Imagine if this was available in Atlanta…

Oh, to dream.

The Gwinnett County Police Department unveiled its new partnership with Tuesday.

The interactive Crime Mapping web site will enable people to map and view reported crime activity by neighborhood or near specific addresses; it will allow users to gain knowledge of what is going on in their neighborhoods and surrounding areas.


  1. This really awesome, thanks Erick Pete! I was kind of surprised that my neighborhood is a low-crime as it is compared to other areas of the county. The Jimmy Carter Blvd. cluster was no surprise, though.

    The City of Atlanta may not participate, but DeKalb County does. As I dragged my way across the map from Gwinnett into DeKalb, I got a pop-up window telling me to zoom in closer: “You may experience performance problems with this level of crime”. LOL!

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Property crime is up and no one disputes that. Overall crime and most importantly violent crime is way down. But yuppies losing ipods and flat screen tvs when they move into a gentrifying neighborhood are more important than poor people on the south or west side being raped or murdered so it appears that crime is up. The dark humor is that most of the yuppies (especially Kyle) who whine non-stop about crime waves and out of control thuggery are people who like to think of themselves as progressives. They didn’t care about violent crime when it stuck to areas of the city they didn’t frequent. But now that they’re moving into those areas and now that we’re in economically difficult times so property crime is up all over, they make a big deal. Seems like classism at best and racism at worst. The hard cold facts simply isn’t on their side so they have to resort to mocking anyone who points out the facts. Apparently any fact can be negated by placing a pair of quotation marks around the word perception.

      Of course, you can always claim the police are hiding bodies and faking the numbers. Your proof will be as solid as that of the President being born in Kenya but that probably won’t stop you.

      Get a clue people! Get FACTS! Stop with the junior high emo drama just because it fits with long standing unwavering belief that everything in Atlanta is evil. You make yourselves look foolish to those who value facts and like to live in the real world.

      P.S. Before anyone tries to use anecdotal stories as evidence that we’re in the middle of a out of control crime wave do keep in mind that the plural of anecdote is not data.

  2. tinsandwich says:

    This does not appear to really be that new. Insurance companies have had this information and technology for years. Gov’t just did not want to pay for it.

  3. AubieTurtle says:

    Ah Pete, your unbroken streak of ignorance continues. Atlanta has had crime maps on the police department’s website for YEARS now. This is why I don’t wet myself like lots of you do about crime in Atlanta. I keep up with what happens in my neighborhood instead of going by snarky comments by those trying to get elected or sell newspapers by puting quotes around the word perception.

    Facts are simply a difficult thing for some to accept.

    BTW, shouldn’t you be tracking down Ashley Todd to get some more of your stunningly accurate race relation info from her. You seem to think she’s an expert.

  4. Game Fan says:

    Speaking of Dekalb and Gwinett I wanted to thank SpacyG who loaned me her Ipod while I filmed her doing some tree work in Dekalb and Gwinett. It’s also sort of a mini-tour. The first segment is in Dekalb. At the end is a possible location for a new stadium in Gwinett. I think it’s a former steel mill or something.

  5. arjay says:

    Er, Atlanta has had online crime mapping for years. A lot of neighborhood associations use it to keep track of what’s going on.

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