Fleeing Georgia

As Pete noted, High tech cities are seeing gains from young college educated workers.

Makes sense to me. Most of them are focused on those jobs. Georgia is going to have to get serious about infrastructure and opportunities to attract business to the state that are tech savvy.

North Carolina just attracted a massive Apple, Inc. facility with tax credits for land, etc. We’re competing with a host of cities and states and not doing very well right now.


  1. Bill Greene says:

    Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s have Isakson get a bill passed to keep the price of land artificially high in high-tech industrial areas. That’ll be sure to attract those businesses to Georgia. Right?

  2. atllawya says:

    Roy Barnes recently spoke to my law firm and this was his major talking point. Governors like Rick Perry and Bev Perdue (of NC) are really busting their asses selling their states to high tech businesses and Sonny basically had no interest in doing that.

    Roy’s quote was “We might have a sign at the Tennessee border saying ‘educated people need not apply'”. Sadly I think he’s right.

    You see Rick Perry on the national news at least once a week selling some big project in Texas, like the Cancer Research, and Perdue has been awol the past 8 years.

    Very quickly, the State of Georgia went from progressive (for the south) to worst than Mississippi. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sonny had the Mansion wired with WebTv.

  3. Brave New World says:

    Virgil writes the Georgics at the beckoning of his old classmate Caesar Augustus, who has money to pay Virgil for his creativity.

    As the populus devours itself and produces nothing (as Atlanta is doing now), Augustus turns to sending the people out to farm the land, instead of crawling on top of each other and deviance increasing.

    Augustus gives tax credits and grants land to folks who will commit to working to produce food from the earth. And he hires Virgil to write poetry about the beauty of farming so that the poetry may be taught to the young men as propaganda that they may believe that there is something beautiful about hard work.

    Don’t get me wrong. The great asphalt pond of Atlanta has a few trees planted in little holes that are cut into the pavement… and there are good intention in the dog eat dog world.

    But I have to agree with grift drift. Spaghetti Junction is pain staking and consumes the consumer while I live as a king on my John Deere tractor, smelling the fruit of the earth and drinking fresh spring water.

    • B Balz says:

      We stand together or hang individually, neighbor.

      Every State has rural and urban/suburban/exurban interests that MUST recognize, respect, and act in a roughly symbiotic manner to thrive. Georgia is blessed with a diverse rural landscape and a few major urban centers.

      During the 90’s and up on to 2007 or so, Atlanta experienced job and population growth leading to an influx of 100,000 new residents per year. There are NO urban planning models that I know of to adequately manage that phenomenal growth.

      By its’ own BEST projections, Atlanta Regional Commission admitted that by 2030, given the same growth rate, Atlanta would hope to manage traffic as well as we currently do, and no better.

      I commend Brave New World for pointing out the obvious:

      Most folks care only about what is happening on their street, block, or farm and to heck with ‘The Commons.’

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Wow, it took this long for some of you to see that I am not crazy.

    For robust, long term growth, the focus needs to be on education. Fixing transportation and the state’s banking regulations are one thing…they are fairly quick fixes that will not see much gain.

    When a state has a drop out rate and test score rankings with numbers like GA…you will see more Walmarts, not Apples or IBMs.

    It isn’t difficult math. Georgia being cheap is one thing, it may attract some businesses here to deal with balancing their ledgers temporarily. There is no future in GA though. Any savy business decision maker can see that. Taxes are too low, banking is to deregulated, education does not get appropriate funding and the funding is not properly allocated,…actually, rather than listing everything wrong with GA it can be summed up it a few words.

    GA is too ideologically “conservative.” Progress in this state is almost impossible because any growth that occurs is set off by losses and stagnation elsewhere. GA is low on physical, labor and social capital.

    States like GA epitomize the arguments against democratic republicanism. The people of GA are too easily distracted and too uneducated to understand the decisions that need to be made for the prosperity of their district/state. Just look at our Secretary of State. The woman is entirely unschooled, still, in matters of business and financial regulation but she won that post because she is a gay-hating republican.

    • ByteMe says:

      Actually, I think it’s immigrants she hates. She was Fulton commissioner, so I think she’s probably ok with gays.

      • ChuckEaton says:

        Why don’t we forget about our sovereignty, take away all border security, eliminate ICE and become the free healthcare provider for Mexico. Then good natured liberals will love us and quit calling us immigrant haters.

        I’d love to see some of these utopian countries like Sweden and Denmark, who have such a loathing attitude towards the USA, located next to a country in poverty. I wonder how well all their free government programs would hold up under that scenario. Perhaps they should put their liberal, idealism to the test and offer free plane tickets to anyone living in Mexico or Rwanda.

          • ChuckEaton says:

            I love the world. I want illegal immigrants to have equal access to all of these great countries in our world. It’s unfair to the illegals that the USA is so centrally located.

            I’m thinking a charity should be started, we can call it “Equal Immigration” and it could fund plane rides and boat rides for illegals to other countries. This charity, with a big heart, will receive world accolades for giving illegal immigrants access to far more progressive countries than the repressive USA.

          • ChuckEaton says:

            Perhaps I’ll get a Nobel Peace Prize just for mentioning the idea of “Equal Access Immigration.”

          • Game Fan says:

            I’ve found it helps to have an environmental angle or an anti-corporate angle to make common sense ideas about immigration palatable to liberals and progressives. 😉

        • gatormathis says:

          “I’d love to see some of these utopian countries like Sweden and Denmark, who have such a loathing attitude towards the USA, located next to a country in poverty. ”

          I have a buddy who lives in Denmark. The taxes they pay on stuff is unreal, such as vehicles. He says there has been so many Muslim immigration into Denmark they are overloading the healthcare system and the cost associated with it. (ever heard that before) The social programs they have are also being accessed and used at the same proportion, really putting a burden on their government, much the same as ours.

    • atllawya says:

      The State of Texas just read your post and is laughing at your logic of a state being too ideologically conservative to attract business.

      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        Texas has a statistical benefit given its population. There are 6 cities in TX that have populations greater than that of Atlanta.

        GA has two…maybe three significant concentrations of reason and expertise (I will call these non-retarded regions of the state). Texas has, by my count, atleast 11. Again, this is a matter of size.

        Getting into detail, geographically speaking, A greater portion of TX is insignificant in political decision making than in GA. Much of the conservative geographic areas in TX are ignored in this regard. GA incorporates the margins much more.

        On top of all of this, TX is used to the mix of political parties in the state. The GOP in TX did marginalize the Democratic party through redistricting (much like GA did with having a mid-census redistricting). The GOP in GA is relatively new and hasn’t quite figured out how to manage the state or its politics.

        Sooner or later, like in TX, GA republicans will professionalize and ignore the radical minorities on the right. They will eventually figure out that bargaining and cooperating with their opposition holds a greater net benefit than one-party rule.

        • Goldwater Conservative says:

          Oh yeah, probably most importantly…TX does not vote for their constitutional officers.

          They are appointed by the Governor. The people of texas, thus, are not duped into voting for an unqualified Sec of State because of an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Or because she is smart, well spoken, and has a record of effective leadership….but hey, I’m never one to argue over semantics.

      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        I apologize, all I read is that she is well scripted and handled.

        She did not get elected because of her smarts or experience. She got elected because Democrats hate Ralph Reed and she was the (R) in the General Election.

  5. Technocrat says:

    From my rough count it appears that NC graduates 3 times the number of BSEE and BSCS engineers than GA. Too many useles IS and other soft degrees awarded in Georgia that are useless for high tech.
    Ga Tech and Southern Polytechnic cannot carrry the load alone.
    UGA offers engineering light:
    Bachelor of Science – Biochemical Engineering
    Bachelor of Science – Computer Systems Engineering
    Bachelor of Science – Environmental Engineering
    Bachelor of Science – Biological Engineering
    Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Engineering

    Georgia Southern is trying:
    Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering Technology
    Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering Technology
    Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering Technology

    • Jeff says:

      KSU also offers a BSCS degree, and I think Columbus State and Valdosta State do as well. Also think Georgia State does.

      I’m absolutely positive about KSU’s, as I have one of them on my own wall.

  6. This “young educated technology worker” sure would like to buy a beer on Sunday… and hear fewer arguments from people who honestly believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, climate change is a myth, and homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

    I’m amazed that we have the technology industry here that we do. Thank god for Ga. Tech.

    • Bill Greene says:

      I’m offended that you are mentioning the name of that ancient Sumerian mythological war deity, Steve, you radical right-wing theocrat! It’s people like YOU that are driving real intelligent people to California, and making them vote for Schwartzenegger! Bible-thumper, go home!


      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        All of this reminds me of an old joke about the south.

        “A Gold Coast Carolinian was driving through GA on his way out west and sees a man walking around with one shoe on. He says to this man, “Hey there, you know you lost a shoe?” The Ga man with one shoe replies, “Lost one…what do you mean? I found this one!”

        Yeah. The south hasn’t done a good job with its public image. The confederate flag stuff, the evangelist thing, the evolution controversies, low test scores and graduation rates, etc. Everybody outside of the South looks at it as the red-headed step child of America.

        I saw a bus this afternoon with an advertisement on the side that said: “Georgia, success in education through innovation.”

        What a crock of garbage. That logo should be more like: “Georgia, we do the best with what we have.”

  7. Game Fan says:

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded by the lack of a learning curve as to who’s “persona non grata” in the blogosphere, and from bloggers nonetheless. Rick Perry is a poster boy for state-level neocon corporatists. He never saw a public/private partnership he didn’t love. He’s about big business all the way. Trans Texas Corridor, forced HPV vaccinations, open borders, cheap labor, eminent domain, on and on. Hey, how about GA worry about GA and quit trying to “compete” with other States? Panic politics simply funnels more power and money to politicians and the large corporations. GA’s educational base would be a separate issue.

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