously, tho. If expenses related to these projects get too burdensome, we can just start negotiating sales-leasebacks of government buildings like Arizona has. Of course, then we’d have to worry about lease payments, and….dammit. This just doesn’t work.

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