Rasmussen calls Oxendine lead “commanding;” Barnes, “far and away the leader”

Rasmussen Reports released polling data showing that both Barnes and Oxendine are well ahead in the race for their party’s nominations for Governor.

Oxendine is at 35% in the latest poll, with Handel (11%), Deal (10%) and Johnson (3%) well behind. 33% are still undecided more than a year out.

What also helps Oxendine is strong favorability ratings (61%) versus unfavorable (18%). 20% have no opinion. Those numbers have not changed since April, during which time the AJC printed a couple of stories about questionable campaign contributions to the Oxendine campaign.

Rasmussen goes on to say about Oxendine’s next two closest competitors,

“Forty-nine percent (49%) have a favorable view of Handel, with 12% unfavorable. But like all the candidates other than Oxendine, she is little known by many Georgia voters. Thirty-eight percent (38%) say they don’t known enough about Handel to voice an opinion of her.

For Deal, his favorables are 28% and his unfavorables are 14%. But 58% don’t have an opinion about the 16-year congressman.” 

On the Democrat side, the numbers are far more skewed in favor of Barnes. His next closest competitor, AG Thurbert Baker, trails far behind the former Governor.

“State Attorney General Thurbert Baker is a distant second with eight percent (8%) of the vote, followed by House Minority Leader Dubose Porter at five percent (5%).

David Poythress, a former secretary of state in Georgia and unsuccessful candidate for governor in 1998, ties with Carl Camon, the mayor of Ray City, at two percent (2%) each.”

The survey also asked Georgia’s what they thought about current Governor Sonny Perdue.

Perdue is limited by law from running for releection. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of all Georgia voters approve of Perdue’s job performance with 16% who strongly approve. Thirty-nine percent (39%) disapprove, including 14% who strongly disapprove. These numbers are largely unchanged from April.

Also in the April survey, 45% of Georgia voters said the state’s next governor will be a Republican, while 38% predicted a Democrat will win.


  1. Are we really going to go through this for the next YEAR AND A HALF? Look guys… Cagle dropped out, Barnes jumped in… the race is over. Here’s your timeline for the next 18 months:

    (1) Oxendine and Barnes currently have a fundraising advantage over their competitors. Without a major game-changing scandal (and Ox’s doesn’t seem to be enough), this will continue.

    (2) Endorsements stem from whoever has the fundraising advantage. Oxendine and Barnes will rack up the lion’s share of endorsements.

    (3) Grassroot partisan types complain and play coy, pretending that they’ll revolt if the establishment doesn’t heed them. In the end though, they ALWAYS shut up and fall in line. Local politics is all about businessmen wanting influence, and individual ideologues dreaming about political jobs or future campaigns of their own (or simply being invited to the cool events). They want to back the winner and avoid sticking their necks out. Ox and Barnes win their primaries.

    (4) General election voters favor Republicans no matter what, because Georgia is an awfully bigoted state and the Dems are seen as the party of black folks. Oxendine is your next governor.

    (5) Peach Pundit spends the next 18 months chatting about Poythress “succession” talk, and Karen Handle’s college education… because at least it’s something other than the FairTax.

  2. Which is the reason that I said in the very first paragraph, “more than a year out.”

    At this point in 2007, McCain’s campaign was DOA and Barnes and other Georgia Dems were all over John “Baby Daddy” Edwards.

  3. I will say that one of the more interesting things in this poll are Deal’s numbers. Granted, not even I really no much about Deal other than the fact that he’s a Republican and a sitting Congressman. Still, it somehow surprises me that over 40% of my fellow Georgian’s have no opinion on the guy either.

    Handel’s unknown numbers were a little higher than I would have thought also. What DO you have to do to get name recognition in Georgia? (insert joke here)

  4. Jeff says:

    Biggest thing to remember here is that everything is still very much ‘inside baseball’.

    Once people actually see where Ox REALLY stands on everything (such as with ‘Ox and Liberty’), he isn’t NEARLY as popular as this single poll indicates.

    Also note here that ‘undecided’ is, once again, within the MOE of his numbers.

    Of course, since he flat out LIES when he comes in second, of COURSE he’s going to be ignoring that ‘undecided’ is still showing only 2 pts less than him in this one. If ‘undecided’ shifts solidly to ANY of his other competitors, they beat him. (Admittedly unlikely that said entire bloc would swing almost exclusively to ANY single particular candidate.)

    • drjay says:

      i thought i remember reading somewhere that gen poythress was the known liar in this guv race, for some reason that sticks in the back of my mind ,as if i’d seen it written down somewhere perhaps…am i the only one that has heard that?

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Although the entire ‘undecided’ bloc most likely will not swing to one candidate, its movement to the other candidates would certainly make a runoff the best he could hope for. In a one-on-one situation, I think he would lose by a wide margin.

  5. IndyInjun says:

    Gen. Poythress is tied with that dude who brought Dollar General to Ray City

    Now that’s a real scandal!

  6. Sad, just sad.
    However, I’m sure if the “R” for “R” and the “D” for “D” voters tried really, really hard, they might be able to find two worse potential governors to get behind…. maybe not…. typical!

    Hopefully, the average voter will not want “more of the same” and try something new…. I did notice looking at the crosstabs on some of these polls, the number of those that align themselves with “other” party is growing in size… maybe that is the silver lining.

  7. newdayinga says:

    Looks like Deal has alot of work to do. Unlike the other representatives of the 9th District he has been pretty good.

    • Romegaguy says:

      The 9th has more than one Congressman? Maybe Paul Broun could sworn in as a Representative of the 9th

  8. True Grit says:

    “Just because you’re an Insurance Commissioner doesn’t make you a VIABLE candidate statewide.”

    Maybe the fact that Ox has won 4 statewide elections does though.

    • Technocrat says:

      It is not just winning 4 elections but running a Department for 15 years and PICKING good employees.
      To understand John you must go back to his Dixiecrat beginnings……as a student assistant to Governor George Busbee. Oxendine later worked on the campaign staff of Joe Frank Harris, who was elected Governor and appointed Oxendine as Chairman of the State Personnel Board……………
      A position you don’t trust to any ole hack you owe a favor!

      The problem may be that Ox is more Democratic in someways than Barnes.
      Not Fiscally but in the emotional connection with the citizenry, especially the average Joe. After all in Fire Safety and storms/insurance that the bulk of who you see. Minorities understand it and that scares Barnes who must find someway to get him to withdraw.

      • Kellie says:

        He worked on Joe Franks campaign, now that’s just funny. I was 12 at the time and my neighbor was his personal secretary for 20 years so she’d take me and her daughter to work at his campaign office. Ox must have been pretty young then.

      • Dash Riptide says:

        The problem as I see it is that Ox is running for governor from what is an atypical elected office. Only eleven states elect their insurance commissioners. He could have been the Tommy Irvin of insurance commissioners if he had wanted, because the masses would never be motivated to vote him out of that particular office absent a sex or corruption scandal. They just wouldn’t care in great enough numbers. The more prudent move would have been for Ox to run for a more substantial elected office (like Secy of State or Lt. Gov.) immediately before making a run for Governor. That I’m pretty sure he could have pulled off. But running for Governor? That’s quite the leap from his present job, important though it may be.

  9. Truthteller says:

    Uh, is it just me, or is Bill Simon not making sense again?

    “Oxendine won less votes in 2006 than ANY of his Democratic Opposition.”

    Kinda difficult to ‘splain his fourth re-election, Lucy, when Oxendine got 66% of the vote and his Democratic Opposition got 33%.

  10. Truthteller says:

    Uh, is it just me, or is Bill Simon not making sense again? Part 2

    “You are SEXIST for not supporting Handel.”

    Apparently, then, so is 90% of the state right now.

    And half of them are women.

    Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…

    • drjay says:

      you are really stretching there–i think almost any reasonable person would assume he is only talking about the years in which he actually ran–not 08 and 04 when he was not on the ballot…

      • Jeff says:


        Read the entire post. I looked at that issue as well.

        Point blank: Of the last 4 General Elections, period, he got less votes than Democrats in 2 of the 4. (2004 and 2008)

        Of the last 4 General Elections where he was on the ballot, he got less votes than Democrats in 2 of the 4 as well. (1994 and 1998)

      • Jeff says:

        and btw: even if you take the ‘only when he was on the ballot’ stance, he was STILL misleading, at best, when he said

        John Oxendine has received more votes in three of the past four general elections in Georgia than any other single candidate on the ballot of either party.

        Note that does NOT say “John Oxendine has recieved more votes in three of the past four general elections in Georgia where he was on the ballot than any other single candidate on the ballot of either party.”

        • drjay says:

          dude–he did not receive ANY votes in elections where he was not on the ballot–that is so, so lame to even assert as relevant–and yes in 98 irvin got a few hundred votes more than him, so he is off a little there–but the general point he is trying to make is he is a proven, consistent vote getter in statewide races–like i said you’re reaching a bit, but hey, whatever makes you happy…

          • Jeff says:


            Actually, it was nearly 70K more votes that Irvin got over Ox in 98.

            Maybe 70K doesn’t sound like a lot to you, but keep in mind that outside metro Atlanta and the Regional Cities, 70K is more people than in quite a bit of counties. Heck, its possible that 70K is more than the population in a couple of the Regional Cities!

  11. True Grit says:

    Hmmmm….Very interesting fact that Bill Simon’s comments just vanished from the post….You all remember the one…the one where he clearly said “you are SEXIST for not supporting Handel.”

    Draw your own conclusion…….

    • Icarus says:

      There were no posts from Bill Simon.

      Comments were not from Bill, but from an IP address associated with one of our usual suspects.

      There was a troll who made it past the spam filter. The problem has been taken care of.

    • Bill Simon says:

      True Grit,

      I do not know WHAT was said, but it wasn’t posted by me.

      Now…with regards to what you claim regarding the “sexist” comment, I encourage you to FIND that quote because that has never been uttered by me.

      Since you will not be able to, I guess that makes you a liar. Congrats!

  12. YourFutureLeader says:

    This is truly one of the saddest fields of candidates on both sides that Ive seen in a while. Talk about picking the lesser of two idiots…Only good part about this seeing both sides fight within to defend ‘their guy’ who even they probably arent all that pumped about, but hey you gotta get behind somebody and throw mud.

  13. drjay says:

    ok fine 70k–i didn’t read the numbers that closely as they were both over a million–but yes to be accurate he should say “the only dem to get more votes than me in the last 3 elections was irvin back in 98, and we both had over a million a piece” my main issue is you tying to use elections he was not involved in as part of your “proof” it’s just bizarre…

    • Jeff says:

      I’m not the one that said ‘last 4 elections’. Ox did.

      The ‘last 4 elections’ were 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2008.

      Again, this was a deliberate attempt by John Oxendine to mislead the public.

      • Icarus says:

        Jeff, dude, do you really think you are doing yourself or the Libertarian party any favors here?

        You have a penchant for dancing on the heads of pins for your arguments. You see all issues as jet black or snow white. And now you want to call Ox out for saying the last four elections mean the literal last four and not the last four of his elections?


        Why are you avoiding the municipal elections and special elections? I mean, there were also elections in 2007 and 2005. You must be lying too.

        You are marginalizing yourself on a whole new level now.

        Congrats on this great achievement. I really and honestly didn’t think it possible.

        • rugby says:

          Don’t forget special elections.

          How dare you slander The Ox by not including all the races where he earned more votes than his Democratic opponent.

          • Icarus says:

            Then exactly what is the point of your post above at 9:06?

            It’s crap like that that marginalizes your arguments.

          • Jeff says:

            The 9:06 shows that he is misleading. By law, the last 4 general elections were those years, and he was only on the ballot in two of them.

        • Jeff says:

          Legal definition of election and general election:

          OCGA 21-2-2(5) and (8),

          For statewide candidates, refer to OCGA 21-2-9(a), and GA Constitution Article V, Section I, Paragraph II and Article V, Section III, Paragraph I.

          BTW: I’m working on converting the entire GA Constitution to HTML form rather than just the PDF form currently available. Obviously won’t be official, but it IS the exact text of the PDF currently available at the SOS website.

          • Jeff says:

            eh, I prefer to dig for the facts in any matter and base my opinion on nothing other than those facts.

            But hey, if you prefer to use opinions and emotional arguments, go ahead. After all, this country IS supposedly ‘free’.

          • Bill Simon says:


            That margin Icarus describes is getting to be a WIDE chasm of believability to your posts, whether on here, or on SWGA politics (which I gather form your Facebook updates).

            Dude, someone mistakenly claiming winning an election or not being on a ballot does not, in reality, constitute a “lie.” It constitutes an error.

            Contrast that with 98% of YOUR posts where you just whine about sh*t you neither know, nor understand about, and it is clear that your degree of influence on the political scene is nothing much more than an ant crawling around an acre of Georgia clay.

            You would make a better name for yourself if you would study the ways of Jason Pye, rather than your 2-year-old-tantrum-throwing Inner Child.

          • Jeff says:


            Lie, from webster.com:

            “something that misleads or deceives”.

            John Oxendine saying that he has ‘received more votes in three of the past four general elections in Georgia than any other single candidate on the ballot of either party’ is certainly BOTH misleading AND deceptive.

            As far as the stuff I write about, build a case and refute any of it, you are more than welcome to do so anywhere you so choose, and I’ll even post it under the ‘Publius’ account on SWGAPolitics.com if you’d like. I have ZERO problems with open discussion.

            Unlike most politicians and political operators…

      • drjay says:

        “Again, this was a deliberate attempt by John Oxendine to mislead the public.”

        because he’s trying to trick us into thinking he was on the ballot when he was not up for reelection?

        i have already agreed w/ you the 98 race he was not the highest vote getter–and should modify his statement–but give the 04 and 08 thing a rest…

        • drjay says:

          2004, 2008, GENERAL ELECTIONSSSSS……..

          listen up PEOPLE…..

          more trickery and deception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • Bill Simon says:


          You have to EARN my time for me to wish to engage on SWGA. Your posts are not remotely interesting to engage with you. Just a bunch of blah-blah-blah-Handel LIES!…blah-blah-blah…Oxendine LIES!….blah-blah-blah–Shafer LIES!

          And, if I did, it would be under my own name.

          • Jeff says:


            Combined so far I’ve probably written MAYBE up to 25 posts on either Handel, Ox or Shafer. That is of 358 total posts on the site, 178 written by me.

            In fact, I’ve written nearly as much commentary on bills as I have on any facet of the GOV race – and my bill commentary is something I have seen no one else even attempt, much less get half way through, as I have already done.

            Contrary to popular belief, I CAN shut up occasionally, and I’m going to do so now, for the moment at least. 😀

          • Jeff says:

            Correction to my 2:41: I just checked, and I have a total of 29 posts directly about Handel, Ox, or Shafer. 23 of those are Ox, 7 Handel, and only 1 Shafer.

          • Icarus says:

            So in the first post, you lied?

            YOU LIED?

            I can’t believe you would treat us like that.

            I threw up in my mouth a bit just thinking about it.

            Jeff lied to us.


          • Jeff says:


            Yes, I lied in the first post – and I checked as soon as I finished typing it and was back here within 4 min with a correction. Should I know prostrate myself before the gods of PeachPundit and beg for forgiveness?

            Doug, you’re welcome 🙂

  14. Joshua Morris says:

    In response to comments about the field of candidates, let me make something very clear: Congressman Deal is a solid, principled conservative. He doesn’t say things just to appease a certain voting bloc. He says what he believes based on very clear and distinct beliefs. I would challenge some of you to read some of his speeches. While dealing with the issues of the day, he teaches his audience. That’s what conservatives need today–someone who knows what conservatism is and can show its application to the concerns we face.

    People outside the 9th District are just now beginning to get to know Nathan Deal, and I fully expect his numbers to climb steadily over the next year. On top of being principled, he’s a really nice guy with an aptitude for speaking and connecting with an audience.

    Regardless of how anyone feels about the rest of the field, Georgia would do well to have Deal in the Governor’s Mansion.

    • YourFutureLeader says:

      “He says what he believes based on very clear and distinct beliefs. I would challenge some of you to read some of his speeches.”

      You hit the name on the head Josh and its also my biggest issue with him. He can talk a lot but there is no walk to him.

      Here are the current bills he’s sponsored in the 111th;
      H.R. 1868 is a repeat that he dropped in the 109th (HR 698) which attempts to deny citizenship to any child born on US soil whose parents are not either US citizens or have permanent resident status. An idea which I think is outlandish and continues to ignore the problem with immigration and is another bandaid appeasing move. Which you say he doesn’t do, but this resolution which he knows has no chance of ever passing, does just that by appeasing a growing number of upset people who have lost their jobs in recent months. But you say he truly believes it, so we’ll let that go now.

      In fact in all his 16 years of congress, Rep. Deal has sponsored 0 total bills in the US House of Representatives. Im sorry but I can’t get behind that kind of inaction.

        • YourFutureLeader says:

          I am relatively sure considering I know the difference between a bill and a resolution. HR stands for House Resolution, HB stands for House Bill. Yet Im the one misinformed….interesting…

          Im still waiting for this proof of him walking his talk through actual legislative action. Do you have any or is this just the pick a guy and throw mud thing that I referenced above?

          • Joshua Morris says:

            govtrack must not know the difference, either. Have you noticed that some of these “resolutions” have the word ‘Act’ in them? House Resolutions can change law.

            Deal has done a lot of work on the committee level that you’ll never know about. His colleagues will tell you this–that’s why all but one from GA are backing him. It’s amazing that you think bill sponsorships are the only gauge of one’s work in Congress.

            Looks like you’re doing the “pick a guy and throw mud thing” that you referenced above.

    • ready2rumble says:

      What has he accomplished, and why are the folks in his district better off now, than when he was first sworn in to congress?

      What were his achievements in his long tenure as a democrat in state politics?

      How old will he be if he actually get’s sworn in?

      • Joshua Morris says:

        He’s not been governor of the district–he’s been a member of the U.S. Congress. Our Nation has been better off for his efforts against illegal immigration, against gun control, for tax cuts & spending cuts, for school choice and local control, etc. He has been a conservative voice–not on cable news, but on Capitol Hill.

        Others older than I could tell you more about Deal’s State Senate experience, but it seems he was a leader having been voted President Pro Tem by his colleagues.

        He’ll be 67 when he is sworn in.


      • YourFutureLeader says:

        So wait a second, let me get this straight, because Im apparently uninformed and all. But in other words your going to pull on a very very thin line of logic because the resolution has the word “Act” in it? Wow…I must say Ive been known to twist some things now and again but even I don’t go that far.

        As for picking a guy and throwing mud, I would love to see you defend that claim because I have picked no guy. Ive made comments about Ox’s PAC trangressions, Handel’s lack of experience, Barnes’s screwing over of the teachers, and Porter’s in ability to understand why his small town charm won’t work in the big city lights of Atlanta during a campaign.

        You were the one who picked a guy and claimed he was the best choice, and how he talked some good lines and what not. But when asked to simply prove that fact, you’ve instead resorted to insults, and insinuations, that’s also what we like to call mudslinging.

        But back on point here, you mention the committee work Deal has done, what is it? And Bill sponsorship is not the only guage of a congressman, but its the one I started with, and now that the point has been made about it, we can move on to the next one, which is all this wonderful committee work you’re now touting. So let’s see it…

  15. Georgia Judge says:

    I think the congressman is going to have an uphill battle defending his Washington credentials.Good guy,but poor timing to be running for the Gov position.

  16. Technocrat says:

    Who ever makes it past the Primary will realize the job of Governor is not what it use to be………….the goodtimes are over! All that remains is the work of dismantling the run away social spending of the past 20 years.
    Overseeing the elimination of 20% of state emplyees won’t be fun, but removing all of Perdue’s hacks will be the only bright day in an otherwise miserable existence.

    I expect to see more Governors [besides SC] freakout and try to run away when they realize what is coming.

    Georgia without an EXPORTABLE ENERGY SOURCE [wind, coal, gas, oil, nuclear, tidal, solar] will be a mighty expensive and cold place in winter.
    But it is harder to freeze to death in the lowland South than other places.

  17. Technocrat says:

    “With the recession still going strong, state tax collections fell an average of nearly 20 percent during the first five months of this year.”…………………….
    “The $18.6 billion spending plan Perdue signed last month is $2.5 billion less than the fiscal 2009 budget the General Assembly adopted in April of last year.”

    Hopefully members see that a TRUELY balanced budget without Federal bailout funds would be ~~~ $16.5 Billion.
    Since their is always a lag getting down to $15.5 Billion would be prudent.

    A 25% smaller PIE for the next Governor.

  18. SFrazier says:

    Ox is probably less viable than your beloved conservative sellout McCain. Why do you always support the sellout conservatives. Looks like you may be a sellout conservative.

    A year from now Nathan Deal will be in a commanding lead. Ox is to dumb and to ugly to be Governor. He talks out both sides of his mouth constantly in that annoying girly squeky voice.

  19. ReaganRepublican says:

    Every PP idiot is suppoting Oxendine. Kelly, NorthGaindy, Debbie, True Grit, Sheppard…. the list goes on and on…….

  20. Technocrat says:

    ” a more substantial elected office (like Secy of State or Lt. Gov.) ”
    Now I agree about Lt. Gov, but Sec of State is even more a LESS Substantial Office purely Administrative with less person to person contact.
    But any Constitution Office is what you make of it and given a few more terms I’m sure Handel could redesign it and tour the state 5 days per week.
    Fire Safety and Insurance is the ideal touring job if your consitution can stand it.
    Most historical Govs came from State Legislature not CONGRESS.
    Only Zell and Lester were recent LT. Govs
    Joe Frank, Zell, Barnes and the OX are Methodists so nothing to see there.

    Maybe someone can research how many came from where?

    • Dash Riptide says:

      Sec of State is even more a LESS Substantial Office purely Administrative with less person to person contact.

      Joe Sixpack doesn’t get that. Joe Sixpack thinks it’s like Hillary Clinton’s job, except it’s just for Georgia. And Obama doesn’t even have an Insurance Secretary. What’s up with that?

      Anybody who runs for Secretary of State does so because it looks good on the resume. It doesn’t matter that the office is just a mish-mash of bureaucracies that run themselves. That’s actually a perk of the job.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Dash…you’ve just said more words in one post than you’ve said in 3 months on PP.

    You’re cut-off until the first of July. This is TOO much to absorb from you in one sitting.

    • Dash Riptide says:

      Obviously that wasn’t me. I’m pretty sure it was one of the usual suspects posting as me. It happens.

  22. ReaganRepublican says:

    Ox is a sellout. TG, what was the last winning campaign that you were on? Oxendines campaign has assembled every looser out there….. Eat a salad or something, put down that cake…. Show a little discipline and stop embarrassing the party.

    • Kellie says:

      I wouldn’t go that far RR. It’s interesting that you and TG have similar writing styles. Do you hold the same position in your camps?

    • True Grit says:

      I haven’t done anything to embarrass anyone RR. It seems you are the one lacking in discipline and are REALLY in need of spell check. “Looser?”

      Further, do you define your namesake as a “sellout”? If I recall my history, Reagan was a liberal Democrat for many years who supported FDR and The New Deal and did not switch to being Republican until 1962.

      • ReaganRepublican says:

        That was before Reagan found Christ looser…..Even as a GOP governor he was somewhat liberal. God got hold of him in the 70’s you idiot….

        • The 1970s huh? So after the 1964 speech for Goldwater that launched his political career? You’re saying that Reagan was a Godless liberal in 1964 when he said this nation has a rendezvous with destiny. Very interesting.

        • Doug Deal says:

          If you think any event in the 70’s formed Reagan’s core opinions, you are living in a fantasy world.

          He was a rabid anti-communist from the 30’s and toured the country while still a Democrat, giving speeches he wrote himself about the virtues of limited government and economic freedom.

          His own belief was that he did not change, the Democratic party changed. Even Roosevelt, in the height of the New Deal had nothing on the Democrats of today.

  23. And Georgia’s Secretaries of State have had real great luck running for Governor as well. They typical Georgia Governor is a former state senator, which would seem to favor Eric Johnson. Lt. Governor has also not been a great leaping off point. Zell was Lt. Gov. for 16 years and had lost a couple of tries for the mansion, even to lessor known state senators.

    If we called the Insurance Commissioner’s office “State Treasurer,” (in addition to insurance, the Georgia Ins. Commissioner holds the office here that is called State Treasurer in other states) it might be viewed differently.

    The real point I’m making is that the Constitutional officers have faired poorly in the Governor’s race compared to those who have held other offices, most notably, state senators.

      • Very true, but it’s been close to 20 years since Nathan has been one. Of course, Barnes was a State Senator as well, but went back to the House after his 1990 primary loss to Zell. Barnes ran in 1998 as a House member, which should give a little hope to Austin Scott. However, Barnes’s previous statewide run probably was the bigger factor.

        Also keep in mind that Barnes, the state house member, beat Lewis Massey, the statewide elected SoS. Part of that was due to Massey dropping out of the runoff. In theory, Massey should have had the fresher statewide organization since he won in a special election in 1996 while Barnes had last run statewide in 1990.

        My point though is basically this…while there are some trends that repeat in Georgia’s electoral process, there are no hard and fast rules.

          • True Kellie, but that’s only a recent rule.

            Also, I did look up the last time a sitting U.S. Congressman was elected Governor. It was Congressman Alexander Stephens who was elected to the U.S. House after having served as VP of the Confederacy. He resigned his House seat in 1882 when he was elected Governor. He died 4 months after taking office.

            The last statewide office holder (besides Lt. Gov.) to be elected Governor was Eugene Talmadge who was Ag. Commissioner before running for Governor.

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