Honoring our fallen heroes

I received the following email from Mike Morton, Chairman of the Floyd County Republican Party, regarding Sgt. Jeffrey Jordan’s funeral arrangements:

The arrangements for honoring Sgt. Jeffrey Jordan’s return home are being completed. The services include:

On Thursday between 0900 and 1100, Sgt Jordan’s remains will arrive at Russell Field.

A procession led by the Patriot Guard Riders will take the body to Henderson and Sons Funeral Home on Maple Street near Lindale. It is presumed the route will be Martha Berry Highway South, left on Turner McCall Boulevard, right on Broad Street to 2nd Avenue. Left onto 2nd Ave. to Maple Street to Henderson and Sons.

Visitation will be held at Henderson and Sons Thursday afternoon or evening. Contact Henderson and Sons for times.

Services will be held Friday 1100 at Pleasant Valley South Baptist Church. Interment will be afterward at Oak Knoll Cemetery.

Please check Rome News-Tribune and other news sources Wednesday and Thursday to confirm this information or any changes.

It is hoped that the community will honor and respect Sgt. Jordan by lining the procession route from Russell Field to Henderson and Sons. The Russell Field/Armuchee portion and Broad Street areas are particularly appropriate. Flags, prayers, and salutes will be warranted and everyone is encouraged to be there and have a flag.

God bless Sgt. Jordan and the family and thank you all for honoring them.

Mike Morton
Floyd County Republican Party


  1. Rick Day says:

    Because it is important to know that Mike Morton who-just-so-happens-to-have-blindly-supported-the-previous-administration-that-killed-this-soldier is press releasing on this tragedy as if he had anything personal to do with the arrangements.

    0900….who does he think he is, Lt. Fuzz? Does he get the connection between being active in the GA Republican Party, and the death of this man?

    You guys will wrap your bloody war flag around any issue or body. There is no end to your desperation.

  2. Clint Austin says:

    Rick Day,

    “The previous administration that killed this soldier.” So you’re one of the weak willed people who even opposes the war in Afghanistan?

    Until you stand a post, respectfully suggest shutting your trap about anything to do with a fallen man. Tougher men and women will go do the job of protecting your disrespectful and weak self, but in the meantime be assured that your kind of weakness is what invites attacks on this country.


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