Deal and the farm bill

Too bad Rep. Nathan Deal decided to take a partisan shot here, but it’s understandable considering the Fred Thompson-like campaign he is running in the GOP primary for Governor:

“I had voted for the previous farm bill that was drafted by Republicans, Saxby Chambliss being chairman of the ag committee at that time.

“The last farm bill, though, was heavily laden with social programs — in fact, about 73 to 76 percent of the farm bill [is] basically social welfare-type programs. I just didn’t think it was right to expect the American farmer to carry those programs on their backs, and that’s what the Democrat agenda called for.”

I hate to break it to Rep. Deal, but all the farm bill is a welfare program, both social and corporate, and it hurts consumers by driving up prices. The 2002 and 2008 farm bill are no different from one another. Deal apparently prefers the Republican agenda of expanding already unfunded entitlement programs by $9 trillion.

And before Deal goes on rants about Democrats, he need look no further than Sen. Saxby Chambliss, who not only defended and voted for the 2008 farm bill, he led the opposition to override one of the few spending bill George W. Bush vetoed.


  1. Trey O'Callaghan says:

    I agree, farm subsidies need to stop. Economic planning never works. But I think Deal’s campaign has a lot more energy than Fred Thompson’s.

    Assistant Political Director Mark Pettitt will single handily give Deal a victory.

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    You take one comment, from one article on the Insider and make the conclusion that Deal’s “boring”? Maybe it’s just me, but give me “boring” over high-pitched, squeaky voice any day, as far as stump speeches go.

      • macho says:

        Deal can try and remake himself into a fiscal conservative, but he’s had an extremely liberal fiscal voting record during his 8 years under George Bush.

        • Kellie says:

          And Ox can try to make himself out to be for Small Business but we all know that ain’t right. 😉

          • macho says:

            Ox is a champion for small business, big business, small government and big government. He’s an atheist with solid christian conservative, family-values. He hates the gays, but likes the homosexuals. He’ll have the strongest ethics when pushing the law to the outer boundaries of the envelope.

            He’s an insider’s outsider.

        • Chris says:

          Besides Colburn & Flake who didn’t have an extremely liberal fiscal voting record during the 8 years under George Bush.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Deal is about to unleash a civil war withing the Georgia GOP.

    Here we have a man who epitomizes the treachery of the Republican Party as measured by its creed.

    He voted for NCLB, the Patriot Act, and Medicare D. He voted with the disastrous George W. Bush 98% of the time.

    By the definition of what the party stands for NOT ONE REPUBLICAN SHOULD VOTE FOR THIS MAN.

    Want to see a Dem governor?

    Just nominate this joker.

  4. Game Fan says:

    Where would us little ole’ Americans be without all these CRAP SANDWICHES cooked up by these DC FOOLS AND THEIR CORPORATE CHRONIES?? Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t we allow the REAL private sector to fill the gaps and allow FREE ENTERPRISE AND COMPETION to fix what these JACKASSES seem hell bent on destroying (the American economy)

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    We can always count on IndyInjun for a two things: hyperbole and ALL CAPS.

    Dude, take a Zoloft and put your head back in the oven.

  6. omp2010 says:

    Jason, please elaborate as to how Deal’s Campaign is “Fred Thompson-Like”. And eat does a campaign have to do with qualifications, experience and wisdom?


    I like how folks think Nathan has voted with Bush 98% of the time…. Even though Bush has never cast a vote in the US Congress.


    Nathan is one of only 3, yes 3, Representatives rated “Hardcore Conservative”. But yet a not Republican enough for you? Pardon me, but ok not sure if I follow your logic.

    • Doug Deal says:

      So what does that mean, he is REALLY against abortion. That is usually what all of these amount to.

      Put away the nation’s wallet once in a while instead of buying a round of drinks on the House.

    • Bill Simon says:

      I like how folks think Nathan has voted with Bush 98% of the time…. Even though Bush has never cast a vote in the US Congress.

      The allusions refers to voting Bush’s agenda.

  7. Jason, That’s the first time I’ve heard a comparison between Deal’s campaign and Fred… and it made me laugh because it does sorta fit. I believe what Jason’s referring to is the huge rush of excitement when Fred first entered the race, how he overshadowed all the other candidates at first, and the bloggers all believed he would run away with it. However, the excitement fizzled out within weeks. The same thing seems true here… everything seemed like a foregone conclusion when Deal announced, yet a month or so later it looks like he hasn’t put any real dent in Ox’s lead.

    The difference, in all fairness, is that Fred! fizzled after a few comatose debate appearances. Deal hasn’t done anything similar to embarrass himself… so who knows how dynamics might change over the next year?

    In further fairness to omp2010… I agree that such “Candidate X voted with Bush x% of the time” attacks are a bit silly. John McCain was stupid enough to get QUOTED as saying that he “agreed with Bush 90% of the time”. If he hadn’t said that, where would the “stats” have come from?

    • tocallaghan says:

      I’m not a big fan of farm subsidizes at all, but comparing Deal’s campaign to Thompson’s is not very accurate. Deal made the clutch decision of hiring Mark Pettitt. Mark my words, Pettitt will single handily walk Deal right into the Governor’s mansion. I have never seen a better Assistant Political Director in my 17 years of life.

  8. Pine Knot says:

    Nathan being compared to Fred’s campaign? I understand comparing Nancy Schaefer’s campaign to Berry Fleming’s campaign in the final moments before the election, but how long has Nathan been in the race? How long before the election? Ahead of Karen in most polls as well. Hearing all of the contendors at this point speak, I believe that Nathan and Karen are the best. I’m glad that he voted against it, and wish that he voted some other stuff. All politicians pander and vote for different things unfortunately. Rothenberg or whatever opinion he read off of wikipedia may be right about some aspects of the election and debates.

  9. Pine Knot says:

    I support Deal. I like what he has done for his district before and after redistricting .When I say that the ones I heard speak best doesn’t really matter to me to clarify. I look at records, values, ect. To the average joe speaking skills and debating skills do matter. EX Obama

      • Pine Knot says:

        Not only for the district, but for all of us he has introduced H.R. 698, the Citizenship Reform Act which would get rid of birthright citizenship. He has also been working to get rid of the IRS and institute a FairTax.

        • macho says:

          When you used the word “done” that meant that he had actually accomplished all those things. I think what you meant to say is that he “tried for his district.”

          Congressmen introduce bills all the time, that don’t have a chance, to curry favor with their districts. It’s as simple as asking an aide to draw it up for you and sending it out in a press release.

          Or perhaps when using the word “done” you were referring to all of the liberal spending or post office naming he accomplished.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Doing “nothing” for the district is actually the best a Congressman can do, or do you think the out of control spending. outrageous earmarks, nanny state regulations and corrupt bribes for votes are the very model of a perfect Congressman?

        • Kellie says:

          Doing “nothing” is great in some instances but Deal did nothing on immigration and Hall county is over run with Mexicans. No one speaks English at the local Wal Mart or mall and all the school material is sent home in both English and Spanish. I know this has happened in many cities but Deal was in DC to stop it and he knew it was a problem here at home.
          Yes, he introduced the “birthright bill” but that went no where. He should have been pushing to close the border everyday he was there. Look at Hall County after 17 years, do you want all of GA to look that way?

  10. omp2010 says:

    Nathan has been in the race exactly two monthes today, whereas Ox has been in the race before Nathan was re-elected to Congress last Fall. Ox can’t push past his 35%… Which isn’t very much for someone to have campaigned for a year already.

    Thanks Steve.

  11. Pine Knot says:

    Thats exactly what I am saying. As well as Martha Zoeller said on the Georgia Gang.

    • Romegaguy says:

      Well if Martha said it, it must be true. Especially if she said it on the Georgia Gang

  12. IndyInjun says:


    What you posted was the very definition of hyperbole.

    Either that, or you can’t read.

    Exactly HOW does a part of one sentence morph into “all caps?”

  13. IndyInjun says:

    omp –

    I refer you to that wonderful document I am a Republican because….. that nearly every GOP chapter in this state holds forth as presenting party principles.

    I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s freedom, ability, and opportunity, must be responsibly honored and protected.

    Two words – Patriot – Act.

    I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility

    Deal voted for a war funded by borrowing from the Chinese. Bushco did not have the honesty to put the tab in the budget. Deal voted for the biggest social program since LBJ with Medicare D and did not provide funding. $Trillions in debt came from just these two votes. $Trillions. Think. How much more fiscally irresponsible can you get?

    I BELIEVE the proper, Constitutional, role of government is to provide the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations and that the best government is the government which governs least.

    Department of Homeland Security. says it all.

    I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible, and responsive government is government closest to the people.

    Deal’s No Child Left Behind vote was a direct affront to this principle.

    What y’all can count on this REPUBLICAN to do is to fight you tooth and nail if you try to ram this impostor down the throats of Georgians.

    If I want to vote for a Democrat I will vote for the real deal not a fake.

    • Pine Knot says:

      Is that why the most conservative Representative in the country(Paul Broun) has endorsed Deal, and has sent out a mailer campaigning for him last week? Is it because of all the recognition he has recieved in the past from ACU (American Conservative Union)?

  14. jmullet5 says:

    In keeping with the Batman theme from the Wikipedia scandal, and a tribute to Heath Ledger “…Here we go!!”

  15. IndyInjun says:

    Broun cannot reconcile Deal’s votes to his stated principles and in endorsing Deal loses credibility, just as he did stumping for Chambliss.

    I intend to call him or see him in person to make him defend this malarkey.

    • Pine Knot says:

      Chambliss was better than Martin obviously. He has consistantly voted more conservatively than Isakson, but I agree. We need to get someone who is a conservative in there. The Chambliss style is almost a Democrat Light.

    • Pine Knot says:

      Also, we’re not idiots, and fellow congressmen obviously helps for the endorsement. That said, look at who we have out there, and who is the most electable overall. Baggage, speaking skills, experience, issues, ect. Some elected officials I have spoken do not believe Ox is going to be the best match for Barnes. From being too conservative, which I do not agree with, (Broun IMO is an ideal politicial), from pandering too much.

  16. Trey O'Callaghan says:

    I think that all subsidies are bad. Subsidizing cripples the rest of the economy more than it helps farming.

    However, I think comparing Deal’s campaign to Fred Thompson’s is quite harsh. Peach Punditeers have obviously not seen the work that Mark Pettitt, aka Deal’s Assistant Political Director, has done. Mark my works, Pettitt will single handily walk Deal right into the Governor’s mansion.

  17. IndyInjun says:

    In the aftermath of the 2006 and 2008 wipeouts, that the Republicans would get behind a guy that is the poster child for the party’s meltdown is just plain stunning.

    I refuse to contribute to a party this stupid and this antithetical to my interests, which are so aptly stated in the treatise I am a Republican because..

    Here is an open challenge to Deal supporters….Find old Indy a Republican party platform or creed that conform’s to Deal’s votes.

    Did y’all change without telling the rest of us?

    • Pine Knot says:

      Thats why I support Rubio, and agree with Rush good bye Specter! Take Snowe, Collins, and the rest of the RINOS with you. We would have beat Obama with a more conservative canidate.

    • Bill Simon says:


      Popping-out to the Cobb GOP BBQ this Saturday? You may not find authentic Republicans, but you might find some authentic conservatives in the room to talk to. 🙂

      • IndyInjun says:

        That would be fun.

        Sadly, I cannot make it.

        I was wanting to pop in on the PPers gathering a couple of weeks ago but could not break away.

        Things are changing so that I have better control of my schedule.

        Maybe next time.

  18. IndyInjun says:


    I hear ya……what can one do? For about 4 years on PP I sang the praises of Mark Sanford as being one of only about 15 GOPers who really represented party principles.

    Never in USA history has leadership been so sorely needed and never has there been such an enormous vacuum.

    We just cannot reward the Deals, Chambliss’ and Isaksons for the destruction they have wreaked.

    Handel or Scott best represent a new slate and those are the ones I will support.

    • Pine Knot says:

      I hear you as well!
      BUT as Democrats would say is Handel a third Perdue term? Also, Scott is just not going to get elected. From the thing with the GA state flag to low name recognition. Deal must get better name recognition as well.

      • South Fulton Guy says:

        OMG… this is indeed straight from the Democrat playbook. Tell a lie often enough and folks will believe it is the truth.

        That’s utter nonsense about Handel being a third Perdue term and pretty lame rookie analysis.

        Anyone who seriously follows either of these constitutional officers, the goings on in the trenches at Capital and how they differ as much as they agree certainly knows better.

        There is no indication whatsoever that Handel would by definition lead or take the same positions or posture of Perdue. Once again its this kind of distortion, misdirection and obfuscation that could get King Roy re-elected.

        Like her or not at least with Handel you see more executive leadership, and substantive improvements than an Insurance Commissioner rushing out now to the parking deck collapse, to give us a TV sound bite on insurers can file their claims like an imitation Clark Howard tip.

        Does anyone whose been around awhile remember any other insurance commissioner racing to the scene of a fire or disaster for TV face time before Commissioner Oxendine?

        Perhaps in the interests of Public Safety, he should indeed get his Blue Lights back for his police interceptor. I’ll bet Handel did not waste tax dollars on a pricey state vehicle for herself.

        • I Am Jacks Post says:

          “There is no indication whatsoever that Handel would by definition lead or take the same positions or posture of Perdue.”

          Uhhh, unless you count Handel absorbing Perdue’s campaign operation . . . that certainly signals a clean break from Sonny’s reign.

          Dude, dumbest statement of the day.

  19. South Fulton Guy says:

    Choosing to throw out a RINO because they aren’t conservative enough, can result in you getting a Senator Al Franken.

    I am not saying you don’t hold their feet to the fire, but unless you succeed in replacing that RINO with a more conservative Republican, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  20. IndyInjun says:


    Coleman was another piece of crap. If the GOP wanted to keep that seat they should have put up serious primary opposition.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      So I guess the net loss of a vote and now a filibuster proof Senate really taught Coleman a lesson at our expense I presume?

      • Pine Knot says:

        The GOP spent millions on coleman. We didn’t force him out. Anyone that loses the race to that clown is pathetic.

        • South Fulton Guy says:

          For the record he was defeated by the Minnesota Secretary of State, the State Election Board and the courts not Franken.

  21. IndyInjun says:

    is Handel a third Perdue term?

    Does Deal have a DC-style printing press? What happens if he doesn’t realize that his crutch is missing?

  22. DoubleDawg3 says:

    What has “Deal done for his district?” — Well, I’d say that he’s done a pretty great job for his district, state & nation in not requesting unnecessary earmarks. In fact, take out the money that was allocated to Lake Lanier, which is truly a necessity for Atlanta & North Georgia (folks, most of you live in Atlanta – if you want to complain about that request, you better realize that without it you’d be in a bad situation), and Deal had less earmark’s requested (solo & co-sponsored) in 2008 (via LegiStorm) than Price or Westmoreland (the “darlings” of you “conservatives” on here).

    Sounds like he’s just another “liberal” Republican spending our tax dollars left & right, huh?

    • Bill Simon says:

      The money comes, whether or not a member of Congress “earmarks” a specific purpose for that expenditure.

      “Earmark” is just a defined use of federal money that is on its way here regardless of whether someone earmarks it.

      THAT is how it was explained to me from a Chief of Staff from the US Senate.

      • Holly says:

        That’s true, Bill. Spending levels are set by the budget committee, and all the funds are used, whether earmarked or not.

  23. fundy1611 says:

    “Barry Paschal, publisher of the News-Times, wrote that Deal isn’t to be counted out. But he needs more pep:

    Deal is a nice fellow, but he’s about as engaging as a lecture on dental insurance, and far less detailed. He told us more about how he came up with his campaign slogan than why he should be the next governor. (The slogan: “Deal. Real.” He explained that he took the old saying, “real deal,” and “switched it around.” Wow.)”

    Now that’s funny.

  24. Game Fan says:

    Attention all you third party folks:
    If you think you’re gonna get ANYWHERE against the status quo without taking on the corporate lobbyists then perhaps you belong in an insane asylum. Because all this idealistic “pie in the sky” stuff is about “as useful as titties on a boar hog” as they say in Texas. I keep asking myself “Where’s the beef”? (from the old Wendy’s commercial)

  25. IndyInjun says:


    That is why most people don’t bother with politics.

    When you can count on a Deal lying to you, what’s the point?

  26. IndyInjun says:

    What’s he done for his district?

    Put every constituent family $tens of thousands more in debt!

  27. seenbetrdayz says:

    I’m thinking the fact that I’m one of the Georgians who still haven’t gotten their income tax refund will weigh in heavily on whether or not I vote for any incuments.

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