Before we start wetting our pants over the Scott/swastika incident, let’s pause for a moment

Earlier today the “news” broke that someone (who has yet to be identified) evidently defaced a sign on one of Rep. Scott’s offices with a swastika. A clear cut case of criminal trespass, it isn’t acceptable. But the assumptions many are making are equally unacceptable.

For example, Rep. Scott himself somehow has used his crackerjack powers of observation and investigation to declare, “This is not coming from people inside my district.” Nope, you see, it’s all those racists and hate filled people who dared to object to government run health care. “We can’t let racism and hate win,” he said. Remember, it’s racist to want to be in charge of your own health care.

Did I miss, though, the part where someone has been caught and confessed to the crime, blaming their actions on racism and hate?

You see, we’ve been down this road before. Remember Pamela Graf? She’s the one who had her house torched because she supported President Obama. The blame was heaped, as night follows day, upon all those racists. Pesky point, though: Pamela Graf was later arrested for torching her own house.

Yeah, now you remember her.

Before we all buy into the assumptions of simpletons like Rep. Scott, who never met any sympathy he didn’t take advantage of, let’s consider for a moment that maybe, just maybe, a supporter of Scott committed this vandalism under cover of night in order to create a scenario where the scary and non-existent “racists” could be blamed.

Because, in a case where no arrests have yet been made, it’s just as plausible.


  1. ugadog says:

    Or like the lady who branded a B into her face and claimed it was an Obama supporter and it turned out to be self-inflicted.

    And if I am following your analogy correctly, you are implying that an African-American Congressman vandalized his own sign by spray painting a swastika on it.

    Craziness +1. Responsible Journalism 0.

  2. John Konop says:


    The truth is the GOP has attracted too many fringe people into the party. Watch this video and listen to the birthers and tell me why you are not concerned?

    • Doug Deal says:

      Both the left and the right have their fringe, John. Generalizing the fringe of the side you disagree with is patently unfair and is a way to simply belittle those with legitimate arguments.

      If you really want to debate a matter, debate the bulk of the opposition, don’t make straw men of it’s ugliest members.

      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        Not that Mr. Konop needs a defense, but I do agree with him on this.

        Since the mid-80’s the GOP has been generating a more radical base than the Dems have. Primarily this can be attributed to the GOPs championing of religious positions rather than politics positions.

        The fringe on the right is a lot larger than the fringe on the left. On top of that, the fringe on the left is often comprised of professional academics rather than trailer trash evangelicals.

    • GOPGeorgia says:


      You saw where this was reported by….al jazeera? I don’t agree with most of what was said on the video. I’m fairly certain I heard “drill, baby drill,” and I agree with that.

      That being said, I have little doubt I could come up with a video of crazies on the left to show how out of touch they are with America.

      Congressman Scott is very quick to play the race card. He is also sure that this had to be done by people from outside of his district. Perhaps the FBI may have an opening after he’s out of office?

    • Red Phillips says:

      The people who always fret and hand-wring about the fringe are much more annoying than the fringe itself.

      I don’t have much use for conspiracy theories if that is the distinguishing feature of “fringe,” but it is not. Unfortunately these days simply wanting to follow the Constitution as originally intended or conserve the Republic it established makes one fringe.

      You cannot attack the fringe, meaning those holding to certain eccentric explanations of things, without attacking people who are just further right by degree. And in fact, most of the anti-fringe respectability police don’t intend to make that distinction. Fringe to them means distance from the current mainstream (which happens to be yesteryear’s far left).

  3. macho says:

    Because Scott is so good at identifying his constituents. Has he apologized for attacking that Doctor-constituent that he said didn’t live in his district.

    The more I think about it the more it really seems like a set-up. Yesterday, Scott is out there playing the race-card regarding his townhall meeting and the next day there is a swastika on his sign, how convenient. He just needs to man-up, admit he was wrong about the make-up of his townhall, and apologize for his arrogance.

  4. B Balz says:

    I deeply regret your incontinence, however, my drawers are nice and dry.

    Perhaps, since Mr. Randall chooses to invoke unrelated events as if they might explain this event, we should look at last weeks Duluth Korean Church burning. The Church was burned THREE times, and the last time upside down crosses and swastikas defaced the chapel walls.

    I am thinking some North Korean hooligans from Northern Ireland swam across the Atlantic, underwater to avoid detection……

  5. bluemcduff says:

    I wonder how this incident will affect what he says on the 15th at Mundy’s Mill HS?

    For my money, he’s going to come out swinging at anything that doesn’t toe the line for supporting single payer.

    Also, I’m counting on the union bullies showing up in force–any guesses who they’ll be because I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same Teamsters that showed up to Hank Johnson’s town hall.

    • joe says:

      I thought that the event on the 15th was a Health Fair, with free screenings and such. Is David Scott planning on holding a townhall meeting also?

      • bluemcduff says:

        As far as I can tell he plans to be there–Erick has it on the RedState town hall list.

        From David Scott’s earlier remarks on promising a future meeting this seems to be about as close as we’ll get on engaging him on the issue but I don’t expect much.

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  7. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I will say this:

    It is plausible a David Scott supporter did this. Not very plausible…considering his reelection rates, but it is plausible.

    It is just as plausible that Bush and Cheney orchestrated 9/11 so they could justify invading Iraq.

    • macho says:

      Bush was too busy blowing up the New Orleans levess and Cheney was too busy orchestrating the skyrocketing gas prices to have also orchestrated 9/11.

  8. CowboyBlue says:

    You had me until “You see, we’ve been down this road before”…

    Been down which road, exactly? You say we can’t attribute the crime to anyone yet, but then tell us that we have been down this “road”? Which one? Those who use hate as a form of speech or those who burn their own houses down?

    You say that we can’t convict some Nazi-loving [email protected]@$$, but we can, just maybe, assume that David Scott did this himself? Or maaaaybee, just possibly, there is a chance that one of his supporters did it? Wow.

    I haven’t made any assumptions, but after reading that post, it is clear that you have.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Are you suggesting taking action against persons unknown?

      How about stop making conclusions about who you know did it before there is any evidence?

      • CowboyBlue says:

        The only thing that is suggested is that you can’t say we’ve been here before — because we haven’t. To call out Rep. Scott for “knowing” whodunnit, when he doesn’t have evidence to substantiate his claim makes about as much sense as developing the theory that he (or his supporters) did this without any evidence to back that claim either.

        • Doug Deal says:

          In re-reading your comment, I think that we agree in principle.

          However, if this came from the right, I would think they are calling Scott a Nazi, not putting a Nazi symbol in support of some kind of Nazi pride.

  9. Patrick Mayer says:

    I think we all just need to realize that whomever did this (right/left/center) is just a complete dumbass.

  10. macho says:

    I saw in an article today that if they catch whoever painted the swastika , they’ll be prosecuted for a hate crime. It made me think, was Pamela Graf ever prosecuted for a hate crime due to burning he own house down because she was an Obama supporter?

  11. Dash Riptide says:

    Just for the record: those of you who proclaim the demise of PP because you’re giddy about how much cooler you are than the likes of Erick and Pete are missing the forest for the trees. Erick is at best the “Seinfeld” of PP. He’s the hub, but he’s not the show. Far from it. And Pete? Think Newman. If you love Seinfeld, do you stop watching reruns because you don’t dig Newman?

    PP thrives because the regulars rebel when Erick pulls out the Jimmy Carter “History’s Greatest Monster” gag and don’t offer “attaboys” when Pistol Pete plays the Graf card. Pay attention, cooler-than-PPers: PP will be around longer than you, so long as the Powers That Be don’t screw up the underlying level-headed community that thrives in spite of them. Bank on it.

  12. heroV says:

    Off topic, but I’m finding the comment voting apparatus pretty worthless. It’s clear that people are voting comments based on their partisan feelings, not whether a comment contributes to the discussion.

  13. MSBassSinger says:

    I don’t get it. How is a swastika, most recently used by the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany, a symbol of racism against blacks? Or is Rep. Scott Jewish?

    I am with those who want to wait until the fool who painted the swastika is caught. It could be some Yankee Rockefeller Republican racist, or it could be some liberal Democrat trying to gin up hatred against those who oppose Obamacare, or it could be some good old boy, three sheets to the wind, who wanted to make the point that Obamacare has more in common with totalitarian socialism and fascism than American exceptionalism. Or it could be a couple of stupid teenage boys with a spray paint can and no clue as what that symbol means.

    I think I’ll wait before crying “racism”.

    At least when God writes graffiti, He uses words and a visible finger. 🙂 Anyone other than Him should be arrested and prosecuted.

  14. Old Vet says:

    Holy crap. This guy must be a birther, too! Is it POSSIBLE that a U.S. Senator (and a “simpleton” graduate of the Wharton Business School) skulked about in the middle of the night with a can of spray paint to deface his own sign for the purpose of – um, what? Sure, it’s “possible”. It’s also possible that the author of this article is a Democratic plant seeking to make Republicans look even dumber and more paranoid than they really are. If so, he or she succeeded

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