1. macho says:

    It appears as if this is much ado about nothing. It gives “Girls Gone Wild” lots of great publicity and helps give some local church groups some publicity. When somebody finally gets a peak inside the bus, thinking they are entering the grotto at the Playboy Mansion, they are sorely disappointed to see a bunch of dudes sitting around playing video games.

    Here is my favorite quote from the article:

    Though the franchise has earned its salacious reputation, a recent appearance by a “Girls Gone Wild” bus in Syracuse, N.Y. provided little titillation.

    “I thought the bus would be full of girls,” student Matt Conte told the Syracuse University newspaper, The Daily Orange. “We all did.”

    Instead, the paper reported, the “Girls Gone Wild” bus contained “four modest-looking gentlemen and a bus driver — plus two leather couches, bunk beds and a king-sized bed in the back.” And no girls, wild or otherwise.

  2. Jawgadude says:

    Rome has three three colleges and one technical college, so it should be the puuurfect place for a little T & A.

  3. Jace Walden says:


    If I’m not mistaken, the creator of “Girls Gone Wild” is actually from Rome, Georgia. So…it’s probably just a homecoming celebration. Local boy makes it big. Sees lots of boobs in the process.

      • Jace Walden says:

        Well, it may not have been Joe Francis I was thinking of…but I know that there is a connection between the GGW franchise and Rome, GA. I remember reading about it maybe a year back or so. Someone from that franchise is from Rome, maybe a producer or something. I’ve been trying to find the article I read, but no luck. I know though, that going to Rome, GA isn’t just a random occurence.

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