Bobby Cox – “He’s the best there is”

Three minutes before midnight Monday evening, Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox added yet another reason why he’s destined for baseball’s hall of fame; his 2,000th win as the Braves’ manager.

David Ross’s bases-loaded infield hit with one out in the 15th inning brought merciful conclusion to a 7-6 Braves win against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Turner Field, where several thousand fans stayed till the end of the marathon.

“Just another notch in his Hall-of-Fame belt,” said Chipper Jones, whose third homer in two days helped the only major league manager he’s played for reach another milestone. “He’s the best there is, and we’re all happy for him.

“Sorry it took five hours to get it for him, but I think he’ll take it.”

O’Brien, David (2009-6-9). “Braves win extra-innings thriller over Pirates“. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Let’s just, for a moment, forget all the questionable decisions Bobby Cox has made during his long managerial career.

To quote the band Nickelback, look at this photograph:

Between 1991 and 2005, the Braves won fourteen consecutive division titles, five National League pennants and one world championship.

To put it another way, the Braves captured their first division championship when I was seven years old attending Woodland Elementary in what was then unincorporated Sandy Springs. The team won their last N.L. East title in 2005 shortly before my twenty-second birthday and just a few months after Sandy Springs residents overwhelmingly approved incorporation of their community.

While the Braves roster changed many times over the years, one constant remained the same; Bobby Cox at the helm.

Before Bobby retires, I’d like to see the Braves win one more world championship. Until then, I’ll just enjoy hearing him cheer his players on from the dugout, watching the patented “Bobby Cox waddle” out to mound for the Cingular Wireless “Call to the Bullpen” and seeing him ejected from the game in –what is now– record-setting fashion.


  1. AKA Progressive Dem says:

    There will never be another. Congratulations to Bobby. An unbelievable achievment.

  2. ByteMe says:

    It’s not just 14 division championships in a row… it’s 14 in a row in an era of free agency and people having no long-term ties to their team.

    An amazing feat and Bobby was the glue that kept all the parts working together.

  3. Dash Riptide says:

    I’m no Bobby Cox fan. Before Bobby came along, if you called the front office and asked what time the game started, they’d ask, “What time is good for you?” I for one miss the convenience.

  4. Just_A_Grunt says:

    I would like to think Leo Mazzone, the long time pitching coach, was also an integral part of Bobby Cox’s and the Braves success over that span. Of course the Braves won their World Championship with quite a collection of what would be considered misfits, and for that Bobby Cox deserves credit, which always make me wonder how he wasn’t able to repeat that success when he had much more talented players.

  5. DTK says:

    “Very humble man, great example of outstanding character.”

    Except when he’s pushing his wife around.

  6. Technocrat says:

    People who waste time on spectator sports?

    Instead of studying science every free moment is confusing to us nerds.

    Sports is like cheering on your favorite POLITICAL TEAM.
    “This intuition is confirmed by studies showing that people tend to use new information to reinforce their preexisting views on political issues, while discounting evidence that runs counter to them . . . Although some scholars view such bias as potentially irrational behavior . . . , it is perfectly rational if the goal is not to get at the “truth” of a given issue in order to be a better voter, but to enjoy the psychic benefits of being a political “fan.”

  7. travelindemga says:

    Bobby Cox—-sure, great manager.

    However, never really learned how to manage a bullpen.
    However, fell in love with scrubs like Lockhart, Tucker, Moylen, etc.
    However, should have won more world series championships.
    However, still a dang good manager.

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