RE: MacGinnitie Proposes Initiative To Increase Military Voting Participation

With regard to this I have tried to avoid writing anything at all about the Kemp v. MacGinnitie race because I genuinely like both men a great deal.

But I do think it’s probably worth pointing out that Brian Kemp released his plan for the same thing a month or so ago. You can read his full plan here.


SIgh. The MacGinnitie supporters would like me to point out that Doug has been talking about this issue since Memorial Day.

This is why I won’t write about this race. Both candidates and their consultants all have my private number and are friends.


  1. Jeff says:

    Like I said in the other thread, all I know is that both campaigns have both of my email addresses, and while Kemp’s sent NOTHING on this issue to either account, Macginnitie’s campaign sent the same press release y’all got to my personal account.

    I also know that the timing seems to be done to draw attention away from the fact that Macginnitie wouldn’t vote last night on a simple issue of Freedom of Religion/Freedom of Association, instead delaying that vote for two more months, until 10 days before Christmas where it can be more effectively buried.

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