Roy Barnes (again)

I’m very interested in the number of Republican funders all of a sudden getting calls from Roy Barnes asking if they might support him in 2010. The calls were happening before Cagle dropped out, but seem to have escalated given the number of people telling me about recent calls all of a sudden.

And some surprising names at that — ballsy Roy and surprising, but not actually as surprising as the number of these guys seriously entertaining your offer.

The GOP just might be surprisingly well and truly screwed in 2010.


  1. Icarus says:

    I think Roy tried to play this one a bit too cute.

    Much like Gingrich in the 2008 Presidential Race, Roy spent a lot of time and effort trying to make it look like he was a reluctant candidate, that didn’t want the job, but he was being drafted by a groundswell of support.

    It looks like the Democrats aren’t buying, and aren’t running to put a man back on the top of their ticket who systematically pissed off just about every major constituency within their party and cost them control of the State across the board.

    While I don’t doubt that he could still win a Democrat primary, the candidacy of Baker, Porter, and Poythress indicate that the Dems aren’t just sitting around and telling ole Roy that they have to have him.

    And as for those Republicans saying they’ll support Roy? Probably covering all the bases. Lots of folks found themselves on the wrong side of the 2002 Gov’s race from a contribution stand point. I’m willing to bet that a lot more people spread the wealth around this time.

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    How many ways do you want it? “Democrats aren’t buying it…” “While I don’t doubt he could still win a Democratic primary…”

    On another post Stategic Vision poll shows Roy with 56%. That’s stronger than any candidate in either party. It also shows a state split down the middle on right track, wrong track.

  3. MikeCantone says:

    This seems like more hype from Erick than truth — I can’t really think you’re scared of Roy Barnes in this race…although it is Georgia so ya never do know…I agree with Icarus on most his points too.

    All I can say is, I would predict something very similar to what we saw when the DPG decided that running Jim Martin again would yield different results, and yet most of us knew better/could predict the outcome and sure enough he ended right where he did before, the loser in the race. Same thing will happen to Barnes unless the GOP completely messes up it’s primaries and nominees, spends all its cash, and has a party implosion similar to the DPG (teabaggers could make it happen? haha) — but even doing that, I mean you guys elected Saxby again and there is no Democratic infrastructure or party leadership structures in place to change things…

    I’m not buying it until Barnes convinces me otherwise himself…

  4. Vic says:


    You aren’t by chance partisan are ya?

    What is the shelf life on Chinese imported, sliced, Water Chestnuts?

  5. Vic says:

    Thanks Icarus! I found these by accident in the back of the pantry, i’m guessing circa 1999. Might be a good oriental dish to try out on my neighborhood councilman before we start hunting down too many recipes but there is an ample stash for more neighborhood politicians if ee passes the taster’s test. I can’t believe Bucky yawns at water chestnuts, he’s obviously a new age, wet-behind-the-ears, baptist, republican, under 40/45/50, with a thing agaisnt China. …

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