An oddly delayed prosecution in Gwinnett

Back in May, 2008, I noted that attorney Christopher T. Adams had been charged with 17 counts each of making false statements and theft by taking by Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter, after the AJC reported that “[t]he county’s investigation found that Adams, appointed by the county to defend poor clients who could not afford their own counsel, billed the county for meeting with his clients or their families despite not doing so, Porter said. Porter’s office investigated Adams’ invoices from 2005 through the end of 2006. Adams falsely billed the county for a little more than $40,000, Porter said.”

An inquiry into the Tip Line was wondering about the status of the prosecution and why there was such a delay in bringing this matter to trial.

Good question.

Adams was indicted more than a year ago (Case Number 08-B-03105-10) and the matter came up for arraignment on July 3, 2008. Shortly before that date, it must be noted, documents were filed concerning the possible need for Judge Warren Davis to recuse himself from the matter.

More than 16 months have passed since that filing and, it appears based on the online records from the clerk of courts, that no action has been taken with regard to this matter. Meanwhile, as should be the case, the defendant remains a member of the Georgia Bar in good standing.

The evidence though, as reported by FOX5 almost two years ago, includes tape recorded conversations with Adams and another individual where the former talks about improper billing to the State that he wants the latter to undertake, with both splitting the proceeds.

This might be a good item for those “in the know” to stick a toe into this story for a little more information on what explanation there is for the delay in prosecuting this young man.