3D Fail

I took Evelyn to see the Toy Story double feature today in 3-D.

(1) 3D movies are fuzzy without the glasses on.

(2) 3D movies are dark with the glasses on.

(3) 4 year olds do not like wearing glasses.

(4) There is therefore no point in spending the money to take your 4 year old to see a 3D movie when after 30 minutes their heads hurt from the unfocused picture and they insist on leaving.


  1. ByteMe says:

    Ok, I’ll bite: how does your 4-year-old have the patience to sit through 3-4 hours that are involved with two movies being played back-to-back? Even without 3-D that just seems hard to fathom.

    Look at the bright side: you saved yourself on popcorn costs and potty breaks by leaving early.

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