Henry GOP Women Straw Poll Results

Finally had these emailed to me, from a straw poll conducted on October 15th. Results are a direct cut & paste from an email. Interpret the significance at your own risk.


John Oxendine 29
Karen Handel 16
Nathan Deal 7
Eric Johnson 4
Ray McBerry 11
Austin Scott 10
Chapman Jeff 4

Attorney General Candidate

Sam Olens 27
Wood Frank 18
Ligon William 4

Commissioner of Agriculture

Black, Gary 40
Carter Darwin 14

Commissioner of Labor

Everson Melvin 88

Insurance Commissioner

Seth Harp 8
Hudgen Ralph 4
Lodgson Harold 0
Northinton Stephen 7
Purcelle Gerald 51
Sheffield Maria 0

Secretary of State

Brian Kemp 20
Doug MaCGinnitie 44

State School Superintendent

Cox, Kathryn 25
Hines Roger 35
Woods Richard Lee 3


  1. c_murrayiii says:

    I have left my beloved state and home to pursue the study of law here in Virginia. It troubles me to hear what I have been hearing out of the Oxendine campaign. The Ox has conducted a campaign void of intellect, full of pandering to the most base elements in the Republican party, and lacking any clear, achievable goals. I know there is short bench on our side for the Governor’s slot, which is sad considering we’ve been in power for the last 7 years. I see more talent down ballot honestly. But regardless, I know we have something better to offer than what I’ve seen from the Oxendine campaign. I’m pleading with my fellow Georgia Republicans and conservatives, don’t let our party and state down by settling for something less than we deserve (and I’m talking about Oxendine here, in case you didn’t realize it).

  2. I find it odd that hardly anyone on Peach Pundit (except Shep) has anything nice to say about Oxendine, and yet there’s hardly a survey or straw poll in which he doesn’t lead. Sarcasm and snark aside, what IS the explanation for that discrepancy?

    • Jace Walden says:


      I’ve noticed the same thing. In nearly every poll, Oxendine has either had a higher percentage of votes or a higher number of votes than the next two top candidates combined. I think the discrepancy can be explained as follows:

      (1) A lot of Peach Pundit regulars are so blinded by their dislike of Oxendine that they absolutely refuse to believe he’s doing as good as he is, despite ALL evidence to the contrary.

      (2) A lot of Peach Pundit regulars severely underestimate the ability of the average Georgia voter to be tricked by the shameless pandering to every particular fringe that constitutes the GOP: flaggers, fair-taxers, religious-right. While each of these entities in itself isn’t enough to win an election, the combination of the three, plus the votes of normal people like Jason Shepherd, is enough.

      After all, this is the same state GOP that elected Saxby Chamblis, Johnny Isakson, and Sonny Perdue (twice).

      • Game Fan says:

        First of course hopefully whether bloggers like or dislike a candidate have little or nothing to do with the polls. With that said, and as I’ve said before, bloggers are often times ahead of the curve. Polls are merely snapshots and you need to take other factors into account such as upward and downward momentum ect… and the latest political misstep will have a reverberating effect into the future. Also you need to take into account that bloggers are also attempting to influence the outcome and actually effect the numbers, and not necessarily simply trying to predict the outcome.

        • Jace Walden says:

          Game Fan,

          What these “ahead of the curve” bloggers tend to intentionally leave out is that nobody has had any type of upward momentum. No one. Unless you consider a point or two here or there significant (but even Oxendine has had that). Peach Pundit Darling Karen Handel isn’t moving. Nathan Deal isn’t moving. But no one wants to ever mention that. So in a poll where no one is moving upward, it is significant that Oxendine can garner more votes and more percentage than his next two closest competitors combined. No matter how much the Oxendine haters want you to believe it doesn’t mean anything.

          I’m not an Oxendine supporter. I’d never vote for the man. But I won’t underestimate the power of our electorate to put the wrong people in positions of great responsibility.

          • Jace Walden says:

            And it’s not about the polls being the way they are because “bloggers like or dislike a candidate”. It’s about bloggers who like or dislike a candidate intentionally giving you BS information, polling better than the next two top candidates combined, doesn’t mean something.

            Every election cycle, this blog becomes more or less a cheerleading section for certain candidates. And I promise you that if Karen Handel was only hovering around 30%, and the next two candidates combined couldn’t match her, the “ahead of the curve” bloggers would have a different definition of what “significant” means.

          • Game Fan says:

            What these “ahead of the curve” bloggers tend to intentionally leave out is that nobody has had any type of upward momentum. No one. Unless you consider a point or two here or there significant (but even Oxendine has had that). Peach Pundit Darling Karen Handel isn’t moving. Nathan Deal isn’t moving.

            Actually I was referring to McBerry. Seems he’s climbed in the polls recently. Actually I don’t know much about McBerry, but usually gravitate toward the Constitutionalist. Does this make me naive or out of touch?

  3. John Konop says:

    I do think the straw pool vote does a good job with name recognition as demonstrated by the top two candidates holding statewide office. And Ox has held it longer.

    But the real test will come when people start focusing on the election a few months before the vote.

    The biggest warning sign I think from the polls is how bad Kathy Cox is doing as an incumbent against non- statewide candidates with very little name recognition.

  4. ksuowls81 says:

    Now I know Icarus does not want to give any credit to anyone who may be a little down ballot as we have seen him bash McBerry and Scott on this blog, but shouldn’t the results look something like this:

    Oxendine 29
    Handel 16
    McBerry 11
    Scott 10
    Deal 7
    Johnson 4
    Chapman 4

    I know it isn’t a big deal, but every other result is in order of who got the most votes except for the poll that show McBerry and Scott above Deal and Johnson.

  5. Technocrat says:

    Easy to see who Handel and Deal have promised jobs! Paid mercenaries.
    I trash everyone in the sense of fairness, the advantage of being retired.

    • Doug Deal says:

      And who would that be, if it is so easy.

      This is ridiculous nonsense. A great number of people think she is the best candidate and they speak their mind about it. Many of those same people have an amount of respect for Deal and Johnson as well, but Oxendine is a pandering idiot, aptly named after and proudly embracing the image of a dumb castrated beast of burden. How apropos.

      Oxendine is very few people’s second choice, and if he is lucky enough to make a runoff, those second choices will go to the other candidate.

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