What are the big issues?

With legislators starting to meet and discuss the upcoming session, what are your big issues for them?

I’ve got:

Transportation & DOT reform
Expansion of school choice/charter schools
Trauma care funding
Sunday sales (just for the heck of it)

If those look familiar, it’s because with the exception of number two, they’ve been big unresolved priorities for the last two legislative seasons.


  1. griftdrift says:

    Unless there’s a pretty dramatic turn around in the revenue (not) in the next two months, it’s going to be about the budget. And it’s going to be painful.

    • Icarus says:

      The budget planning sessions will be conducted at the Economics Department at West Georgia. No problems dude, the budget is awesome. So chillax.

      • Mike Hauncho says:

        No use pushing Sunday Sales this year. Wait until next year when we have a Governor who will be more willing to sign the bill, if passed.

  2. aquaman says:

    Water supply anyone?? The Lake fills up and we forget? Look for a ton of water related bills to drop.

    • Game Fan says:

      Where are those extra reservoirs when you need ’em? People all over the place have lost everything, and it’s due in part to politicians and developers bending the rules and not pr0viding the proper infrastructure for the runoff. Of course providing the basics is boring and it just doesn’t pay as well.

  3. B Balz says:

    Water. Atlanta, as much as folks may ‘hate’ it, has to thrive.
    Transportation takes back seat (LOL) since we are $1Bn shy,

    Expansion of school choice/charter schools. I am fer it!
    Trauma care funding. From where?

    With these weighty issues making Embryonic Stem Cell research illegal may not be on the list, which would suit me just fine.

  4. MadMan says:

    I’ve heard that tomorrow one of the Judiciary sub committee’s is going to take up the important issue of outlawing personal property damage (in this case Rooster fighting)

  5. Three Jack says:

    medical marijuana and sunday sales would help offset revenue losses, but who has the balz to introduce the legislation and stick with it when sadie fields, dan becker and the rest of the wackos start crying?

    • Game Fan says:

      “Medical Marijuana” is great for the corporate Libertarians, (you gotta have a prescription, and cancer or glaucoma doncha know.) Big Pharma baby. Another facet would be the hemp issue. Now Jack Cashin advocates hemp as a cash crop, so perhaps he’s from the anti-corporate faction, since agribusiness is opposed to farmers growing hemp. So, needless to say the “hemp” issue isn’t even on the table with those “in charge” of the Republican or Democrat parties.

  6. Mad Dog says:

    GOP will make up issues and avoid reality.
    Economics? Too broad of a issue. Revenue. Expenditures. Maybe.
    Budget? Not an issue. Just cut teachers, salaries, benefits AFTER MAKING A BUDGET!
    Changing state law to make housing foreclosure a judicial procedure?
    Bankruptcy law? Banking regulation? Consumer protection from predatory lenders? Protecting the elderly by requiring contractors be licensed, registered, and bonded? New ethics law to prevent cozy business dealings like Cagle and Deal conducted in the Governor’s conference room? DON’T EVEN BET A DONUT ON THAT ONE!
    Real teeth or even dentures for the Ethics Commission? Mandatory enforcement of existing building codes by county inspectors instead of mandatory adoption of codes? Enforcement of environmental regs by developers? NOPE. Re-evaluation of flood plans? Nope. Proper sewage and waste water disposal? State regs for sludge farms that don’t include exemptions for Carl Rogers old high school buddy? MORE CRYING FOR ICE WATER IN HELL. More enforcement of revenue laws instead of just more speed traps? Preservation of state parks? Naw… too liberal.

    Nope. I agree. Let’s spend 40 days and 40 nights in the desert under the Gold Dome talking about nothing… meaning Sunday sales, public funds for private schools, pet peeves over control of the DOT, and making a subsidy for emergency room medical care.

    Yeah, that’s about as MT as it gets. Well done.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Fealty to contributors of course. Highway congestion is little different now that it was six years ago. It’s because an issue even though the state is tight times because the business community said so, not because the leadership is responding to voters. Ask Casey Cagle, he ought to know.

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