Is Brian Laurens RomneyGingrich12? Brian Laurens is not RomneyGingrich12

Brian Laurens is an Oxendine political operative and former front page poster at Peach Pundit.

I sent him an email earlier today and have gotten no response. Several emailers have pointed to a lot of circumstantial evidence involving the identity of RomneyGingrich2012.

When Karen Handel ran for Secretary of State against Bill Stephens, Laurens was tossed off the front page of Peach Pundit for outting Steve Handel, who had defended his wife on Peach Pundit under a user id that did not note it was him.

Laurens supported Romney in 2008, taking to the comment of Peach Pundit on multiple occasions to promote Romney. His Facebook account now lists Laurens as the “North Georgia Political Director” for John Oxendine for Governor. His Facebook page also shows him him to be a fan of both Romney and Gingrich (along with Nathan Deal, John Oxendine, David Shafer, and others).

In January of 2006, someone edited the Wikipedia entry for Ellijay, GA to note that it is “home to Republican Brian Laurens” and also edited the political entry of Congressman Tom Price to add language that Price “entered the Republican primary for the [6th District Congressional] seat and faced Cobb Countian and favorite Robert Lamutt. Price squeaked by a highly contested and very expensive primary due mainly to the Medical and Dental PACs.”

Laurens had worked for Lamutt during that congressional race as Lamutt’s political director and, ironically, had worked for Karen Handel’s Fulton County Commission Chair’s race in 2003.

I’m told by a reporter that the Oxendine campaign and Brian are denying it is Brian. That satisfies me that it is not Brian, but based on the IP address, I remain convinced someone connected to John Oxendine did it.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    According to his Wikipedia profile, Biran Laurens came out today as a transgendered homosexual. I guess he will fit right into Ox’s campaign.

  2. Kellie says:

    He de-friended me on facebook just because I asked a question of the almighty Ox. Jerk.
    Funny thing is, he was the one who asked to be my friend in the first place.

  3. I’m not sure what is more absurdly bizarre: (1) Erick frantically digging into this RomneyGingrich12 “story” to take the spotlight of his own slip-up, or (2) a political operative possibly editing the Wikipedia entry for his own hometown to list it as “home to” himself.

    Sheesh… political activist and operative types have some extremely neurotic delusions about their egos and self-importance. I wonder if on some level they are aware of how insane this comes across, or if they legitimately have no idea?

    • Jeff says:

      I’ll go with number 1, Steve, simply because I’ve seen other people from other circles do the wikipedia thing.

      Fess up, Erick. You’re on a witchhunt because you reported something you should have KNOWN was false. Heck, even *I* could have had a definitive answer decently quickly, and I’m one of the newest and least connected political bloggers in the state!

  4. Bill Simon says:

    I doubt very seriously Brian would be engaging in this type of activity. He’s a hard worker on the campaigns he works on, and I doubt he would jeopardize his paid leadership position in the Ox campaign to give the world a repeat of Morton Brilliant’s non-brilliant move of 2006.

      • Bill Simon says:

        “pretty convincing circumstantial case?”

        Next time I read about a burglary that happens within 2 blocks of your house, and the police report that a white, stout male was seen in the vicinity 30 minutes before the burglary, and your car was seen driving by looking at the police cars, I won’t be surprised to hear about them taking you in for questioning.

        • Doug Deal says:

          You do realize that the best evidence in a court case is circumstantial? Obviously not.

          Fingerprints, DNA evidence, receipts with time stamps, etc are all circumstantial. Direct evidence, eye witness testimony, has proven to be the least reliable. But whatever Bill, protect your friends no matter what.

          • Bill Simon says:


            Leave the CSI analysis to the shows, okay?

            In the meantime, let’s consider the Wikipedia definitions for circumstantial evidence AND direct evidence: “If a witness testifies that the defendant was seen entering a house, then screaming was heard, then the defendant was seen leaving, carrying a bloody knife, that is circumstantial evidence; if a witness testifies that he or she actually saw the defendant stabbing the victim, that is direct evidence.”

            Doug…there ain’t even “circumstantial evidence”in this case. Past actions DO NOT constitute “circumstantial evidence.”

            Man…I hope you have been tossed-off the jury pools in Macon/Bibb County. You just ain’t that bright sometimes at all.

            And…”Protect my friends?” Yeah…I think I WILL do that when they are innocent, Knucklehead.

          • Doug Deal says:

            Did somebody land to close to the mark Billy Bob? You can usually tell who lost an argument by who loses their temper.

            Instead of being an intellectually dishonest, post what your source actually says about circumstantial evidence. It includes what most people consider rock solid evidence. Pretty much ever examination of people’s memory in regard to witnessing crimes has proven them to be completely unreliable, unless the person is known to the witness or there is some obvious distinguishing characteristic.

            I know you are desperate to protect him, I am not even saying he is guilty, just that it really does point very strongly to him being the culprit. Occam’s razor would suggest that you just have a very-very bad judge of character, Bill.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Sheesh… political activist and operative types have some extremely neurotic delusions about their egos and self-importance.

    That would describe Erick to a T.

  6. Erick says:

    Steve, I did accept it as fact. It was from Rothenberg’s Roll Call column. The Handel campaign pointed out to Rothenberg and me it was not true, which is how Wikipedia came up.

    But good job pointing the finger at me to distract from an Oxendine supporter putting those facts into Handel’s wikipedia entry.

    • Bill Simon says:


      How do you know it was an “Oxendine supporter?”

      There have been LOTS of dirty tricks pulled before offline where fake-outs and slight-of-hand moves have been employed to distract attention away from the actual source.

      It could have been an Austin Scott (or Nathan Deal or Ray McBerry or Eric Johnson)- supporter who tinkered with the entry to make it LOOK like it was an Oxendine supporter in the hopes of pushing blame that way, all the while working on screwing-up both camps.

      Are you REALLY a freaking lawyer, Erick? You don’t strike me as a very bright one these days, Mercer-grad or not.

      Apparently, any brain that USED to be on top deteriorates when the human who owns it steps into the brown goo known as “the political arena.”

  7. I Am Jacks Post says:

    This quest to find out RomneyGingrich12’s true identity has me glued to my screen. The tension is in the waiting. It’s like in the classic film, Darkman, when you’re wondering, ‘Who is Darkman?’ but they won’t tell you, and you’re like, ‘OMG, frickin’ tell me who Darkman is already!.’ It’s just like that. So I’m just gonna sit here and keep hitting refresh and hope that someone gets to the bottom of this. I was supposed to go pick my kid up from the pool but he can wait awhile.

  8. drjay says:

    well i see stuff in wikipedia all the time that’s “almost right” and i’ve wondered about it–it would also be cool to list my hometown as such, and mention the movement to change the name of our state to jayga, and to edit the pages of my favorite sports teams–wow the possibilities are endless

  9. I Am Jacks Post says:

    As Homer Simpson said, “It takes two people to lie. One to lie, and one to listen.”

  10. Jeremy Jones says:

    How does one create a wiki entry? Maybe I should make one for me. Better yet, maybe someone here should make one about me. I would enjoy a good laugh today. And, for Kellie here is a yellow smiley 🙂

    • Kellie says:

      Well placed JJ.

      I’d like to make a wiki entry too. I’d go to the November election and change history. lol

    • joe says:

      Making a Wikipedia entry is simple. Several PPunditers will remember the fun we had with frigtards and the NRA. I spent about 5 minutes and created the entry for frigtard, then several others edited it to link to the NRA. The NRA link lasted for months.

      I fairness to Wikipedia, bogus entries do not last long, but as long as you do not enter something offensive, the computer filters are fairly slow.

        • Tommy_a2b says:

          I remember putting all the NRA lobbists names on the Frigtard wiki. That was fun for a day or two.

          Kellie beware of having a wiki page on you. It may say you were the former supporter of the famous naked mayor. Hope you laugh at this, lol.

          • Kellie says:

            Did you know it was Naked Hiking Week last week?

            If a man is wearing his birthday suit, is he really naked? 😉

          • Chris says:

            Humm. Hates women and is a transexual. I think you’re right Kellie! Brian’s name is avenged! or Cleaned, or something.

  11. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Let’s add more to the conspiracy theories…was it RomneyGingrich who told Sean Hannity that Nathan Deal was voting yes on cap and trade?

    Not as riveting as the Michael Jackson story, but it will do.

    • Doug Deal says:

      How can you go on about something so trivial as the Michael Johnson death when so many more important things have been happening.

      You do know that Billy Mays died, don’t you?

      • Romegaguy says:

        Michael Jackson is one of three people killed by Mark Sanford to remove the media’s attention from his hike of the Appalachian Trail. Farrah Fawcet and Billy Mays are the other two killed by Sanford so far

  12. GOPGeorgia says:

    And to address the issue at hand, I don’t think it was Brian Laurens. If he confesses, fine. If there is proof, fine. However, it looks like someone set him to me. I’m just sayin.

  13. Jeff Scott says:

    Is this the same Brian Laurens who got kicked out of GACR for repeated sexual harassment during my brief tenure there (2004-2005)?

  14. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Michael Jackson is the guy that conveniently died to obscure the debate on cap and trade….
    oh, wait, most people didn’t care about that in the first place.

    Was there an Ox press release about Michael Jackson, or did I just miss that one?

  15. Wow, it’s just the “First Annual Hearsay and Slander Day” here on Peach Pundit! I’m logging out before someone makes up a story about me and a Girl Scout troop.

    • Kellie says:

      grift – you seem to be a heavy drinker. Everytime you’re on here you have a beer in your hand. 😉

      • Doug Deal says:

        Come to think of it, that’s at least the eighth one I have seen him with today, Kellie.

        Now when I disagree with him on something (everything?) I have something to blame it on to unfairly belittle his argument. He is drunk out of his mind.

  16. Chris says:

    So all the circumstantial evidence points to Brian. Ox supporter, hails from ellijay, willing to liable Karen, supports Romney, etc.

    I do believe that unless there is some substantial IP address matching, I don’t buy it. Brian isn’t that stupid.

  17. drjay says:

    did y’all not read the 2nd sentence in erick’s post:

    “I sent him an email earlier today and have gotten no response. ”

    and y’all are still looking for more to substantiate this in light of that damning evidence…

  18. Red Phillips says:

    I am shocked! Absolutely shocked. How dare you slander someone? How dare you label someone? How dare you forever smear someone’s good name with a charge like this? Is there ANY proof that Brain Laurens is indeed a Romney supporter? If not, I demand you take that scurrilous accusation back.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    did y’all not read the 2nd sentence in erick’s post: “I sent him an email earlier today and have gotten no response. ”

    Ooohhhhh..that’s right. I forgot how influential sending an e-mail can be…especially when Erick Erickson sends it. It’s as though Bill O’Reilly called and left a message on the voicemail.

  20. Bill Simon says:

    Is there ANY proof that Brain Laurens is indeed a Romney supporter?

    Actually…there is what some prosecutors would call “direct evidence” that Laurens is a Romney supporter. But, DA-2B Doug Deal doesn’t believe direct evidence is worth anything. He’d rather prosecute a case based on supposition and coincidences.

  21. saltynuts says:

    joe said “Several PPunditers will remember the fun we had with frigtards and the NRA. I spent about 5 minutes and created the entry for frigtard, then several others edited it to link to the NRA. The NRA link lasted for months.”

    Tommy_a2b said “I remember putting all the NRA lobbists names on the Frigtard wiki. That was fun for a day or two.”

    Just so I have the rules straight. If Punditeers do it maliciously to mess with the NRA and their lobbyists, it’s cool. If a political operative does it, he should lose his job.

    Just making sure I’m keeping up with the right double standards.

    • Dash Riptide says:

      There are rules by which those who seek to compete for the privilege of serving the public must abide. PP isn’t running for anything. Logic fail.

  22. saltynuts says:

    So is Erick not as culpable for the PP-shenanigans with the NRA/lobbyists? Is he only accountable to the “seek to compete for the privilege” standard when it is directly related to the office for which he stood?

    Quick, Dash, time to revise your self-serving double standard.

    Logic fail deez nuts.

    • Dash Riptide says:

      Translation: “What you said makes a lot of … hey, look over there.”

      I’m not defending anyone’s wikinanigans. But you’re suggesting that wikinanigans are wikinanigans, and political campaigns are to be held to no higher standard than mere bloggers up to mischief that they make no effort to hide. That dog won’t hunt.

      And btw, you’re never going to get far with me by assuming facts not in evidence. Self-serving double standard? How so? What exactly is it that you think I’ve done?

  23. joe says:


    Actually the “frigtard” post in Wikipedia was designed to show how easy it was to make anything show up there. Although, in truth, the NRA was attempting to force through legislation in Georgia that would have limited the rights of property owners. When the NRA decided to step into state politics, yes, all became fair.

    The other lesson of the frigtard posts is that you can’t believe what you read on the internet. Now I know this may come as a shock, but some of the stuff you read is agenda driven, just like what whomever RomneyGingrich12 is is currently doing.

  24. Well Brian has been online recently. If it was or was not him, I am sure he would have replied in some fashion by now.

    I’m more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt unless the IP’s match. Circumstantial evidence is just that; circumstantial.

  25. joe says:

    “I’m more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt unless the IP’s match.”

    Not only are there spoof servers, but many networks do not assign a dedicated IP to workstations.

  26. saltynuts says:

    Nice jujitsu, Dash.

    Rather than revising your failing double standard, claim it was for the education of us poor Georgians who previously believed everything we read on the internet.

    That’s tight.

    Then blame it on the “victims” of your wiki-spoofing. Gee, a national organization actually trying to affect state legislation. Are you going after Americans for Prosperity next?

    Or is this another double standard? One standard for national organizations we like and another for those with whom we disagree.

    I’m glad I’m taking notes on all the double standards around here.

    Now you’ll start trashing me for not posting this under my given name, I guess.

    Thanks for the lesson in twisted logic, Dash. You rock!

  27. GOPGeorgia says:

    My guess is that the OX campaign is aware of this thread and Brian is wisely under instruction not to post. I am thinking that someone is smarter than the rest of us thought. Has anyone considered it might have been a democrat out to get the GOP candidates at each others throats? They would probably have gotten there eventually, but for now, all of the candidates are trying to stay above the questions of who really did what under what screen name.

    • Icarus says:

      That’s right. It was the Lib’ral AJC!

      They will stop at nothing to slander the Ox.

      I just can’t wait until the Lib’ral AJC is indicted for making Ox take those illegal campaign contributions. They must be stopped before they do some real damage.

  28. Kellie says:

    I am amazed that True Grit aka “I love Ox” hasn’t been on here. I still think he is Brian.

  29. If the only evidence is what is listed above, then the evidence is pretty weak.

    Unless there is better evidence like proof that Brian has ever used the ID RomneyGingrich12, then what else is there to prove it was him?

    In fact, using that evidence could implicate me as the editor.

    First off, I have worked on numerous campaigns over the years, just like Brian Laurens.

    I have edited Wikipedia entries including updating John Oxendine’s in 2006.

    While I was not a Romney supporter, I used to work for Gingrich and have generally supported him. I could have used the Romney to throw people off and protect my identity.

    The truth is, unless there is better evidence, even this circumstantial evidence would never hold up in court.

    Brian Laurens is an easy target because he has, in the past, made himself an easy target by his actions. As a former front page poster, Laurens knows how easy it is to track people online.

    I am very surprised that Erick would go up with this if this is the only evidence he has.

    Now I will say as well, that is Erick has something he hasn’t released yet that would more directly point to Brian, then there is no doubt that he should be fired by the Oxendine campaign.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Kellie, That’s the last paycheck from the Ox campaign that Shep will ever cash.

        Shep, there is more to it than you mentioned, and it is not a court of law and no one here is a prsecutor, except you, but that’s a different story. To use your analogy of a criminal proceding, this would be enough to get a search warrant signed and for him to be charged, if what he did carried any chance for criminal charges. Certainly, he could be innocent, but when you get charges filed against you, your name is usally all over the media (in a serious crime) or at least posted in the police blotter.

        If someone is indeed framing him, he should do whatever he can to clear his name and sue the person responsible, but since this is a political/news blog of Georgia, talking about it is appropriate.

          • Seriously though, what can Brian, or anyone for that matter, do to clear their name? You can’t prove a negative.

            Erick said he had proof, but has only given speculation. That’s intolerable.

            I have long said I have a high regard for Karen and what she has accomplished over her life and the experience she has gained.

            But if the tactics like this and others by many of her supporters are any indication, then just like I would have never voted for Ron Paul based on the actions of many of his supports, then I may have to start thinking the same thing about Handel.

            Brian has made mistakes in the past, but that doesn’t mean he should be falsely and maliciously accused of something on a blog that is read by most of the politicos in Georgia.

            I see negative Karen Handel articles in the news, but I don’t post them, because at the end of the day, I’m not looking to play a big game of “gotcha” on Peachpundit.

            If Oxendine did not cover his mouth while sneezing, Farris would post an article entitled “Sick as an Ox.”

            Icarus would post something about Oxendine not covering his mouth because he had a wad of illegal campaign contributions in his hand.

            And Erick would post something about having proof that the CDC was blaming Oxendine for a major pandemic that has now costs the lives of 38 Georgia citizens (though we would never see the CDC report posted).

            Erick would follow that one up by saying that there was two wads of illegal fundraising cash.

          • Doug Deal says:


            The way is for Erick to give Brian the chance to respond (which I imagine Erick has done, but has been ignored) and deny he was responsible and face questions and proof by Erick and/or others (I.e. transparent fact-finding).

            That Brian has laid low does not speak well for his side. If I had someone falsely accuse me of something like this, I would be screaming from the rooftops professing my innocence and calling Erick out to show his so called evidence. I would also be contacting an attorney for a libel suit citing damage to my reputation as well as future employment opportunities.

            If he at least came on here and denied everything and Erick then failed to post any form of substantial rebuttal, I would personally consider him to be exonerated.

          • Bill Greene says:

            Anyone ever think that, I dunno, not everybody actually reads this blog? Maybe Brian’s been busy and no one’s told him yet — just sayin’.

  30. GeorgePBurdell says:

    Another personal attack by a Handel ‘apologist’.

    Look, while much could be assumed by the ‘circumstantial evidence’ given by Erick, much could also be assumed by Karen’s many biographies, which have left much up for debate. Ever tried to contact her office or campaign for a detailed bio? I’m assuming it would probably be hard to get.

    Many authors and bloggers have listed Karen as having ‘dropped out of high school’, ‘gotten her GED’, ‘a trouble high school making her leave school’, etc.
    A few examples…

    There is also very little information out there on what she has done with Hallmark, CIBA, and KPMG. In fact, I believe her executive experience at Hallmark was ‘Executive Assistant’.

    Karen is a really nice lady who has done many great things, and the story of her rise to power is impressive, but how about acknowledging the fact that many people have said she got a GED or dropped out of school, so whoever posted that information has more information backing that opinion than that backing the opinion she graduated high school. Either way is not a huge difference, because even if she went back, she gets props for going back.

    I would assume Erick had only one goal for this post, as is with his many other posts. He will do anything he can to destroy Karen’s opponents, even if it means making far-fetching relationships.

    Karen’s campaign should get a hold of you Erick, but then, I have heard Karen say she believes in Negative campaigning, so while we’re making hypotheticals, perhaps you have been instructed by the campaign to do work like this… 😉

    So… Again… lets focus on the issues and facts, not Erick’s dreamy bedtime stories.

    • Trey O'Callaghan says:

      I sincerely doubt that Erick would ever be instructed by a campaign to do anything like this.

  31. John Konop says:


    I have been fairly objective about Erick in the past. No one can deny I have been a harsh critic as well as supported Erick when I thought he was in the right. On this issue any rational objective person can see this looks and smells like THE OX TEAM hands are all over this!

    Karen and Steve are both very intelligent and competent people. As I said many times if anybody has issues with Karen based on policy that is all fair game. But for the OX TEAM to constantly attack Karen while spinning the facts on this non- issue is ridiculous.

    I have met OX a few times and thought he came across well with his knowledge of issues. But the combination of OX pandering on bad policy and attacking Karen on a personal baseless nasty level has totally turned me off!

  32. John Konop says:

    It also very important to take into consideration when looking at Erick’s post that the OX TEAM on numerous occasions already spread nasty rumors about Karen because she could not have kids via health reasons. And many on the OX TEAM are the same hit squad spewing the same false nasty rumors when she ran last time.

  33. Bill Simon says:


    OX TEAM on numerous occasions already spread nasty rumors about Karen because she could not have kids via health reasons

    Okay…this is now the 2nd time you have written this. On what occasion did the Ox Team (and, WHO) communicate a rumor such as what you are alluding to?

    • Doug Deal says:

      I heard some Ox folks at the district convention alluding to her not having children. I have heard a number of things from Ox’s campaign helpers that have turned my stomach. I have also heard from friends that have had run-ins with Oxendine, which demonstrate behavior unbecoming of a candidate for Governor. These are the reasons why I am so strong in my opposition to him, and could never support him for anything.

      • GeorgePBurdell says:

        Wow DD, you are about as smart as Erick nowadays. You ‘supposedly’ heard from OX ‘helpers’. wow. That must be the Gospel.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Seeing how you are one of his supporters, I will let the facts speak for themselves.

          Isn’t it interesting that pretty much every pseudonymous troll is Dumb as an Ox.

    • GeorgePBurdell says:

      I have NEVER heard the campaign say one personally negative thing about Karen. Maybe about one of her policies, maybe Diebold, but never a personal attack, in fact, I’ve heard them compliment her personally. Many of the ‘helpers’ are female, and admire how far she has come. Unless you can prove that the campaign has made negative personal comments on Karen, I would ask that you quit just throwing out whatever you all can to hurt everyone’s campaign on a personal level.

      C’mon guys. Grow up a bit. Discuss the issues like adults.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      I haven’t heard John say anything negative about anyone other than when we discussed Hillary, and then he kept it to disagreements on issues. I have talked with Brian Laurens several times over the past few months. He is pumped about the number of people who are supporting OX, but I haven’t heard him or the rest of the team say anything bad about the other GOP candidates. They may have speculated as to what order the all of the candidates will finish in, but I don’t consider that bad.

      I can’t say they haven’t done it, but you asked for a person who hasn’t heard anything negative from them, so I am speaking up. Actually, you said “this” which is a little vague.

  34. Little Elephant says:

    Ok John, George and GOPGeorgia…
    I have personally had conversations with Oxendine staff at a convention where they ridiculed Austin Scott for not having any money or any hope of winning. I also had a run-in with Brian Laurens when he told me that Oxendine was the only “real conservative” the argument ended with him storming off and saying the others were a bunch of phonies. Really? Is this what we should expect for the next year?

    The Oxendine campaign attacks Austin Scott AND calls all the other candidates “not real conservatives”. Oxendine staff are suspected of changing Karen Handel’s Wikipedia entry with lies AND planted a false story with a Washington DC reporter. This is pathetic and childish.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      It’s great that you had these wonderful conversations. Is there anyway to prove that you had them? Do you work for Austin Scott?

      “Oxendine staff are suspected of changing Karen Handel’s Wikipedia entry with lies AND planted a false story with a Washington DC reporter.”

      I suspect you of being in elementary school. My suspicions don’t make it so, do they?

  35. Bill Simon says:


    I haven’t. AND..since you only go to events like the Madison Forum and this blog, I’m curious to know how you’ve been exposed to “OX’s people” in the first damn place.

  36. GeorgePBurdell says:

    First, John is a conservative candidate, and one of if not the most conservative. Certainly more conservative than Karen (Take that however you may)

    Second, I have also heard those on ALL campaigns make comments about how the race will end. Nothing wrong with that. Never heard negative attacks on candidates.

    And again, do we have any proof of whether she got a GED or High School Diploma? It’s not a big deal, but after all this, I’d really like to know!

  37. UGADAWG83 says:

    Folks in the Cherokee area may remember that Brian Laurens worked on Sean Jerguson’s campaign in 2006 against Mary Wilhite. Police were called because Brian was found at a campaign event with Wilhite’s signs folded and vandalized in his car.

    A few weeks later some of Wilhite’s signs were found destroyed with the word”nigger” spraypainted on the signs.

    It seems he has a track record of playing dirty political games and is probably he is the ONLY volunteer to EVER be kicked out of the GA GOP and why he has not had much, if any, campaign work until OX.

  38. Little Elephant says:


    You are right, we should stick to what can be proven:

    Oxendine and Deal spent more of their careers as Democrats than as Republicans. I don’t trust either of those guys.

    Oxendine is before the Ethics Committee for accepting $120,000 from an Alabama businessman. There is plenty of “evidence” for you if you’re interested in looking. I feel like Oxendine would do or say anything to win and that’s not someone that I can support.

    Austin Scott is walking around our state talking with voters while the good old boys are filling up my email with desperate pleas for more money.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      Little E,

      You make me laugh. Oxindine spent most of his career as a Dem? He’s never been elected to public office as one.

      I agree that the whole pac thing stinks, but I’m not sure that he’ll be found guilty of anything or that it’s a game changer. Maybe, maybe not.

      Deal did spend a long time as Dem. From 1980 to 1992, he was a Dem in the state senate and got elected to the position of President Pro-Tempore. That’s 12 years for those who have trouble with math. He has been a member of congress since 1992 and switched to the GOP in 1994. That’s 14 years as a Dem, and 15 as member of the GOP. I also count that as 29 years of public service experience.

      Please explain how both of these guys spent most of their careers as Democrats. This should be fascinating.

      You may like Austin Scott and that’s fine. You didn’t answer if you worked for him or not. Time will tell if campaign time was best spent raising money for a statewide race or taking a walk.

    • Oxendine was 32 when he took office as Georgia’s first Republican Insurance Commissioner in 1995. Nathan Deal switched parties in early 1995 after being re-elected narrowly in 1994 as a Democrat. The first time he was on the ballot as a Republican was 1996.

      Given Doug’s numbers, Deal’s career as a Democrat elected official began when Oxendine was 18. Even if Oxendine considered himself a Democrat since he was old enough to vote until he became a Republican candidate in 1994, then that was 14 years as a Democrat, 7 of which was as a undergrad and law school student.

      That means at max, Oxendine’s post college career as a Democrat was 7 years, age 25 – 32. He’s been a GOP elected official now for 15 years post college.

      Ronald Reagan was a Democrat for a lot longer before becoming a staunch Republican. He never held office as a Democrat, but never hid his Democrat roots.

      Deal’s path to the GOP is more aligned with Sonny Perdue’s, but Oxendine, while a Democrat for most of his 20s was a solid Republican by his early 30s. There are probably a lot of people who can say that.

    • Henry Waxman says:

      Ronald Wilson Reagan used to be a Democrat. I bet you voted against his sorry, turn-coat @ss as well, didn’t you?

  39. SammiGirl says:

    I have been working along side Brian for a couple months and consider him a friend of mine. I cannot find it in me to believe he is behind this at all and I think the fact that his name is being slandered based on theory is tacky. Unless there is concrete proof then why start gossip? Its a blame game. Sounds to me like someone is trying to distract his viewing audience from his own mistakes by posting this story and pointing a finger at an “easy target”, as Brian has been referred to as, and I find the whole thing completely backwards.

    As far as the attacks on the Oxendine campaign, I believe they have handled everything thrown at them with great tact. When you are the front runner the attacks are constant and harsh and as a whole they have all done a great job at staying focused.

  40. Icarus says:

    “I believe they have handled everything thrown at them with great tact. ”

    Really? Would you care to define tact? And bonus points if you can you use it and blame the AJC in the same sentence.

  41. drjay says:

    in the face of numerous attacks, likely originating from the mongering mudslingers at the ajc, it is very impressive how the ox campaign has refrained from physically hurting anyone and how the entire staff, including the new campaign manager continue to exchange oxygen abd co2 with eas and grace…

    if that is not tact, i di not know what is

  42. B Balz says:

    Q: Uponst whom shall I whoop?
    A: The political consulting industry

    I hold all of y’all personally and partially responsible for the sad state of affairs in our Nation, our State, and our GOP. To candidates: You have the right and responsibility to “Just say NO” to your political operative (POLYP) when confronted with clever trickery.

    Campaign funding reform, disallowing legislators to pick their voters vis a vis redistricting, and focusing campaigns on the many pressing issues are prerequisites to actual change. Instead of the ABSURD pap yammered about above.

    Political consulting industry – Murky, costly, unregulated, unknown to most, and yet, a dangerous necessity to become a lawmaker.

    Kingmakers, Inc. history will not treat y’all well.

  43. says:

    Speaking of Sarah Palin…::)) (Sorry, Brian I know nothing about this cloak and dagger activity being spoken here. I would, however, be disappointed if you are the ghost writer for any messages I receive from ‘ John Ox.’ without disclosing your identiy.

    Can I change the subject folks since ultimately Georgia politics will be affected by Sarah Palin’s decision one way or another with her absence from the national scene or her advocacy of even local or state candidates. This is what I wrote for my blog on her resignation. Hope you will check it out.

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