In Memoriam

American Revolution

4,435 battle deaths

War of 1812

2,260 battle deaths

Indian Wars

1,000 battle deaths

Mexican War

1,733 battle deaths

Civil War

140,414 Union battle deaths
74,524 Confederate battle deaths

Spanish-American War

385 battle deaths

World War I

53,402 battle deaths

World War II

291,557 battle deaths

Korean War

33,741 battle deaths

Vietnam War

47,424 battle deaths

Desert Shield/Desert Storm

147 battle deaths


463 battle deaths to present

Iraq War

3,760 battle deaths to present



  1. Technocrat says:

    While military deaths are sad and needless waste so are many other deaths:
    Annual vehicle deaths 40,000
    Annual flu deaths 25,000

    Heart disease: 631,636
    Cancer: 559,888
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 137,119
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 124,583
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 121,599
    Diabetes: 72,449
    Alzheimer’s disease: 72,432
    Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,326
    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 45,344
    Septicemia: 34,234

  2. South Fulton Guy says:

    Newsflash Technocrat, its Memorial Day where we honor those in our armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice. That’s probably why Erick posted this today. Ya think?

  3. Dave_Williams says:

    Gwinnett County Commissioners have announced a 26% property tax increase on county taxpayers, but it’s a 30% tax increase if your property is inside a Gwinnett city. Why do the Commissioners need $80+ million of our money in new taxes during the worst economy anyone can remember? Try this:

    > Over $43 million of the new taxes aren’t even planned to be spent in 2009- they’re going into a county reserve fund.
    > Up to $20 million more will fund police patrols inside Gwinnett municipalities (get this) that already patrol more effectively with their own police forces.
    > Can’t know more details without the 2009 Budget document, which Commissioners approved on March 3, but will not make available to the public. 2008 CAFR (audited financial report) is also being kept secret.

    For the convenience of Gwinnett taxpayers, Commissioners have scheduled two public hearings on this mammoth tax increase tomorrow 5/26 (the day after Memorial Day weekend) at 4:15 and 6:30 at GJAC. Final hearing and vote is on June 2.

    How’s that for Open Government?

  4. joe says:


    Every soldier, sailor, airman, marine or guardsman who died in the service of this country did so just so you would have the freedom to make stupid posts.

  5. Technocrat says:

    My dad was at Normandy, late father in law was at Pearl Harbor. I served in military in 60’s. My son spent 20 years in military and his younger brother is currently in Afganistan. I understand military death and survivability very well.
    Important to not loose sight of the Big Picture, how many more were born than died in Totality in each year. Without wars and civilian death the WORLD would really be in a population pickle.

    While we lost ~~ 480,000 in WWII, over 56 Million non US were killed:
    With USSR and China losing 32 Million alone.

  6. “Americans everywhere appreciate the members of the “Greatest Generation.” Recently Middle Georgia observed the death of Lamar Taylor who lived 94 years in our United States.

    Lamar was a Georgia native who served our Country well during World War II as a member of the United States Navy. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor who was always called upon by the Middle Georgia Print and Electronic Media to reflect on the events of December 7, 1941.

    Lamar was a proud American who always took pride in his country and was very willing to share his experiences with younger generations so that none of us would ever forget how our United States was attacked and how everyone worked together to win World War II, which was a War that was fought on two fronts.

    Lamar was the Guest of Honor and also the Keynote Speaker at the Dedication of a Blue Star Memorial Marker at the I-75 Rest Stop just North of Macon, Georgia on November 12, 2007.”

    Lamar Taylor of Middle Georgia was a true Hero and a Patriot.

    Note: (The Blue Star Memorial Markers are a project of the Garden Clubs of the United States to honor all who have served, are serving or will serve in defense of our Country).

    Alan F. E. Thiese
    Macon, Georgia

    To view Lt. Commander Taylor’s Georgia Public Broadcasting interview

    We remember Lamar Taylor this Memorial Day.

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