Ownership claimed on the ‘Keep Whitey Out of Atlanta City Hall’ memo

Jim Galloway reports that it comes from Clark Atlanta University “political scientists” William Boone and Keith Jennings (the latter is also president of something called the “African American Human Rights Foundation” which evidently only cares about human rights for a segment of the population).

And (surprise!), they say the memo isn’t bigoted at all. Except it is. But that doesn’t fit with their narrative, so never mind.

More here, here, and here.

After you read all that, feel free to decipher this quote from David Bositis of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington when he says:

”African-Americans are very pragmatic. When they look at politics, they look at what’s going to work,” Bositis said. ”It’s perfectly fine if a white mayor gets elected with black support. On the other hand, it’s not a good sign if you have … a white candidate getting elected with white votes. It’s an indication of polarization.”

Of course, liberal blacks voting only for liberal blacks in race after race is merely enlightened thinking…


  1. AubieTurtle says:

    Pete, I have no idea who your agenda is but whatever it is, I’m pretty sure you’re doing it more harm than good. The memo in question was stupid and bigoted but when a person such as yourself starts to comment on it, it cheapens the righteous outrage felt by others. If you’d stop crying woof every day perhaps people would care on the occasion when the wolf really does show up. Take note of the fact that when someone like Buzz posts an article that has a racial issue involved, *most* (but certainly not all) of the conversation revolves around the topic at hand. When you post them, the thread becomes as much about you as anything else. Perhaps that’s what you want but it certainly isn’t conductive to people having a civil discussion on the actual matter at hand.

    • heroV says:

      given the history of Pete’s posts, he’s basically a race-baiting troll. As they say on the interwebs, don’t feed the trolls, please.

  2. AubieTurtle says:

    As for the two professors, it appears that they want to play both sides of the fence. Play objective commentator on race issues during the day but at night change into their secret identity as the defender of black political power. Some will fall for it… no matter what the issue there is someone who will fall for it. In general though, it looks like the profs are going to have a diminished reputation in mainstream academic circles. Sure, there will be some, mostly people from their special ad hoc group, who will think of them as heros but overall, the word “BUSTED” comes to mind.

  3. Bucky Plyler says:

    I think most people let the obvious escape them. Racism runs on a two way street!

    I have been a public servant most of my life. White people gave me more problems by far & that’s not because there were more white folks in those communities! Since that’s my experience, one might think I should have problems with white folks. Nope, I just have problems with knotheads..it doesn’t matter about the color or culture.

    Boone & Jennings may fit in that category.

  4. MSBassSinger says:

    I don’t get the criticism of Pete. Maybe I am missing something.

    The way I read his posts (and somebody had to allow him to be a frontpage poster), he illustrates one of the elephants in the room – black racism against whites. That is a very Atlanta- and Georgia-germane issue.

    It is a long used tactic for those out front, the public figures, to decry something like this letter, but behind the scenes, encourage it all they can.

    Agree or disagree, I don’t see the benefit of attacking him instead of discussing the point of his posts.

    When Bucky wrote “I just have problems with knotheads..it doesn’t matter about the color or culture”, he really got it right.

    • ByteMe says:

      Maybe I can help clarify.

      If he comments on anything OTHER THAN RACE, it’ll be a miracle. Since this is his shtick, he’s either a racist or a race-baiter. Either way, he’s not interesting and he loses any chance to make his points because he posts on nothing else except race.

      • MSBassSinger says:

        Thanks for taking the time to answer. Now that I know how you feel, please take it a step further and show some substantiation for what you said, to wit:
        “Since this is his shtick, he’s either a racist or a race-baiter”

        Why can Pete not be someone who is after a 3rd option – a person who believes people should be judged by their character and by their actions, not their color, and focuses on instances where there is black racism? Certainly liberals and Rockefeller Republicans are too afflicted with “guilty white man syndrome” to mention that elephant in the room.

        I have seen nothing posted by Pete that asserts that whites are superior or that blacks are inferior (that is racism) or that he is soliciting such people (that is being a race-baiter). All I have read (and maybe I missed a post that you can point me to) are examples of black racism. In fact, I have read black conservatives who reflect a lot of what Pete says. Are they racists or race-baiters, too? I don’t know about you, but I find black racism (or any ethnic racism) just as repugnant as white racism.

        White racism didn’t make sense to me when I was in elementary and high school in Cairo, GA school during the days of integration, and black racism is just as foolish.

        I hope at least that is something we can agree on. You post nothing but left-wing stuff, but I still find some of your posts interesting and always worth the read.

        • Doug Deal says:

          I could believe the third option, if he didn’t seem to take a certain amount of joy in it.

          I am as fed up with race as anyone, but I do not see Pete’s post as helping to end it as a factor in politics, only to agitate it and worsen it.

          • MSBassSinger says:

            How would you address black racism in Atlanta and Georgia?

            Perhaps Pete’s perceived joy is more like joy over being able to voice such things without getting one’s tires slashed. πŸ™‚

            I would think civility on a blog means assuming the best about one’s fellow posters in the absence of clear evidence to the contrary.

          • ByteMe says:

            I’m with Doug. It’s the “glee factor” in the way he seems to leave spittle all over his postings as he cackles about black politicians or black issues.

            If he wrote about white politicians with the same level of disgust at their politics or the same level of glee at their screw-ups, I’d say it wasn’t about race. But he doesn’t. So… there you go. Racist or race-baiter.

          • Doug Deal says:

            The way it is done is probably by both sides challenging not the racism they see in others, but the racism in their own groups.

            Unless the bulk of blacks and whites say “enough is enough” and tell their friends, co-workers and family that they will not tolerate racism and admonish those who do, it will not end.

            No one is going to listen to someone from another group tell them that they are the problem.

    • rugby says:

      Because he is a shrill, hyperbolic poster who adds little (if any) value to Peach Pundit. He posts quite frequently about one of three topics–him being angry at black people, bad news about a black politician, or re-posting the name of a fallen Georgia soldier.

      I could go on if you like.

      • MSBassSinger says:

        Let me see if I understand…
        Angry at actions by people who happen to be white – OK
        Angry at actions by people who happen to be black – Racist
        Bad news about a politician who happens to be white – OK
        Bad news about a politician who happens to be black – Racist
        Recognizing a person who gave his life for his country – Just wrong

        I know that isn’t literally what you wrote, but that is the (I assume unintended) pattern that matches what you and some others have said.

          • ByteMe says:

            But it was a really lame attempt on MSBS’ part to twist your words into a predetermined outcome.

            Keep those cards and letters comin’!

          • MSBassSinger says:

            If only I had the ability to read minds like ByteMe so as to discern the intent of another. He must have such an ability since it couldn’t possibly be unwarranted arrogance. πŸ™‚

            I think I stepped on the pig’s snout to get this level of squealing. πŸ™‚

          • ByteMe says:

            Or you’re just projecting and have no real argument that you can make without looking worse than you already do by trying to defend a racist.

          • MSBassSinger says:

            ByteMe, if you got that from a psychology course, you should get a refund. πŸ™‚ I decline to bite on your bait. πŸ™‚

            I made my case clearly, and I suspect you fully understand it, though you don’t agree with it. At least have the intellectual integrity to simply say you disagree without being disagreeable.

            Believe it or not, some folks can reasonably come to a different conclusion than you or me, and that is OK.

  5. bryce says:

    Reaction in Atlanta to the BLF/CAU memo has been pretty consistent. The public voice of the black community has called this memo racist, bigoted and unhelpful. CAU says that the memo is the opinion of the professors is not theirs.

    I find the response from the black community to be encouraging.

    Making racist comments out of bounds in the public square is a positive start.

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