Trey Balfour Reports for Duty

Yesterday, Trey Balfour, son of Senate Rules Committee Chairman Don Balfour, reported back for duty in Afghanistan.

The Gwinnett Daily Post has the story:

LAWRENCEVILLE – A couple of days before Trey Balfour returned home from Afghanistan for some R & R, he watched as a complex attack took out the road in front of him.

The vehicle in front of him flew five feet off the ground, but, by the grace of God, the men inside survived with a few cuts and bruises, Balfour said.

But life in Afghanistan is not as terrible as it is depicted to be on the evening news, said Balfour, a member of the 48th Brigade of the Army National Guard and the son of Sen. Don Balfour.

With his leave over, Trey will head back to Afghanistan to finish his year long deployment. I know all of us will keep him along with Ginny and Don in our thoughts and prayers.