Fantasy Football Bloggers Bracket Is Set

Capping off this slower than slow news day, I would like to announce the 2009 Peach Pundit Fantasy Football “Bloggers Bracket”:

Doug Deal, Commissioner
Driving Buddha, Deputy Commissioner
Icarus, Front Page Sponsor
LoyaltyIsMyHonor defending champion
Buzz Brockway, 2007 champion
Dr. Jay, Candidate, Pooler City Council, and “all around good guy”
Jace Walden, Serving our country to defend your right to type stupid things
Kellie White Weeks, beer wench
Rugby Fan, annoys Bill Simon even more than everyone else
Bucky Plyler, team chaplain
Demonbeck, Demonbeck
True Grit, Ox supporter

Instructions shall be forthcoming.

Also, Doug posted signups for the two pick’em games, College and Pro Pick’em. Space is unlimited.

And, I still hope to have wrapped up the other list of contenders for the other game tomorrow. Next announcement soon.


  1. True Grit says:


    I consider myself….(echo)..self…self…..

    The luckiest man…(echo)….man…man…

    On the face of the earth……

  2. Kellie says:

    When I said I’d make everyone else look good, I wasn’t kidding. I know nothing about football.
    This should be fun. 😉

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    You guys can just roll over my earnings from last season into this season…Playing with the house money now 😉

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