$35,000 missing from GFRW Account.

CBS 46 reported on an apparent theft of $35,000 from the bank account of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women:

“We realized [the money was missing] in mid-July and that was following the treasurer having a very serious stroke. She was incapacitated in the hospital and unable to perform her duties as treasurer,” said (GFRW Attorney James) Balli.

Balli said the treasurer responsible for keeping track of the group’s money was Kelly Campbell.

CBS Atlanta contacted her attorney today to no avail. Meanwhile, nearly 100 members have signed an online petition requesting an audit.

“[Campbell] has tendered her resignation from the Georgia Federation of Republican Women as a member and an officer. That officer being treasurer,” said Balli.

Balli said he reached a settlement with Campbell’s attorney.

Campbell has agreed to pay $8,000 back to the organization Thursday. She’ll also pay $2,000 to the group in September and $1,000 every month after that until it’s all paid back.

“I conducted an internal investigation and found absolutely no evidence that said anyone knew or should have known about this accounting discrepancy until the unfortunate health incident happened to the treasurer,” said Balli.

Balli said no criminal charges have been filed against Campbell.

The Political Vine has more on this here and here.


  1. Technocrat says:

    Never allow one signature on a Corp Acct except for $999 or less. Banks charge a fee for this service but it is small.

  2. Bill Greene says:

    I think Bill S. said that the by-laws of the GFRW call for 2 signatures on any check over $200.00, but the GFRW President reportedly gave the Treasurer a debit card — which generally has no spending limit placed on it as it is directly attached to your bank account.

  3. Bucky Plyler says:

    I don’t know the parties involved or the circumstances. I will assume that everybody involved is kosher with the settlement.

    However, since this is public knowledge, what is gained by not prosecuting a thief ?

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      If I remember my political vine update from Bill S, the missing money was discovered after the thief had a stroke. After the stoke, they started looking at the finances. I am not sure of her condition, but perhaps they feel that she would not get proper medical treatment while in jail. I don’t know the (full) reason.

  4. Hey, wait a minute. Republicans here tend to rabble when Pete Randall posts one of his diatribes about the “Black Caucus”… but the GOP itself has a separate caucus just for females?

    • Icarus says:

      Picking at the Black Caucus is one thing. I mean, they actually like it. It proves that there are still racists and justifies their continued existence. No one here would want to deprive them of that.

      But the GFRW is a totally different animal. Cross them once, and you don’t get to type here anymore. Because no one will every find your body.

  5. I talked with Millie Rogers today about the whole issue. The GFRW is taking care of things internally. The money will be paid back. They are currently not pressing charges because Kelly Campbell is 41 and had the stroke just days after her birthday. She still has children at home. She is almost completely paralyzed on one side of her body and likely be for the rest of her life. As long as the GFRW are made whole again, there is little reason to punish her more than life has just done.

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