1. Icarus says:

    The political ads write themselves:

    Violent crime is up.

    Criminals have had nothing to fear.

    Until Now.

    What do we need to give violent criminals?

    We need to give them hard prison time.

    We need to give them Max Wood.

  2. SUZIQ says:

    Oh my!! I just spit my coke out all over my keyboard reading your post Icarus! The two previous posts, plus the word “hard” and the rest of the post…..too much to imagine!!

  3. fishtail says:

    I suppose Sonny Perdue is duty-bound to support Max Wood for AG since Max didn’t indict him. And Sonny will probably appoint David Namias to the Georgia Supreme Court as a quid pro quo for leaving him alone in the Northern District Federal courts. And, as a partial repayment for Namias recently hiring Reuben Green, husband of key Perdue advisor Heidi Green. It’s all so cozy in the GA GOP, ain’t it…

  4. Romegaguy says:

    What do expect from a candidate that lives in the city that has the motto “Where every day has a happy ending.”

  5. Silent Outrage says:

    I’m just glad there’s an alternative for Attorney General and someone who has actually practiced law and prosecuted crimes.

    The more folks hear about Max the more they are going to like what he has to offer in terms of service to Georgia.

    • Bill Simon says:

      Approximately 85%+ of the law handled by the AG’s office is civil law, not criminal law.

      The individual DAs in each county or district (thus the name “District Attorney”) handle the criminal cases in this state.

      Anyone who was around in 2001-2005 would realize just one of many examples with the civil lawsuits the GOP was filing against the state on re-districting crap from Barnes.

      The AG’s office is one very large law firm, and the AG is, for the most part, the “manageing partner” of that law firm. The AG is not, contrary to popular misconception, the “rock star lawyer.” Rock star lawyers tend to be great at handling particular cases, but managing other lawyers may not be their forte.

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