Here’s a “What? It’s Been A Whole Work Week Since The Last Open Thread?” Open Thread

Feel free to let your randomness out all over the place here.

Open Thread:


    • Icarus says:

      Here’s two comments I’m deleting off the other thread:

      Nathan October 23, 2009 at 9:10 am

      Democrats, of course, represent the regular people. Democrats don’t represent SEIU or Acorn. Democrats don’t appoint lobbyists to positions or have self-avowed communists as czars inside their administration. Oh….wait a minute, I think one Democrat did.

      macho October 23, 2009 at 9:16 am

      If I were Barnes, I’d be screaming mad at the DPG over this website as it just opens him up to hypocrisy. He didn’t outspend Sonny by a 10-1 margin from getting little grandmas to cut him $25 checks. His shakedown of the lobbyists was unprecedented, and all those evil businesses that contributed to the gang on the website, probably substantially contributed to Barnes. Plus, Barnes has all the “John Edwards / ambulance chaser” money around his neck.

      Can’t wait to see the response during the election.

    • Fawkes says:

      Step 1: take a sip of coffee
      Step 2: grab a hammer
      Step 3: go to town on the computer’s CPU
      -Programming problem resolved-

      • Nathan says:

        The CPU is in another state. So the process would actually be:

        Step 1: Take a sip of coffee.
        Step 2: Call dude in data center
        Step 3: Convince him that gerbils have gotten loose in the data center and the only way of getting rid of them is by using a sledge hammer and beating all of the servers and mainframes.
        Step 4: Data center dude takes sledge to all hardware.
        Step 5: Laugh madly at the havoc being caused over the phone and drink more coffee.

        GO BACK.

      • ByteMe says:

        Have you seen the steel cage they put around CPUs these days? Need more than a hammer. Need a 2-year-old to pull out the power cord “just to see what will happen”.

          • Jeff says:

            liquid? as in liquid nitrogen? what kind of sick b*st*rd pours liquid nitrogen on a perfectly good computer?

            Oh wait… liquid nitrogen followed by the sledgehammer… NOW we’re talking! 😀

          • Doug Deal says:

            I am not sure one way or the other, but would liquid nitrogen harm a computer (except by just being really cold?)

            Water destroys electronics not because it is a liquid, but because it a highly soluable and thus becomes conductive to electricity causing shorts. Liquid nitrogen should not be conductive at all, since it is a non polar molecule. Basically, it is the same as submerging a computer in air, which is 78% nitrogen.

          • Nathan says:

            I would venture a guess and say that condensation from the nitrogen being so cold could be a factor. Another could be the possibility of the connections and solder joints becoming somewhat brittle due to the coldness. I’m sure there’s an cryogenic/electronics expert somewhere on Peach Pundit who would know….

        • Jeff says:

          I’ve heard model rocket engines and/ or .12 gauge deer slugs work good on those steel cages – also work well for most things inside the steel. 😀

  1. B Balz says:

    Let me make y’all aware of a new health care policy and advocacy organization, Georgians for a Healthy Future [GHF], led by Ms. Cindy Zeldin.

    Yesterday, in the South Wing of the Capital, GHF, announced it ‘will be a voice for health Care Consumers in Georgia’ that intends to ‘build and mobilize a unified voice for health care consumers in GA.’

    The goal: “GHF fuses sound health policy with consumer advocacy to achieve the overarching goals of increasing health care coverage and expanding access to timely, appropriate, and affordable health care services to all Georgians.”

    I am not affiliated with GHF. yet who would not want to see their goal achieved?

    One comment that rang clear to me, from a legislator, is that lawmakers hear from insurers, individual ‘disease groups’ [that’s what WDC policy wonks call ’em], providers and all, but lack a fact-based information clearinghouse on issues.

    I sincerely hope GHF is successful in achieving its’ goal in a truly bipartisan manner. Because being chronically ill is truly bipartisan.

    Go here for more information:

    • When I was in fifth grade, I took a tour of the Capitol, and the tour guide told us and easy way to remember the difference between ca[itol and capital. The capitol building has the “o” like the rotunda. Atlanta is the capital. Could be helpful for future press releases.

      • B Balz says:

        AS I stated, not my org, nor by inference, my press release. We are all so delighted you chose to share your spelling acumen with the rest of the group… Typically typos are overlooked around here as content is deemed more important.

        • Jace Walden says:

          B Balz,

          The letters “A” and “O” are on COMPLETELY different sides of the keyboard. If you can’t spell, you can’t spell…but don’t blame it on not being able to type. 😉

          But yru’oe rgiht. As lnog as you can atelraccuy raed waht is pceald in fnort of you, why wloud any roseabanle pesron crae how bdaly you btuechr the Egnilsh lnagauge wtih yuor sepllnig. It’s all aobut cotennt. 🙂

          • B Balz says:

            Capital: Georgians for a Healthy Future is a capital idea.


            Thanks you, Sir, may I have another?

            Capitol: The Ox shall never occupy the capitol as Guv’.


            Thank you, Sir, may I have another?

          • Dash Riptide says:

            As lnog as you can atelraccuy raed waht is pceald in fnort of you, why wloud any roseabanle pesron crae how bdaly you btuechr the Egnilsh lnagauge wtih yuor sepllnig.

            It’s just the principal of the thing.

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    For those of you who enjoy seeing a Congresman eviserated and humiliated in front of his staff and collegues. I give you Rep. Broun.

    • Bucky Plyler says:

      Thank you for bringing up Paul Broun!!! I wish every state in the union had a representative like Paul Broun. I now wish that all our GA. representatives were like Paul Broun.

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    Broun isn’ the only nut job. There’s a bevy of beauties to choose from. Bachman is certainly high on the list. Here’s a catalog of GOP crazy.

    • Jace Walden says:

      I am still at a loss for why “Conservatives” seem to idolize Michelle Bachman. I can’t think of a single positive attribute that she could provide to the ConservativeMovement&#153.

      She’s an absolute moron.

    • B Balz says:

      @grift & icarus

      It simply needs to be said, three doggone funnier than my dog eating peanut butter remarks in a row!

    • Doug Deal says:

      2010 Governor: Republican Primary
      27% John Oxendine
      12% Karen Handel
      9% Nathan Deal
      3% Eric Johnson
      3% Ray McBerry
      3% Austin Scott
      (43 % undecided)

      2010 Governor: Democratic Primary
      43% Roy Barnes
      19% Thurbert Baker
      4% Dubose Porter
      4% David Poythress
      3% Carl Camon
      (27% undecided)

      • Progressive Dem says:

        43% undecided for GOP! Doesn’t look like anybody’s reputation or message is permeating. Eric Johnson does about as well as “Can Fog a Mirror”

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          Eric Johnson can fog a mirror and then do more with over a million dollar war chest. The election isn’t this year, so it doesn’t matter who is that far ahead right now. Shouldn’t we wait to see who is getting their message out and actually trying to persuade voters before we decide who looks like they are winning?

      • umustbekidding says:

        After 6 years of campaigning you’d think Ox could break 30%.
        Wait.. he did but lost it. Dang liberal AJC.

    • Charlie LaFountaine says:

      If Ox is *the* one for the GOP, why can’t he hold 40% or better? His campaign releases a press statement every day and his folks are everywhere! Most GOP’ers must have heard about him. I wonder if they know something else about him or the cartoon worked against him.

  4. benevolus says:

    I have a question.
    Georgia Power says it has about half as much hydro generating capacity as it does nuclear, and yet, it also says it generated 19x more power from nuclear in 2008 than it did hydro.
    Why would that be?

    P.S. I am not sure if that includes Buford Dam, since they don’t own it but presumably purchase electricity from the COE from it.

    • gatormathis says:

      Capacity compared to actual generation.

      Trucks have the “capacity” to haul loads, yet how often are they “loaded”.

      The generating capacity of hydro is large, but due to sporadic “flows” of water, you don’t get to operate at full capacity 24 hrs a day. Or week, or month.

      On the other hand, except for maintainence or other delays, the nukes can operate at the same rate all day, all week, and all month as necessary.

      Make sense??

      • gatormathis says:

        Coupled with that are extreme flows of water, such as flood stage type events, when the water behind the dam, or “tailwater” rises to a level where the “flow” through the turbines isn’t like the “downspout” type flows it takes to spin the turbines.

        So take a few more days off for that from time to time.

        • benevolus says:

          OK, but usage ebbs and flows a lot too. Is electricity “stored” for peak times? And if so, why so for nuclear but not hydro?

          • ByteMe says:

            Electricity storage is called “batteries” (one of the limitations of solar power), so it’s not stored for peak time, but “capacity” is reserved and brought online for peak times.

            In 2008, we had a drought the entire year, so maybe part of the reason that we didn’t see so much hydro generation was the lack of flow.

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    The power from Corp of Engineers lakes in Georgia is sold via a federal agency called Southeast Power Administration. The energy is transmitted to municipal and cooperative power suppliers.

    The figures indicate that 19% of the energy generated by Ga Power comes from nuclear power plants and 1% comes from hydo. In this chart I’m pretty sure they are referring to energy sales (mWh) and not capacity (mW).

    Georgia Power operates some very dirty coal plants: Bowen, Scherer , Wansley and Yates. Each one is pumping literally tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Southern Company’s heavy reliance on coal will force them into being one of the most vocal critics of any global warming legislation.

    • benevolus says:

      In 2000 GaP claimed that by 2005 they would be down to 55% coal, up to 20% for natural gas, and up to 4% hydro. Instead, everything is still almost identical to what it was in 200o, except we’re actually using MORE oil and gas now.

  6. Technocrat says:

    Is electricity “stored” for peak times?
    Here is probably the most important thing y0u can read:
    …………the United States is still the world’s third-largest producer of oil, its oil production stopped growing more than a decade ago and has flatlined or steadily fallen ever since. Other once-robust oil-producing countries have experienced similar production curves.
    …………..Nor is conservation or energy efficiency the answer. In his presentation, Henshaw noted that the International Energy Agency’s own data show that energy use is doubling every 37 years or so, while energy productivity takes about 56 years to double.

    The point is the World is having and has had a Population Explosion!

    Until we stop having and saving consumers we are lost. How do you get rid of a Billion people FAST?

  7. dianeinatlanta says:

    What does Reginald Eaves running for City Council say about the state of City of Atlanta government?

  8. B Balz says:

    It’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people.

    They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food.

    You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!

  9. Donna Locke says:

    There may be no hope for this country. We installed a new Delta shower faucet package and discovered the print manual and the Delta customer support Web page contradict each other in how to adjust this model, and the Delta people don’t seem to know which is correct.

    It all revolves around the scald-guard feature, which is there because some decree has come down that all must have this. What the feature actually does is limit the amount of hot water coming through the showerhead, so your water choices are warm and cold with no variance. Forget hot.

    I have defeated related decrees in the past, as when I learned how to remove the low-flow, “water-conserving” regulator from the showerhead. Can you say no pressure to rinse your hair? Can you justify taking longer showers, using MORE water, because it takes so long to rinse off under a trickle?

    My husband said he hears that automatic shut-off of our personal water supplies is coming. I’m sure that’s next. I’ll be going to work with shampoo in my hair.

  10. AubieTurtle says:

    In tonight’s mayoral debate, when the subject of party affiliation came up, Mary Norwood claimed that she can’t remember who she voted for in the last few presidential elections. WTF?

    I don’t think it really should matter if she is a Republican or Democrat since city elections are non-partisan but for her to claim she can’t remember is silly. She could have said that she doesn’t see how it has any effect on how she would govern or she could have said that she values the American right to a secret ballot. Claiming she can’t remember says to me either (a) she’s a big fat liar (yes most pols are but she’s bad at it to the level that it is insulting for her to expect anyone to believe her) or (b) does not have the brain power required for the job. If she can’t remember who she voted for in the presidential election the last few elections, how can she be trusted to remember the day to day details of the mayor’s office?

  11. Technocrat says:

    A MODEL WATCHDOG BLOG by 2 old men [92 and 64] which has existed for ~ 14 years successfully exposing SHELL OIL reaches 2 million viewers and the US government as a prime source of inside info.

    Shell offered millions for them to go away, now they want 100x more!

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