This will be interesting.

If Norwood cannot make it out without a runoff . . .

Atlanta is home to two-thirds of Georgia’s population and brings in 61 percent of state tax revenue.

Six candidates are vying to replace Mayor Shirley Franklin. Polls show Atlanta Councilwoman Mary Norwood out front. If she fails to snag a majority, she’ll enter a runoff with either Council President Lisa Borders or state Sen. Kasim Reed.
Ms. Norwood is white. Ms. Borders and Mr. Reed are black. Ms. Norwood not only leads in the polls but also in fundraising. Many of the small contributions are coming from individuals.

You and I both know we will see race baiting like we’ve never seen it before. Whoever makes it into the runoff with her is going to get John Lewis and others to paint Mary Norwood as the second coming of the KKK.


  1. Icarus says:

    Before the posts start accusing Erick about taking things out of context to make this racial, let me include the opening paragraph from the Augusta Chronicle that Erick left out:

    “ATLANTA — Next week’s election could end a generation of black mayors in the state’s capital city and usher in improved relations between the city and the state. ”

    End black control = improved relations between Atlanta and State Government.

    And this is a “news” story, not an opinion piece. At least officially.

    • Dash Riptide says:

      But that is still applying an OTP analysis in trying to predict what will happen during the runoff in Atlanta. Trying to make a KKK charge stick against a populist white woman just won’t stick. The better strategy, and one that would indeed give undecideds pause, is the idea that a vote for Mary Norwood is a vote for leadership reminiscent of Jimmy Carter. A vote for change only makes sense if you’re backing someone who can effect change. If there’s something about Mary, it’s that she doesn’t inspire confidence as the person who can lead a city full of beneficiaries of prior administrations to new heights.

  2. macho says:

    Although I’m supporting Norwood, my guess is, if Kasim were elected, relations with the Legislature would improve as well. Kasim is highly regarded in the State Senate.

  3. Jawgadude says:

    “Metro” Atlanta may be home to almost 2/3rds of the state’s population, but the City of Atlanta proper only contains around 5.3% of state pop. HUGE DIFFERENCE

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    It seems highly logical that establishing one’s opinion on their own blog about the topic of race baiting and a prediction of when it will happen and by whom is itself to first instance of race baiting.

    Erick, quite simply, is telling all white people in the Atlanta district to vote for the white candidate because the black voters will be voting for the black candidate.

    In truth it is more likely that the black people will be voting for the candidate that most likely identifies with the Democratic party and its platform and is more in tune with their interests.

    Norwood is obviously the right winger in the race (although she is not really a right winger…this is a comparative analogy) and she has been race baiting since the get go. Listen to her ads. She uses stereotypical black women voices for narration.

    All in all, race baiting began the minute somebody (Erick) brought up the qualifying variables and frames. Nobody is going to bring up the KKK…except Erick. Like FoxNews’s coverage of Election Day 2008. They rarely aired coverage of non-black district precincts and poll numbers in favor of Obama. It had nothing to do with reality. 5pm Eastern time does not reflect results…it primes FoxNews views in all time zones to be afraid of black people. It was unlikely that blacks would vote for McCain…not because he is white and Obama is black, but because Obama was the Democrat and the black demographic votes democratic well over 90% of time.

    If Alan Keyes were running against Hilary Clinton in 2008, the black vote would have gone to Clinton. Right wing whites are inherently, though covertly, racist in these regards. Erick is drawing conclusion and leaving out essential independent variables for the sole purpose of delegitamizing a group’s candidate preferences.

      • Game Fan says:

        Because of race baiting from the Republican strategists? Self-fulfilling prophecy? One-size fits all strategy from the top down with no effort to give up power or allow for some decentralization? With no regard for the differences between an “urban strategy” “suburban strategy” or “rural strategy”? With white Republicans in the suburbs always taking pot shots at black Atlanta political figures?

      • AubieTurtle says:

        I dunno… why do you insist the MARTA board is full of racists who only will hire blacks when it has been proven to you that the majority of the voting members of the board are white? When you can answer that, perhaps you’ll understand why not too many black folks have an affinity for the Republican Party.

  5. Buddha the Magnificent says:

    When race is your only reason for preferring a candidate, it’s logical to assume it may be your only reason for voting against his opponent.

  6. Gallowglass says:

    For Americans to continually refer to one another as black or white is discrimination-very few people are “black” even less are “white”- humans are all shades of brown to be exact- color only matters if you are racist and that is a two way street. Obama is constantly referred to as a black president, one one referred to all the other presidents as white- Just as president of the United States-Franklin and her Cronies in Atlanta,no matter what color,religion or any other identifier are inept,incompetant and corrupt-Whoever gets the job regardless of color has to be better

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