July 4th Tea Party canceled

From the tipline:

The Atlanta Tea Party was forced to cancel it’s Independence Day celebration in Gwinnett, after losing it’s location due to the objection of Gwinnett Place Mall (a Simon company.) The Tea Party had been scheduled to take place in the parking lot of the old Macy’s building at Gwinnett Place since March.

“It is unfortunate the event had to be canceled,” said Julianne Thompson, event co-organizer. She continued, “The old Macy’s building is on private property, and not owned by Simon Malls, however the mall manager asked the property owner and I to come in the office on Thursday of this week, and told us Simon does not want political events on it’s property. They were also concerned about the fact we were using the term “protest.” Although the event was on private property, the mall was able to assert authority on the matter due to reciprocal property easement agreements.”

Event Co-Chair Debbie Dooley stated, “Our Atlanta Tea Party team tried for the next day and a half to find an alternative location large enough for the event, and with the proper layout for our vendors, children’s activities, and fireworks show, but we could not find anything suitable that would have been available on July 4th.”

Thompson said, “We want to thank everyone in Gwinnett who worked hard to try to make this event a success: Judi Quigley, Bill Simon, Mark Williams (Printing Trade Company,) Kathy Hildebrand, Theresa Kenerly, Brett Harrell, and George Thorndyke (who was graciously allowing us to use his property free of charge, and sponsoring fireworks.) I also want to thank the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District for welcoming us to the area, and the Gwinnett and 7th District GOP for promising volunteers for the event.”

Dooley stated, “The most important thing to do at this point is to stay on message, so we are joining forces with the Cobb for a large metro-area Tea Party on Friday, July 3rd, at 6 PM. The event is at Jim Miller Park at 2245 Callaway Road in Marietta. For information on the event, contact Cobb organizer Ben Mihalski at 770-726-7188, or visit www.cobbteaparty.com.”

If you are not in the Metro Atlanta area, then please attend a Tea party near you. For more information, please visit www.teapartypatriots.org Thompson added, “The Atlanta Tea Party has a great team and is already planning for the July 17th Tea Party Patriots Protests at Congressional offices all across Georgia over nationalized healthcare. We will work hard to make sure our voices are heard and our message is clear.”


  1. MediaGuyAtl says:

    It will be hard to do in the Atlanta area, since Simon owns a number of properties here. But, I will do my part and avoid spending a dime at any Simon property in the future. If I was a store at Gwinnett Place, I would be furious! Here is a great chance of getting a helluva a lot more business, especially at a mall that has seen its’ heyday. I bet if you could find the owners of Simon you’d find Obama supporters. This is so sad. Why do Democrats fear the Tea Parties?

  2. c_murrayiii says:

    Maybe a better statement we could make as free citizens on this Independence Day would be a stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran? They are struggling against a corrupt, tyrannical regime right now, much as we did over 200 years ago in our Revolution. Perhaps instead of protesting the rising spending and future taxes that started 4 years ago, we could declare our support for the Iranian people in a message that is more positive and looks less partisan. Just a suggestion….

  3. Bill Simon says:


    Something to ponder: If the mainstream press has the propensity to lie and misreport the facts here with as much frequency as they do, why are we necessarily putting our faith in what they are reporting about Iran?

    I don’t speak Arabic. I’m not sure what is being translated. I’m not sure what those folks are protesting, and I’m not sure I’m getting the whole or even part of the factual story.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    No, Rugby, it’s called maintaining the constant state of being inconsistent in the reporting of anything and everything. That is what CNN thrives on and MSNBC, et al. thrive on.

    • rugby says:

      So if you pick up a paper and read about the protests or anything else you simply just don’t trust any of it? So if you heard on the news in early November last year Barack Obama won you were skeptical? That’s not paranoia, or irrational how?

      (And I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure how much you’ve read about the Iranian protests considering the ethnicity of the candidates has been a key point in all the stories and has been widely reported, yet you make a fundamental mistake in saying you can’t read Arabic. So I’m not sure how much information worth reading you’ve actually read about the protests or fraudulent election. Not saying you haven’t read anything but it is odd. Maybe pot calling kettle black here? However I digress…)

      • Bill Simon says:

        Don’t read the paper too much, or watch TV news.

        JUST pondering, Rugby. Just using my brain a little bit more rather than consume everything around me as the absolute truth. I’m into maximizing truthiness. You should be too, but apparently you’re a committed member of the media illuminati and don’t want to stretch your mind just the weeist of bits.

  5. seenbetrdayz says:

    The media has been putting a lot of pressure on Obama to ‘get tougher’ about the issue. I’m not so sure how much tougher we can afford to get.

    I think that the Democrats (in Congress, and on Peach Pundit, apparently) really need to re-examine how they want to approach this issue, especially when the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pushing for the same Bush-era version of foreign policy.

    I don’t change my underwear as often as the two major parties change roles.

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    The Right seems to have forgotten a history lessun from the Gulf War. Encouraging oppressed people to rise up has consequences. It wasn’t long ago whn Poppy Bush encouraged the Shia in Basra to rebel against Saddam Hussein as the the Gulf War was ending. When they stood up to Saddam, the US blinked and did not provide any military assistance. Saddam crushed them.

    Unless we are prepared to offer assistance the US should be very cautious. Frankly we don’t have the resources or the stomach to go after Iran. We didn’t under Bush and I centainly doubt we will with Obama.

  7. c_murrayiii says:

    Normally Bill, I would mistrust the media, however I have been reading reports of the events in Iran from mainly British news sources and other news sites from around the world, not the American media. The British seem to have good contacts within Iran, and you can’t dispute the video and photos taken from cell phones of Iranian people that have leaked out. I also think the part of the reason Ahmadinajerk rigged the election was the cushy treatment he was getting and expected to get from Obama. Now, I don’t advocate direct US intervention, the last time we did that in Iran it ended up backfiring (it took almost thirty years, but it was bad). I just think we should isolate the Iranian regime, attack the computer systems of the Iranian government (as they and the Chinese do to us now) and encourage the people through other channels.

  8. GOPGeorgia says:


    I think you are posting in the wrong thread, but for clarifications sake, do you mean when Iranians took Americans hostage as our last intervention?

    • c_murrayiii says:

      No, I meant when us and the Brits helped the shah overthrow the democratically elected government in 1953. The hostages and the Islamic Revolution were the delayed response to that intervention

  9. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Darn, the July 4th tea party cancelled.

    I guess I will have to keep supporting our troops in Iraq with my tax dollars! God forbid!

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Julianne Thompson will appear on the Glenn Beck Show today at 5:40 pm to talk about the cancellation. She actually dealt with Simon Mall on this.

    We have been getting phone calls from all over the US from people upset about this….

  11. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Thank God for Glenn Beck! The billionaire owner of Simon properties is a huge fund raiser and donor to the DNC and Prompterbama. So he decides on June 19th not to allow the “protest” Tea Party. Interesting timing of the cancellation seeing how the event is July 4th. My BS meter is now pegged!

    While Simon is hosting July 4th celebrations all over the country, Simon decides to force one cancelled, Tea Party anyone? If I had a store at Gwinnett Place Mall, I would be furious. Nothing like telling 15 to 20K potential customers that they are not welcome! Goodbye Simon properties! Will update with a list of all the properties in the Atlanta area.

    This should be bumped back up to the top!

    • rugby says:

      Too bad malls and other public places typically tend to avoid political events from being held on their property to avoid controversy and pissing off more people than the Tea Pissyfitters, I mean Tea Baggers, erm, Tea Partiers.

      One of my friends who volunteered for John Lewis last year told me they couldn’t pass out stickers at one of Simon Mall’s properties on the Fourth last year so the Republican victimhood can’t work here.

      The response to this proves that there isn’t a mature, grown-up skin cell in the Tea Pissyfitter movement.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Perhaps Simon Prop. wasn’t aware that 4th of July parties are protest parties of a type as well….the kind that say we like our freedom, Mr.Obama.

  13. MediaGuyAtl says:

    Here’s the list of Simon Properties in Georgia

    Mall of Georgia
    The Mall of Georgia Crossing
    Discover Mills
    North Georgia Premium Outlet
    Gwinnett Place Mall
    Northlake Mall
    Phipps Plaza
    Lenox Square Mall
    Town Center at Cobb

        • Kellie says:

          I’ll do the Dollar General for cleaning supplies but the list above is every mall I know of. I don’t have that kind of dedication. Besides, will it hurt Simon? No, it will hurt the retailers that I am trying my best to support.

          • Dash Riptide says:

            I guess the thing to do is to picket on the 4th instead. I hear they’ll be setting off bottle rockets or somesuch at Lenox that day.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            Well, there’s always good ole Lakeshore Mall. 🙂 There’s also Northpoint if you dome mind driving a little.

          • Kellie says:

            I didn’t notice that North Point wasn’t on that list. Thanks Josh.
            As for Lakeshore, I’ll go to Penny’s; That’s it. And only during day light.
            It is more of a “hall” than a “mall”.

  14. MediaGuyAtl says:

    You’re so right about the retailers, it’s not their fault. However, next time you’re in a store, mention to the retailer your displeasure in Simon Properties and the way they handled this situation. The more they hear about it there is a chance that they might think twice before doing it again!

    I’m upset since the Atlanta Tea Party folks did everything right back in March. I’ve been hearing promos about the event since May! Then two weeks before the event it has to be canceled, for some legal mumbo jumbo easement stuff. Now that can be a bit irritating, especially for folks like Julianne Thompson. I bet she is not making a dime on the event for all her work.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Retailers are generally locked-in to leasing contracts with mall owners.

    Julianne was never intending to make a dime or a nickel off of this venture. She poured a whole lot of time and effort into it, though, which cannot be recovered.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Nobody made a dime off the Tea Party. We are all volunteers and don’t receive one dime in compensation.

    Julianne did a great job on Glen Beck this afternoon. Our phones have been ringing off the hook from calls all over the United States..

    We also found out today that the agreement/covenant referenced to stop the Tea Party at Gwinnett Place Mall expired in 2004. We did not find out until today. We could have proceeded with the Tea Party and Simon could not have stopped us. You learn from your mistakes, next time we will consult with an attorney…

    • Doug Deal says:

      If they mis-represented themselves, they may have exposed themselves to liability. I am not a lawyer, but maybe there is room to make them “sorry”.

      • Dash Riptide says:

        Chilling speech and assembly based on a mistake (or deliberate misrepresentation) of law? It’s a constitutional scholar’s wet dream. Or so I would assume.

  17. AubieTurtle says:

    Who does the property the event was to take place on actually belong to? Did the tea party folks have a signed agreement with them? If so, can they be held responsibile for damages for canceling the event based on an expired agreement with the mall? Even if the agreement with the mall was still valid, couldn’t the property owner be held responsible for not disclosing that when the agreement with the event planners was signed (provided of course that there actually was an agreement in place).

    • rugby says:

      I’d imagine the error would be placed on the mid-level manager who didn’t know about Simon’s procedures.

      I’d also be willing to bet that Simon holds the rights to cancel at any time for any reason an event previously scheduled to take place on, in, or at a property owned, maintained, or otherwise managed by Simon Properties.

      So there really would be no case because a private business didn’t want to alienate a larger group of customers than the Tea Pissypanters.

      • AubieTurtle says:

        Perhaps I’m just missing something. If they had a contract, there should be someone who is held responsible for breaking that contract and able to be taken to court. If they didn’t have a contract, well that was careless for an event that has been said would attract a crowd of 20,000.

      • Bill Simon says:

        Rugby and Aubie,

        The event itself was going to take place on private property contracted well in advance of the event.

        In order to get to the private property, one had to traverse through roads and parking lots owned by Simon Properties. Simon decided to make-up a story regarding easements to prevent the attendees from using their parking lots (which are amazingly EMPTY on a day like July 4th for some bizarre reason…) on the 4th.

        Ergo, Simon Properties just showed their rear-ends.

  18. GOPGeorgia says:

    I am curious as to exactly what the attorney has to say. Perhaps the Gwinnett Place Mall will be renamed Gwinnett Place Freedom Mall.

    What is the monetary value of prohibiting the free speech of 20,000 people?

    • Dash Riptide says:

      Folks in the know call the Gwinnett County Justice Center the “Law Mall” because a tax specific to GPM paid for it and it’s designed like a mall. Or so I’m told.

  19. MediaGuyAtl says:

    I love the name calling Rugby. Bill Simon I also love your take on July 4th celebrations.

    I wonder what would happen if say a Democratic group was planning a large “protest” party at Gwinnett Place and just two weeks before the event, a Republican donor and fundraiser, who owned the property, canceled it. I bet there would have been some outrage from the other side. I’m just saying…

    Why are Democrats so afraid of the Tea Parties? Why are they so afraid to allow debate on the issues? Obama does it with his media enablers like ABC and their prime time specials. Pelosi/Reid ram bills through Congress before anyone can read them, let alone debate them. The two party system is definitely broken and I think people are concerned what this country is becoming.

    • rugby says:

      If by “July 4th celebrations” you mean a celebration (using that term really liberally) that happens to take place on July 4–that being the Tea Party–no problem. Don’t think I ever mentioned anything about an Independence Day celebration. If there was any indication the Tea Parties achieved anything and were actually a serious attempt at influencing the political process I’d start giving them some respect.

      Would Democrats be pissed? Probably, I don’t know for sure but I would have to assume yes.

      The rest of your post is just blah blah blah blah whine whine whine.

      • Bill Simon says:


        If there was any indication the Tea Parties achieved anything and were actually a serious attempt at influencing the political process I’d start giving them some respect.

        They started in February of this year. They will grow bigger and bigger.

        NOW, the thing is, they won’t actually “influence” the political process until about 2010 when the communication level gets quite high and more people are get more and more involved over the next 12 to 17 months.

        And, when elections start occuring, influence might happen.

        SO, continue burying your piddling little head in the sand and ignore a growing movement. We don’t actually need your “respect” to exist.

  20. seenbetrdayz says:

    If the Tea Parties are genuinely rallying around the prospect of liberty, then Rugby has a legitimate concern about them, because there’s an overwhelming attraction to liberty whenever it is presented as a choice to the American people, and the people in power now will find themselves out on their arses come 2010.

    If the Tea Parties are nothing but megaphones for the Republican party to get back into power so it can continue to trample our Constitution and our liberties with a conservative brand of tyranny, then Rugby has nothing to worry about, because it will only attract the most die-hard of Republican banner wavers; the people have had enough of Republicans who claim to be what they aren’t.

  21. seenbetrdayz says:

    (From what I have seen, not all of the Tea Parties are based on the non-partisan issue of freedom. Whenever I see someone from the current establishment attending one, it makes me wanna puke).

  22. Kellie says:

    It has mad me mad when every politician shows up for the Tea Parties and is allowed to make speaches. They are the problem! There should not be any politicians speaking!

  23. GOPGeorgia says:

    I have been told that elected office holders are invited to attend, but on July 4th, they want average folks speaking out. The office holders can listen instead of speak.

  24. debbie0040 says:

    Julianne Thompson on the Glenn Beck show yesterday talking about the Atlanta Tea Party cancellation

  25. Bill Greene says:

    Georgia Freedom Keepers Rally & Tea Party – July 4th – Atlanta

    All Citizens are encouraged to attend the Georgia Freedom Keepers Rally & Tea Party at the Georgia State Capital.

    Event Details:

    Georgia Freedom Keepers Rally & Tea Party

    Date: July 4th, 2009

    Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm

    Location: Georgia State Capitol – Washington St.

    Sponsors: Campaign For Liberty; US Citizens Party; Retake Congress; We The People Congress; Restore The Republic; Tea Party Patriots; RightMarch.com; Just Jenny; and others.

    Please rally to support the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Personal Liberties, Sound Money, a Free Market System Economy, and state sovereignty. Help US Speak OUT Against: Unconstitutional & Unfair Taxation; The International Banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System; Large, Out of Control Government; Bailouts ofBanks & Corporations; Monumental Deficits; Elected Officials who support Socialistic Government and forced re-distribution of wealth; Lack of strong Immigration Policy; Nationalization of Banks, Corporations, Health Care, and more. Have your voices heard, share your concerns, and support OUR Constitutional Government, liberties, and our fight against BIG GOVERNMENT.

    Bring your protest signs, voices, hearts, and friends to help US take our nation back!!


  26. debbie0040 says:

    The Cobb Tea Party organizer said they do not want protest signs at their event because it is more educational.

    If people want a protest to attend we are sending them to the one at the Capitol or one of the ones below. The one at the Capitol is shaping up to be a rip roaring protest and fun…

    PEACHTREE CITY http://www.ptcteapartypatriots.org/

    LOGANVILLE/WALTON COUNTY Loganville, GeorgiaSaturday, July 4, 2009 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM or until the fireworks are over The Loganville American LegionAmerican Legion Loganville Post 233 – 4632 Atlanta Hwy., Loganville, GARSVP Count 0 –>Patrick Acree (organizer) 404)317-8131 / 770)466-3683 (organizer phone)

    ROME – Rome GARome, GeorgiaSaturday, July 4, 200910:30am – 12:30pmOpis Waterfront Grill112 West 2nd AveRSVP Count 0 –>Layla Shipman (organizer) 706-235-0914 (organizer phone)

    GRIFFIN – Spalding County Tea PartyGriffin, GeorgiaSaturday, July 4, 200911 Am until 1 PMSpalding County Courthouse Griffin, Ga119 E. Solomon StRSVP Count 0 –>Kathy Harper (organizer) 770-843-3399 (organizer phone)

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