Kingston Calls Governor’s Race “A Catfight”; Ox’s Rapid Response Team Scrambles To Fight Yet Another Feminine Reference

Jim Galloway, doing his usual great job at the AJC, brings us some quotes from some of Georgia’s Republican congress critters on the ever changing Governor’s race:

Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland said Wednesday that Deal has made his plans known to the delegation and has received a “very, very, very, very good reception” from Georgia Republicans.

“We’re excited” about his announcement, Westmoreland said.
Deal said he had yet to form a committee so his status in the race, exploratory or otherwise, is not yet official.

It doesn’t appear there will be a consensus within the delegation. Republican Rep. Jack Kingston said he is supporting state Sen. Eric Johnson, who is the godfather of Kingston’s son.

“It’s a catfight,” Kingston said of the GOP field.


  1. Anonymole says:

    You learn something new everyday. At least, I can take solace in the fact that SpaceyG is a dude.

  2. John Konop says:

    I did get a bunch of nasty e-mails and calls about my comment from Ox supporters. As I told them I was just joking! I have a suggestion for the OX team take the afternoon off early, have a few beers at Taco Mac, chill-out and enjoy the weekend! This is a long campaign not a two round cage fight.

  3. Bill Greene says:

    Why was Oxendine the ONLY candidate — for ANYTHING — to have a booth at the huge Georgia Home Educators Association (GHEA) convention this past weekend?

    I would think that would have been good ground for McBerry, at least.

  4. Kellie says:

    Sorry I just caught that. It was on the weekend.
    I guess McBerry’s schedule was full.
    Was Monds not there either? He homeschools his kids.

  5. Bill Greene says:

    I only saw the Ox’s people (both of them) at a booth with his name on it.

    You’re right, if Monds homeschools, he would have picked up a LOT of support there. This thing is huge every year, and this year was no different.

    But you telling me he homeschools drove him up a notch on my radar.

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