The Great Atlanta Race War of 2009 Begins

Just a day after the Augusta Chronicle noted the racial dynamics at play and at stake in the Atlanta Mayoral election, Shirley Franklin comes out to attack the cracker.

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin has offered her strongest criticism yet of the woman who is in the lead to succeed her in January.

Franklin wrote on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Political Insider blog Sunday that mayoral candidate Mary Norwood has “has not demonstrated vision, competence or integrity in her public life.”

Franklin, you will recall, participated in the race baiting ad of the current Fulton County Commission Chairman wherein she and John Lewis posited that Republicans in charge of the Fulton County Commission were more dangerous than the dogs and policemen in the streets during the sixties maiming and killing black people just trying to vote.


  1. Icarus says:

    In reading Franklin’s quotes, it seems to me she’s judging Norwood by the content of her character and not the color of her skin.

    • gatormathis says:

      ….naw…..nawww…’s pretty easy to see what’s going on here….

      it’s one of the older rivalries going……..women can get seriously crossed up with one another and you really don’t want to get between them…….

      …..and when it is the age old “blonde” versus “brunette” syndrome that kicks in, you’ve really got a battle on your hands….

  2. T-Bo says:

    Erick, you’re even farther off base than usual. Shirley obviously has a personal vendetta going against Norwood, but I don’t read race into the comments she made — her criticisms all go to Norwood’s political qualifications (or lack thereof), not her race. It sounds like you’re the one who’s trying to drag race into this discussion.

  3. Gallowglass says:

    Well Franklin should know about lack of vision,competence and integrity-her term as mayor has been a glaring example of the above

  4. Dash Riptide says:

    For those who have no clue, Norwood is and has been openly running against Franklin and the status quo. To suggest that Franklin is attacking Norwood because of Norwood’s skin color is ridiculous. If Borders and Reed were running similar campaigns, you can be sure Franklin would be on them like white on rice [sic] as well. And if this is already a “race war” by Erick’s bizarre, per se definition, then Norwood absolutely “started” that war, not Franklin. It follows that some might possibly see a smidge of Randall-esque bias in this post.

  5. ChuckEaton says:

    Those Fulton County Commission radio ads were a real eye opener for me. Lee Morris is a good friend. I was appalled at how, three well known politicians stooped to the lowest intellectual level and compared a man of great character to Bull Conner.

    I’ve seen a lot of press on the bad relations the city has with the legislature. Well to me it’s rather obvious why the relations are so bad. Look no further than the joint radio ad by the Mayor of Atlanta, the local Congressman and a former Mayor warning that a GOP take over the Fulton Commission could prove even more disastrous than “fighting off dogs and water hoses in the ’60s.” If they are going to compare the takeover of a county commission, by a couple of fiscal conservatives, but social moderates to some of the most extreme examples of the Civil Rights Movement; then what in the heck do they think of the Legislature?

  6. bryce says:

    Shirley did the race baiting ad for Eaves and is left with that choice as part of her long term legacy. It’s a shame for her as she started with such promise of being better. I don’t read race in her words about Norwood but Frankin has already proven her willingness to inject race into a campaign just to win.

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