Andrew Young endorses Ken Hodges for attorney general

Former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young has endorsed Ken Hodges in the 2010 Democratic primary campaign for attorney general.

Young’s endorsement of the former Albany prosecutor is significant, because Young remains one of Georgia’s most influential Democrats, and because African-Americans could make up half of the electorate in July’s Democratic primary between Hodges and Rep. Rob Teilhet (D-Smyrna).



  1. Technocrat says:

    African Americans [30% of total registered] usually are MORE than half of the Democrats* plus of course more than half of the 84,000 registered Hispanics and 1400 Indians. I’ve always wondered what the 286,000 listed as OTHER were. {ILLEGALS?}
    * School teachers and staff, college professors, abused as children and molesters, white unemployed, disabled, meth addicts, some government employees, etc.

    No offense in lumping the groups together. Please add other sterotypes and groups that usually vote Democratic in Georgia.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    Who cares what Young thinks? After his comments with Shirley Franklin and John Lewis he lost all credibility with me. He is a racist and sacrificed all his hard work over the years for a county commission race. Its time for the Dems, especially black Democrats, to stop worrying about what the old guard thinks and start creating their own influence.

  3. MSBassSinger says:

    Having Andrew Young’s endorsement is kind of in the same league with Jimmy Carter’s endorsement. Aside from the few far leftists, who cares? Just because Young is black doesn’t mean all black folk just fall in line and say “yessa massah” to the white elitists that pull Andrew Young’s (or John Lewis’) strings.

  4. Jack Smith says:

    If Ken Hodges wins AG, none of you will be able to say you weren’t warned. This is a very scary guy.

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